News: lake pontchartrain shark attack 2017

The attack happened off of Southshore Harbor. It was clamped down. The boy is expected to recover from the incident. Bull sharks can survive in both saltwater and freshwater, and have been known to frequent the lake. Then she wondered if he had scraped his foot against a log covered with barnacles. That tracking shows the young bull sharks move into and out of the lake through the Rigolets, Chef Pass and Seabrook, to eat and for protection from other less freshwater-tolerant sharks. "Those transmitters have a relatively short range and are picked up by dozens of receivers across Lake Pontchartrain. Everyone was enjoying the cool lake water and having a good time, including Trentacosta’s 7-year-old son, Trent. Attacks on humans are rare.

He sustained deep puncture wounds on his heel and big toe. After being told of the attack on young Trent, Chevalier wondered if it was something other than a shark. ‘(Trent) was kind of freaked out,’ Trentacosta said. According to a report from, “ A shark bit a Lakeview boy swimming with his family in Lake Pontchartrain Friday afternoon. Up until recently, very little was known about bull sharks and their activities in Lake Pontchartrain. "They are young enough to have umbilical scars, so they are new," said Ferguson. It is unknown if the shark was released Sharks are not uncommon in the lake. “Now granted, there are still 6-footers in the lake, but I’m speechless that one might have bitten somebody.”. Summer is prime time for young bull sharks to feed in the lake.

Dangers in the Deep: 10 Scariest Sea Creatures. They have tagged about 25 in the last five years. With conditions calm and the water clear, it was a much better day for swimming than sailing, so the boaters decided to anchor up and take a dip. If you want to track bull shark patterns in Lake Pontchartrain, click here. Copyright 2016 WVUE. "We saw a couple jumping the other day, spinning. The bulls move in during the summer and move out into the gulf, during the fall and winter. Shelly Trentacosta said her family had borrowed a friend’s sailboat and ventured out into the lake. ‘The kids were bunched up together playing, and Trent just started screaming,’ Trentacosta said. A close-up and engaging view of a large Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) that is estimated at a size of 10 ft. long and a weight of 600 lbs off Beqa Island, Fiji in March 2011. Nearly 100 million Americans voted early, and now it falls to Election Day voters to finish the job, ending a campaign that was upended by the coronavirus and defined by tensions over who could best address it.

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