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Francis, Dauphin of France was born on January 19, 1544, the long awaited first child and heir of King Henry II & his wife Queen Catherine de Medici. She demands Lola to marry him, and if she doesn't, she will tell Francis everything.

Francis decided to come clean about what happened while they were in Paris. Henry II immediately claimed the English Crown for his daughter-in-law, thereby uniting France and Scotland with England and Ireland. Following the Amboise conspiracy, the royal council realized that persecuting the Protestants would only make things worse.

He suffered from poor health that further hampered his rule. The duke of Guise headed the army, while Charles took care of the finance, justice, and diplomacy departments. [5]. The rule of Francis II was marked by a repressive policy toward the Protestants, which gave rise to the Amboise conspiracy to overthrow the king and the ‘House of Guise.’ His rule was hampered by local revolts, due to which he had to become more authoritarian to hold on to power. However, the palace was stormed, resulting in a bloodbath that ended with the deaths of hundreds of rebels and the arrests of the leaders of the conspiracy. Gideon wondered if Lola was wrong, used by someone. Mary suggests Lola try for Lord Julien. Francis II (French: François II; 19 January 1544 – 5 December 1560) was King of France from 1559 to 1560. Lola was approximately 3 months pregnant when she tried to get an abortion. However, Queen Catherine de Medici opposed the marriage, as Nostradamus had prophesied that the marriage would lead to Francis' death. His mother stayed by his side the entire time, but he calmed down or tired himself out when his dad came to hold him. Mary was sent to France to be raised at court till she got married to Francis II at the ‘Notre Dame Cathedral’ in Paris on April 24, 1558. Narcisse left little John with her, in hiding, waiting to flee. Mary Stuart tells King Francis of Lola's pregnancy, and the child is his. However she died at the hands of archers soon after. Lola promises to take this secret to the grave. Reminding him they met in France.

This hurts Lola as it means she could never eventually find happiness with him. After his brother Francis became King in 1559, he was made the King's Deputy so that he could serve his brother with a title. The character was portrayed by actor Toby Regbo. Queen Elizabeth said Lola admitted the order came from Mary. It was rumored that Francis II was poisoned by the Protestants. She didn't know exactly what Lola and Francis had been up to, but she could make a pretty good guess. In March 1560, Francis II granted general amnesty to the Protestants.

[4], King Francis confessed to his wife that he was visiting his son and apologized to her admitting that he had been lying about it to spare her from being hurt about it. Lola asked Kenna where she had been the night before. King Francis sent him and his mother away for their safety while the castle was under attack and facing civil war, and a coupe from Louis Condé. He has been given lands, and titles, including Baron of Vallie. This gave him the right to the throne of Scotland and assured the Scots protection of the French against the British. He has good news, telling her that the Duke and Duchess Von Amsberg were in town. She is upset that her dress no longer fits, her pregnancy is beginning to show further.

Francis II wanted to be lenient on the revolting soldiers on the condition that they put down their arms. John Knox visited John Philip with his new nanny. He wanted to bring reconciliation and peace in his kingdom, but his policies had the opposite result due to poor statesmanship. Mary takes Lola and inform her the potential fiancée will be delayed for five weeks. While talking with Lady Lola Elizabeth mentioned how Royals have such a strange sense of family. He was named after his grandfather, King Francis I. Mary finds Lola and is furious with her for making her lie to her husband. But he still calls out for her, he doesn't understands his mom isn't coming back. The Duke of Guise's high treason against the crown is covered up in light of his murder. The implementation of the treaty signed by Henry II involved realignment of boundaries, with exchange of territories and rehabilitation of displaced families. Francis and Mary are talking about Philipe Nardin, and he comes clean about the rumors of Philipe Nardin prefering the company of men to women. Following this, Scotland established Protestantism as its state religion. Leaps of Faith He was also King consort of Scotland as a result of his marriage to Mary, Queen of Scots, from 1558 until his death in 1560.

Mary finds Lola in her room crying. John Philip is played by at least 3 different babies in, John Philip has been played by approximately 8 different babies as of. Gideon Blackburn asked if they gain any information in Scotland, but Queen Mary maintained her innocence. Realizing her life belonged to her son, John Philip. On the death of ‘Bloody’ Mary Tudor in 1558, Elizabeth was considered illegitimate in Catholic eyes. Cried for three days from baby colic. He became known as a flirtatious womanizer at court, as well as becoming known as a great warrior and France's fastest horseman. And how Lola had King Francis's bastard son. [9], King Francis told Lady Lola and him that he forbid her from having a relatioship with Lord Narcisse. Gideon re-introduced himself to Narcisse. He was a sickly child with stunted growth. He was crowned in Reims on September 21, 1559, by his uncle, Charles, the cardinal of Lorraine. This reduced the influence of France in Europe, to the advantage of Spain. He was appointed as the governor of Languedoc in 1546 and the dauphin of France in 1547, when his grandfather, Francis I, passed away. Although according to French custom, Francis II was an adult at the age of 15, he chose his wife’s uncles, Francis, the duke of Guise, and Charles, the cardinal of Lorraine, as his regents. Sebastian and Mary were recaptured after a week and taken back to Paris, where Sebastian was jailed. Gideon know he wasn't involved and neither was Mary. Since he had no children, his younger brother, Charles, succeeded him as the king of France, and his wife returned to Scotland. Sebastian de Poitiers was the illegitimate son of King Henry II of France and his mistress Diane de Poitiers, and he was raised at the French court with his younger half-brother Francis and Francis' fiancee Mary, Queen of Scots.

Francis II became the king of France on July 10, 1559, at the age of 15, after the death of his father in a jousting accident. She'd come to her with hot cocoa, but a servant said she was with the King. Francis II, (born Jan. 19, 1544, Fontainebleau, Fr.—died Dec. 5, 1560, Orléans), king of France from 1559, who was dominated throughout his reign by the powerful Guise family.. In the Battle of Outreau, he was ambushed and defeated by the English, and he was heavily wounded; Thomas, Lord of Palmela was later killed by Francis after he was discovered to have warned the English about the French army's plans to assist Scotland. His rule was hampered by local revolts, which made him more authoritarian to help him hold on to power. Francis II died in Orléans due to multiple medical complications, having reigned for just 17 months. As it is perfect for the two. However, Henry failed in his attempts to legitimize Sebastian, and Mary's mother Mary of Guise ultimately convinced her daughter not to marry Sebastian and to marry Francis instead, ending Diane's plot to legitimize Sebastian and change the succession. He was 14 years old and she was a year older when they got married. Elizabeth and Gideon discused the events surrounding Lola's execution. Francis II remained the king of France from 1559 to 1560. He became known as a flirtatious womanizer at court, as well as becoming known as a great warrior and France's fastest horseman. However, the Amboise conspiracy to take over the palace and abduct the king with the help of the royal guards was already under way. He answers that that is a problem, and they will find a solution. Historica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He adds he's put off getting married for too long, and now his inheritance rests on it.

Their financial policies were also disastrous. Sebastian instead married Mary's lady-in-waiting Kenna, and he was granted lands and titles by his father to compensate for his loss of succession.

Unfortunately, the boy died in a duel during the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. The revolt was supported by England. She says she is and asks why he cares. Francis II chose his wife’s uncles, Francis, the duke of Guise, and Charles, the cardinal of Lorraine, as his regents. Mary convinced King Henry to legitimize Sebastian and allow for her to marry him instead of Francis, thus making her the fiancee of the new crown prince and saving Francis' life from Nostradamus' prophecy.

Her father, King Henry VIII cut off her mother, Anne Boleyn's head. He promises they can get married, and get to know each other after, promising he actually is quite a romantic in real life. She has to think about what's best for him, and she's not sure that's him. She told him John had trouble falling asleep, and missed his mother, adding he'd lost much. ‘The House of Guise’ gained power under King Francis II, and the king’s rival, Constable Anne de Montmorency, lost his say. Kenna then informed Lola she knew of the Château she had claimed to stay at. The “Princes of the Blood” were also brought back to resume their roles in the king’s council. A few days later, his father decided to keep him and bring him to court. This was the first time religious tolerance was displayed since the rule of Henry II. He was the “King Consort of Scotland” in 1558. her sister, Mary Tudor jailed her as a threat to her rule.

Lola needs to marry, adding she needs this to work for herself, for her and Francis. The wedding gave the future king of France access to the throne of Scotland and to England, through Mary’s great-grandfather, King Henry VII of England. And that it had burned down the year before.

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