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She appears not to be very computer savvy, seeing as she asked if her Kaypro computer (a 1980s computer) was Y2K compliant. In an interesting spin on Peggy's self-confidence, she reluctantly recruited Bill Dauterive, whom she usually avoids because of his obvious and unwelcome crush on her, to a pyramid sales scheme, only to be surprised as Bill proved to be a much better salesperson than she was. When she tries to bring her back, she is arrested for kidnapping. In the Subplot, after making and losing a false bet with Dale, Bill loses his savings with a fake million dollar check when Dale bet Bill he couldn't throw a beer can into the cooler.

This FAQ is empty. With Mike Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany Murphy. Relatives She has been a professional writer for a long time, writing for newspapers and hippie folk music. Peggy accidentally brings a Mexican girl into the country after a Spanish class field trip to Mexico.

Title: She is also the paternal aunt of Luanne Platter. Written by Peggy wears square, rimless glasses and is generally seen wearing cut-off blouses and culottes. The episode was written by Jon Vitti, and directed by Gary McCarver. Jon Vitti

So, with some reticence, he allows Bill to cut his hair on the base. Hank calls her out on this in the Randy Travis episode, saying "That's not your opinion, that's just fact." Her family includes Doc Platter (father), Maddy Platter (mother), Leanne Platter (ex sister in-law), Luanne Platter (niece), Hoyt Platter (twin brother), Laverne (aunt), and Boppo (uncle). Donna Filming & Production She ends up sleeping in Bobby's room while Hank invites Bobby in to watch TV in the bedroom with him. She was told by a former HP employee that "[her] watch had more memory than that. When Peggy and Hank go to bed, she tries to woo him, only for him to resist, since the smell of her hair is bothering him. Age Next ", Peggy has a 2-year college degree, revealed in ", Peggy owns a "Pong" system that is shown in ". Name When she finally got the weight right at the end of the episode, she shamelessly showboated to the cashier, despite his obvious and total lack of interest. The next day he reveals that he made Hank a pair of new jeans that Hank praises incredibly, while mentioning that Peggy ruined his old jeans. She has the habit of using the phrase "in my opinion" when stating well known facts, such as, "In my opinion, the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year," and "As I like to say/call it," when using common expressions, or, for example, calls a basic boiled pasta and canned sauce spaghetti recipe "SpaPeggy and meatballs." Real Estate AgentSubstitute Spanish TeacherSubstitute Math TeacherTutorGardenerAssistant CoachMega Lo Mart Loader / UnloaderArlen Bystander JournalistSizemore Real Estate AgentPropane SculptorPink and White baggerAlamo Customer ServiceSugarfoot'sBook Store ManagerNotary Public

In a classic example of her self-aggrandizing nature, Peggy treats her run for local school board as though she were a candidate for national office, using a backgammon set as a fake briefcase and answering her cellphone with "War Room". (Ironically, she gave away her first sale set as free samples, something she berated Luanne for doing in an earlier episode). The next day he reveals that he made Hank a pair of new jeans that Hank praises incredibly, while mentioning that Peggy ruined his old j… (voice), Dr. Schiff / She claims to be fluent in Spanish, and indeed teaches it to children as her primary area of expertise, when in reality she speaks it extremely poorly, with a terrible grasp of both grammar and vocabulary and a totally nonexistent accent. Bobby once again takes her place in cooking a wonderful meal. While Hank has always been an athlete, Peggy is a scholar as well as an athlete. She has a two year teaching degree and was hired for numerous part time and temporary teaching jobs, mostly at Tom Landry Middle School. Eventually her naivety gets the better of her when she unknowingly smuggles cocaine into the prison, and Wes finally admits that he never had her as a teacher, stating he and her are almost the same age and calling her out for being stupid. Dale believes that he has traveled back in time. Peggy's brown vehicle was revealed to be a Buick in "The Son That Got Away". (voice), Chairman / When Hoyt returned to Arlen, Peggy tried to help him out and gave him money, but eventually realized Hoyt was an incorrigible criminal and would destroy the entire family. Hank's barber, Jack, has been suffering from a dementia, he gives Hank an unsatisfactory hair cut. | Use the HTML below. Use the HTML below. She also responded affirmatively when Hank asked if she was reading her "rabbi mysteries", a probable reference to the novels of Harry Kemelman. Peggy's mother was extremely critical, and her father was aloof and spoke in obtuse, nature-based metaphors that were the foundation of Hank's admiration towards Doc. Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do Hank 's barber, Jack, has been suffering from a dementia, he gives Hank an unsatisfactory hair cut. She has been said to be beautiful (mostly by herself and Bill) despite being considered frumpy due to her granny-beehive and glasses, not to mention her tendency to wear culottes. This FAQ is empty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In early episodes, Mrs. Platter is seen visiting in the Hills' home, implying that she lives in or near Arlen, Texas, and is on speaking terms with her daughter (although the episode "Happy Hank's Giving," in which she appears in her original incarnation, implies that her mother either still lives in Montana or moved back). She is an average framed woman standing at about 5'6\" who wears a disproportionate size 16½ shoe on her left foot, and size 16 on her right--which has be… In fact, the suggestion in the later episode is that Peggy left her parents behind when she went to Texas, which is a significant alteration.

(voice). Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters.

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