News: kenmore elite refrigerator compressor failure lawsuit

Sad as I always bought kenmore my kitchen is full of kenmore but that won't be the replacement brand when the stove, dishwasher and microwave die. Or spend the $1000, wait who knows how long to get this board and just hope it works. Pretty sure he knew what was wrong before he walked in the house. The compressor was under warranty, but labor not.This replacement cost us $419 for labor for $139 to come out and additional for two hours diagnosis and replacement of compressor. Unbelievably, there was no charge to us for this last visit since it was a return call.

The warranty on the compressor is 10 years you would expect it to last at least that long.

Purchased a Kenmore "French" 3-door fridge Model 795-73157.610 Nov 2016 $2,400! Call Sears service who came within 6 days and replaced the part. Bought it in December 2016 @ $2700. I HAD TO PURCHASE ANOTHER REFRIGERATOR AFTER ONLY 4 YEARS. Sear tech be out 9/14/ month without a refrigerator. To anyone thinking of buying Kenmore Appliance, take my advise, buy another band because you will end up like many of us who thought we were getting a good reliable appliance.

The solution is to buy a new door which cost almost as much as the refrigerator did new. This the worst customer service I've ever seen. The refrigerator went bad on a Friday and the service was scheduled for Tuesday of the next week. I will never but anything from Sears ever again and I will be sure to tell anyone who listens what a piece of garbage the appliances are and how horrible Sears customer service is, they have been no help! NO SHOW STILL.

January 2018. two weeks (6/8/2020) it stopped cooling, both refrid (55degree) and freezer (45 degrees). I have to say I am more than disappointed with your product. NO CALL ABOUT MORE SPECIFIC TIME AS PROMISED BY SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE. I called for repairs service to fix it, but when the technician came, he would not touch it because he said and I quote, "these refrigerator are extremely bad with serious defects and cannot be fixed" He left it and told me that it would be better for me to go and get a new refrigerator and a different brand. The refrigerator never got cold at all after he left. Then as replacing said wouldn't match to the board. It has a serious design flaw with the ice maker built into the door.

I brought a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator with bottom freezer from Sears in October of 2017 and this October 2020, it stopped working.

Sears says they will honor Warrant and provide Linear Compressor part but no labor or compensation for lost food. Called sears again they said we will send sears tech wasn't given that option first call directly to Service Live for 340.00 pre authorization on credit card.

A few days shy of 5 year purchase, the compressor stopped working. Compressor under warranty but $600 labor to install.


His bill was $390 parts and labor. DON'T BUY KENMORE OR ANYTHING FROM SEARS.

This time, the different tech chased down a problem with air not going through condensor/coiling coils, replaced that, and now we have the unit working again. Only positive is that because these compressors have been failing at such a high rate (tech mentioned that he had already replaced 7 in July) they are keeping them on the service truck. She called me at work and we told him "no." My $2200 refrigerators compressor failed after just 2 1/2 years. Furthermore after doing research this 795 series obviously has defective compressors. I have purchased many Kenmore appliances in the past and NEVER have they failed to work in such a ridiculously short amount of time. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. My wife was on phone for one hour to get someone out to fix from Sears. Sears repair just left. We already paid a repair person $99.00 to tell us that if they fix it, it will cost over $1500.00, but if Sears fixes it, all we have to do is pay $129.88 per hour for them to fix and it will be about a 6 hour fix. It is unrepairable. There was a recently settled LG compressor class action suit (Sept 17, 2020), however when I inquired if the Kenmore Elite would be included in the settlement, I was told "no". SEARS IS AWFUL!!!!!

I will never buy Kenmore appliances again or anything through Sears.

This is a 3 year old fridge, had I not said something would have charged me for all. Purchased new in December of 2016 for $2700. After 3.75 years of working, the unit stopped cooling. In getting ready to contract it to be fixed, SEARS argues there was no plan; however it states it on my receipt (Dishwasher Order #--------) Sears Protection Agreement (purchased separately).

Service tech showed up a week later, initially quoted me parts and labor, had to remind him of warranty on parts; 5 yr on sealed cooling system, 10 yr on compressor. It is unacceptable to have a major appliance fail in 30 months use; and to have service delays. Kenmore and Sears are not what they used to be. He diagnosed a bad circuit board and recommended replacement of board and HVC (high-voltage capacitor).

So we were able to get it replaced with only one service visit.

I have always bought Kenmore.. NO MORE!

Has to order new board.

Ice maker replaced in NOV 2018 just within warranty.

I reported this situation to the better Business Bureau in Chicago who were not able to rectify.

HESITANT BUT DID IT BECAUSE SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE SAID FOOD WILL BE REIMBURSED ONCE TECH EVALUATES THAT IT WAS INDEED COMPRESSOR FAILURE. This is my first time buying Kenmore and would never, never again. Still ended up costing me $430 for labor, of that $119 was the "Diagnostic" fee, which consisted of him measuring the temp of the fridge. Still ended up paying $430 for labor.

on July 2018, stopped making ice and the compressor stopped working and the Kenmore Elite died with almost $400 food on Oct. 2020.

I don't want another LG part in my fridge!! SEARS SAID PREAUTHORIZE 340.00 ON YOUR CREDIT CARD THEN SERVICE LIVE WILL CONTACT YOU ABOUT THE TECH COMING OUT NEXT DAY BETWEEN 12P- 8P. Extremely upset and frustrated. Purchased Kenmore Elite Side by Side in NOV 2017, model # 795.5186 (white); manufactured by LG.

He spent the whole time he was at our house trying to get us to buy a $46 per month service plan. Kenmore Pro, counter depth, French door 795 series.

Food reimbursement not covered in contrast to first call to sears. A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT HAS BEEN FILED AGAINST LG AND THEIR COMPRESSORS I SEE WHY. I had all G.E appliances and had so many problems with them, that I changed them all out to Kenmore. Any ideas on what our next step should be.........??? According to the LG class action lawsuit, this defect causes LG refrigerators to fail within a few years.

Sears tech come out for 149 trip fee not including labor. THIS REP SAID FOOD IS NOT REIUMBURSED. Initially tried to charge me for Parts and labor, had to politely remind him of the 5yr closed cooling / 10 yr compressor warranty. A MONTH?

Took about 10 days to get a service tech to show up.......with an 8-5 window. Total cost $975 but can't tell how long will take to get the new board.

BUYERS BEWARE! He had a compressor to put in but let me know it was $1014. Attempted to recoup from labor charges from Sears will no avail. I need a refrigerator so I had to buy another fridge.

I am reading about the class action law suit over defective linear compressors. I see other Kenmore similar model have a recall but not for our model that ahs exact same problem. Wires come out from the bottom of the refrigerator into the door to provide power and control to the ice maker. THEN SERVICE LIVE SAID PROBABLY BE NEXT DAY NOW.

He came back, free of charge, ran through diagnostics and said compressor (LG) was bad. Jun 2020 it quit working!!! Just like all the stories before, we have a Kenmore Elite (made by LG) model 795.51863.611, purchase in 5/2018 and now the compressor is bad. The only bright side, because these compressors are failing at such a high rate (tech mentioned he had replaced 7 already in July), they keep them on the truck, so he was able to repair same day.

Can anyone explain why there is a not a recall and replacement action with a non defective compressor? He could not work on closed refrigerant system (didn't want to get a $10K fine for this) and we contacted Sears A/E.

We have the Sears Kenmore side by side refrigerator model 10651783412. I bought my Kenmore Elite from Sears for 18 months and I was not cool because the bad compressor. The wires stress every time the door is opened and closed.

So, if they fix the LG part with another one, and it breaks in 3 years, not acceptable!!! THEY WERE 3 PARTY PLACE TRYING TO GET REPAIRS DONE BY LOCAL REPAIRMAN. Sears 3rd party service live could not find a repairman.

Even though the parts were still under warranty, I still had to pay for the labor 452.44 dollars for replace the fail compressor.

Bought Kenmore fridge March 2016 quit cooling August 2020. lg compressor flb075lana.

There is a reason Sears is bankrupt. We had a local repair guy come by to assess. CALLED SEARS THEY SAID WE WILL SEND SEARS TECH FOR 149 TRIP CHARGE NOT INCLUDING LABOR HE CAN BE OUT 9/14/20.

I believe the Sears' representatives push for this since they know these LG refrigerators are junk. The service man said "do you hear this sound, it sounds like it’s trying to start (like a swishy sound), and I said "yes, it always sounded that way".

Sept 2016, I purchased a dishwasher. No one will do this job worried won't be paid by Sears. Same story as above, bought the Ref. I WENT WITH ANOTHER BRAND WHIRLPOOL FROM LOWES NOT SEARS AND NO LG FRIDGE AS LG IS THE COMPRESSOR IN THE KENMORE FRIDGE MODEL LG FLB075LANA. That seemed to work a day or tow until it was noted that the compressor wasn't cooling adequately (ice cream not frozen, main compartment not cold). You bet it was not Kenmore or through Sears this time. Do I throw this $3000 in garbage and go spend another $3000 to get another just like it? I feel SCAMMED.

He said it could have been a defect. I purchased this Elite Refrid. It is alleged that the compressors fail on the refrigerators within the first ten years of use. The Sears repairman just talked me into throwing out my fridge and buying a new one.

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