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In some cases, as with muscle tears or separation, immobilisation with special belts is used to allow for proper healing. Broken or fractured ribs cannot be put into a cast or immobilised like other bones of the body making the healing process long and at times quite painful. A cracked rib will cause intense pain when sneezing or coughing, taking sudden moves and even breathing. Scar management with Kinesio Tex Tape is gentle with quick and significant results. In some cases, as with muscle tears or separation, immobilization with special belts is used to allow for proper healing. Use KT Tape to relieve pressure and pain, increase circulation to promote the healing process, and relax any strained muscles*. Excessive strain in twisting motions, abrupt direction changes, or a blunt force can all cause muscle pain of the ribs, while blunt or sharp forces are almost always the cause of breaks or bruising. The pain can range from sore or annoying on inspiration to extremely painful and disruptive of normal breathing. It was developed for the general population and requires very little knowledge of anatomy or medical terminology. Rib pain is often felt at or around the ribs and can radiate into the back or abdominals. Most rib pain and injuries are left to heal on their own with little intervention. It provides easy-to-follow instructions for taping a variety of common conditions, including low back pain, flat feet, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and charley horse. Avoid contact sports, lightly and progressively stretch, and ice after activity. 20% Off RockTape | Offer Ends 11/5 | Use Code: ROCKSAVINGS,, Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Active Mature, Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Sport & Fitness, Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Hand & Upper Extremity, Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Scar & Edema, Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Sports Medicine, Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Women's Health, Equi-Tape Advantage 2" Equine Kinesiology Tape Roll, Equi-Tape Advantage 2" Equine Kinesiology 6-Roll Color Pack, Equi-Tape Advantage 3" Equine Kinesiology Tape Roll, CureTape Medical Taping Concept Handbook With DVD, KT Tape Pro Extreme Single Roll - 20 Precut Strips, RockBalls Infinity Dual-Action Fused Massage Balls, Easy velcro tension adjustment for total comfort, Increases circulation & rejuvenates cells, 100% synthetic microfiber tape with reflective pattern, hard plastic carrying case protects your tape, convenient, precut "I" strips - no scissors needed, Easy to use - just roll or press on trigger points, hot spots, tight or spasmed muscles to release spasms, tightness, scar tissue, Contains 2 PVC rubber myofascial release balls - one 3.5" textured (spiky) ball and one 2.5" smooth ball, Includes RockTape Movement Manifesto booklet with corrective exercises and tissue release techniques, Convenient and portable - keep one set at home and one in your gym bag. Maintaining a daily level of activity can become more challenging with age and may be compounded by illness, fatigue or fear of falling. Due to the properties of KT Tape, the ribs remain flexible enough to allow for breathing, but excess motion is alleviated and increased circulation is encouraged. Use KT Tape to relieve pressure and pain, increase circulation to promote the healing process, and relax any strained muscles. *This book is written to be easy to understand, but does include medical terminology that may be difficult for introductory users. The difference between a cracked rib and a broken one may be defined only as the difference of pain degree between them. 27 July, 2017. Includes step-by-step photographs depicting the various stages of taping for each condition. Avoid contact sports, lightly and progressively stretch, and ice after activity. Start by removing the backing paper from the center.Do not touch the adhesive part of the tape, … Select a size to completely cover the affected area. This flexible support provides a very unique system for managing pain and encouraging the body to heal*. If you do not see your desired option in any dropdown list, try changing one or more of the previous options. Rib pain is often felt at or around the ribs and can radiate into the back or abdominals. Instructions are provided for use of the Kinesio Taping® Method in the treatment of a variety of acute and chronic orthopedic injuries commonly seen in an athletic or active populations. The mesh carrying bag includes a 3.5" spikey ball, a 2.5" smooth ball and an instruction book showing release locations for trigger points plus mobility exercises. Pain in the low back, or lumbago, can be a very complicated problem. Management of scars is often overlooked when treating pain, swelling, decreased range of motion, contractures, and cosmetic appearance of the skin. Customize your selection to fit your needs: *Not all option combinations are available.

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