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The only time I would consider myself failing is when I don’t listen to my gut when I’m doing something I know in the back of my mind probably isn’t the right thing. Laura: As soon as I know—I have pretty good integrity about knowing. “To be honest, the whole idea of labeling genres is not super important to us,” Laura explains; Dylan shakes his head in agreement. Somehow, blown out bass drums, nightcored vocals, trance arpeggios, internet trends, and cartoonish soundtracks all have a fitting home on their debut album. Les agrees: “We’re not doing this to be ironic. The electronic duo, made up of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, are used to remote cross-country working, with Brady being based in LA and Les in Chicago (she’s currently in the process of moving).

It opens with “how to dress as human,” a bubbly track about being trans. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. My head mind and my body mind. Thomas Jefferson wrote about it in a letter to his nephew and one of the things he said something like every morning take a walk for an hour and don’t do anything except walk.

(I also snapped a few photographs of Khruangbin in Boston that you can see here.) It’s just more of a companion to the original.”, Dylan: “Some people we had relationships with previously: A. G. Cook was a friend, so we just reached out to him directly. Basically I just sent out the instrumentals and told everybody to do whatever they wanted, then I edited and spliced together my favorite parts. Right now, I’ve been working on a pop album to be released in the spring. I used to paint in high school, so I thought it would be for that. I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. The pair, now in their mid-20s, grew up in neighbouring suburban towns just outside of St Louis. Lead The 4 Interview Questions That Will Help You Hire the Right People, Every Single Time They'll help you better understand if the candidate is a good fit. It's also rare for candidates to have the self-awareness and confidence needed to be honest about whether or not the role is truly a good fit. Quite regularly. Laure Marsac, Actress: L'ennemi public n°1. Their distorted and poppy lead single, “money machine,” opens up with a taunting, copypasta-like monologue from Laura: “Hey, you lil’ piss baby / You think you’re so fucking cool? “We just keep adding more shit on to it as we go along.” This is the first group project for Les, who previously released solo music under the moniker osno1, with nightcore vocals – pitch and tempo sped up by 10-30% – about her lived experiences as a trans person. In order to stay in love, that world you’ve created has to be able to move with both of you. That was always my—as a kid I had the World Books—I would really like to be in one. 31-60, los angeles, culver city, Brené Brown. “bloodstains,” has been remixed by 99jakes, dontloveme, dynastic, CRAPFACE, and Amy Axedale. I wouldn’t say we make ironic music.”, Laura: “People think that we’ve staked our entire career on the fact that we can be ironic really well. I’d classify pretty much everything I make as pop.

Me: Absolutely. “We both have really similar tastes, so it’s like working with a second version of yourself,” Laura grins as she points to a smiling Dylan, “Except this second version of myself is really fucking good at music.”, Laura admits, “We both thought 1000 gecs would be a really good project that was maybe slept on.” They both laugh, “It was not slept on at all.” After a fan account Tweeted, “What if we accidentally got 1000 gecs to trend on Twitter by Tweeting #1000gecs on Wednesday the 19th at 6pm PST,” the hashtag did in fact trend in the United States. What creates this kind of never-ending energy? I think people try to simplify it down to being one specific sound, but to me pop is more like an energy than a specific genre. “We’re both just fans of music, so that’s just what we put on it,” Laura affirms. But when you’re doing a show like that and you’re throwing out energy and you’re getting it back a hundred times more, it’s super-shocking. It’s a big, big problem and [an] anxiety that sort of isn’t as prevalent anymore.”, Dylan: “Yeah, [there’s] new anxieties now.”, Laura: “Out with the old and with the new!”, Laura: “ [Singing] ‘The long and winding road, duh duh, duh duh…’ You ever listened to The Beatles?”, Laura: “Just four lads.

Even when you’re feeling like shit, it feels really good to just let out whatever you’re going through and dance in its face. This is what makes a great culture fit. Intense fun.”. When I lived in London it was built in. Dylan’s production credits include Bones, The Neighbourhood, Lil Aaron, and Charli XCX.

It is especially evident on the ludicrous Stupid Horse, which morphs from ska to school-disco silliness to a ripping guitar solo. I read it four times that year. Between soloing with dog barks, bitcrushing 4/4 kicks into cyber-mush, and throwing autotune against the lockers until it coughs up its lunch money, Laura Les lives a pretty normal life. The distance didn’t seem to affect either party, however. Instead, we speak on a split-screen video, with both members sat amid recording equipment, homemade artwork and cans of Red Bull. Laura and I met up in L.A. and chatted about going with your gut, the profound affect of her favorite book, creating a world in romantic relationship, and of course, we rocked Five Questions. If 1000 Gecs was the logical conclusion of the late-2010s’ post-genre experimentalism, the remix album is that worldview taken to its absurdist extreme. “I wouldn’t have wanted to start a band with anyone other than Dylan.”, The nature of the mashup of sounds has meant the past year has consisted of critics and fans dissecting their project. This is a group for transgender people, and people that support transgender people. I love walking. He would tell me stories, and in Spanish, my grandmother would tell him to shut up and not fill my head with these crazy notions. 100 gecs' strangely appealing music defies all definition by design. “I made my girlfriend a strawberry and a jalapeño pepper.” They’ve found other ways to boost their profile during lockdown, hosting a charity Minecraft festival called Square Garden, the same as their previous Minecraft shows but with a blocky digital venue for players to jump around in. I think that’s what it is. In fact, with Dylan being in Los Angeles and Laura in Chicago, the two worked remotely for the majority of the album that became 1000 gecs.

When it’s slow, I still try to plan and write lyrics and make little beats on my pocket synths as much as possible.

We’re not joking all the time… sometimes. I just need the space for reflection and if I don’t take it, I’ll get a cold. It’s nice because I can afford to eat and live somewhere, but it sucks because I work full time, so it cuts a lot into the time I have to make music. “We coined it, and it’s testament to our own ambition: there isn’t even a word for the shit we want.”. Change is just inevitable. Tue 23 Jun 2020 04.00 EDT. The book is beautiful. How does stress manifest in you? The opposite resonates as really true. Problem is, the all-too-common questions aren't always the right ones.

Why you should ask it: This question allows a candidate to pull back the curtain on how they behave at work. Some people reached into our world, and we asked them if they could be involved in it. She sings, “I’m never gonna pass / I should stay home / Why did I make plans? I think I’m always searching. As we go over the different categories critics are attempting to put 100 gecs in — PC music, bubblegum bass, deconstructed club — the strumming eventually stops.

With my headphones on. It’s about beauty and the various things that happen in life, through generations, and over cyclical periods of time, and there’s ugliness and beauty in everything. I guess it’s part of my way of working through those problems. So I don’t know if there’s anything I have to know. We’re always changing, nothing’s permanent, yet we’re trying to focus on one goal, if you will. I don’t know if Pilot will be the next thing I do, but that song will come eventually. My goal is to leave behind a legacy of some kind. “We just wanted to do something together,” Laura says. You have no choice!” So then I usually have to deal with my stress. / Drunk in the bathroom / Messing with my skirt / I’ve got hair in my tights and nothing in my shirt / If I paint on some lips / Will they come off with a kiss? When it’s slow, I still try to plan and write lyrics and make little beats on my pocket synths as much as possible. The duo are dialling in from their respective homes, with each of them making use of Zoom’s background settings throughout our interview as they continuously switch their backdrops (Brady starts with Baby Yoda before changing to a cave, while Les changes her backdrop throughout our interview before eventually settling on this meme of Sonic the Hedgehog).

“We had no idea what it was going to sound like.” Dylan adds: “We just looked at it as a one-off.” For a time, they both continued to work on their solo releases while also producing for others. I need to not be here” or whatever. I haven’t heard that acronym before, I say. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. You know, just being very vague, and we were like: ‘Yeah, yeah, totally — we’re both fans.’ And then, just days later, we got a text message with a .Zip folder of Patrick Stump vocals and we were like: ‘Beautiful. It usually comes with a struggle, but obviously, the romanticism and the beauty that comes from the struggle and from the infatuation you have with each other is this thing. © 2017-2020 Underground Underdogs. On the cover of their debut album, 1000 gecs, Laura Les and Dylan Brady stand facing a pine tree, their heads leaned into the branches and their backs to the camera. It comes from someone feeling connected to the impact they're making on others and in the world.If someone can tell you what provides meaning for them, you'll know immediately if that impact if feasible in this role or not. The only way you can ensure that they are is if they can tell you.

Instead, interviewers should focus on one thing that won't change: who the candidate is as a person.

You get the CDs, you get the ‘White Album’ CD: pop that shit on while your dad’s sleeping, listen to it on his headphones. Scattered across the space are various instruments: guitars, keyboards, amps, maracas.

My brain is such a sharp tool and I can convince myself of anything. What will you miss the most when you’re gone?

The first solo show that we played brought some very shocking energy: like, everyone was going crazy-hard [and] knowing every song. But I think probably just laughing with my friends. We’re calling ahead of the release of 100 Gecs’ latest album ‘1000 Gecs & The Tree of Clues’, which dropped today (July 10). Dylan BradyLaura LesLewis Grantlil westosno1.

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