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The catalogue was entitled Kawase Hasui: The End of the Line For Ukiyo-e If it was indeed the end, it was a conclusion in grand style. Dick N.W. There has been speculation as to the significance of the lone figures made and published by the Watanabe print shop in Tokyo. Kawase Hasui is considered one of the most important Japanese landscape artists of the 20th century. Hasui Kawase once commented that This team work of artist, carver, printer and publisher was how ukiyo-e was made at the times of Utamaro, Hokusai and Hiroshige The ar… Early on, his mother encouraged his artistic and literary tendencies. But of all his works, the best and the most original are , recognized the enormous potential of the American market, which resulted in Hasui's prints fetching high prices at auctions in New York as early as the 1920s. "Kawase Hasui, The complete woodblock prints", Kendall H. Brown with an essay by Watanabe Shoichiro. old ukiyo-e, modernized with some Western ideas that were inspired by the It is appropriate at this point in our discussion to consider the relationship of the artist with publisher, carver, and printer in shin hanga production. in Tokyo, Hasui gave his sketches to the carvers and printers. He made colored sketches, not from photographs, but on the spot. Please select the application ARTIST ALARM from your account menu. Later, Hasui was recognized for his ability to depict snow scenes.

We become mesmerized by his mood pictures. His prints, produced under the guidance and stern eye of his publisher. If you do not have an account, please SIGN UP. However, objections were raised because their work involved the essential collaboration of artist, engraver, and printer, making it awkward to single out one participant in each collaboration for formal recognition. The art concept of shin hanga continued this teamwork in in Hasui’s prints. TitleTwenty Views of Tokyo - Moon over the Ara River, Akabane, TitleTwenty Views of Tokyo - Moon at Umagome, TitleTwenty Views of Tokyo - Clearing after Snowfall, TitleThe Star and Moon Lit Night - Miyajima, TitleSouvenirs of Travel Vol.3 - Karasu Marsh, TitleSouvenirs of Travel - Tsuchizaki, Akita, TitleSnow at Godaido Pavilion in Matsushima. Over half of his more than 600 prints were published during the period between 1930 to 1944. Frontality would cause the viewer to become self-conscious and thus break the spell. © Castle Fine Arts, Inc. P.O. important, he regarded his work as the termination of a long tradition When back During his life Kawase had created more than 600 woodblock Hasui signature with Kawase seal. Hasui and Among the leading printmakers of the day was Kawase Hasui (Japanese, 18831957), whose specialty was exquisitely rendered landscape scenes.

The catalogue was entitled. the snow scenes.

published by Brill in 2003. In 1930, with the help of Watanabe, Hasui exhibited 92 prints in the landmark Toledo Museum of Art exhibition, which introduced his works to the West and led to his international recognition as a Japanese landscape print artist. These carvers and printers had to go through an apprenticeship of many years before they could do the job. Hasui Signatures and Seals Source: Kawase Hasui; The Complete Woodblock Prints , Kendall Brown; Amy Reigle Newland, Amsterdam, Hotei Publishing, KIT Publishers, 2003 , … The rest was done by highly skilled carvers and printers who worked for Watanabe. On this subject there has been a good deal of misinformation in Western writings. mountains. , are the modern continuation of the unforgettable works by Hiroshige and Hokusai, the 19th-century masters of this genre. Kiyokata gave Hasui his artist's name in 1910. DescriptionShogetsu-in Temple in Ito, Izu.

They appear to be reflecting, contemplating and, - Dieter and Yorie. He became one of the best known artists of the New Print movement and was named a Living National Treasure in 1956. She was the daughter of a master craftsman and, The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints. in Japanese-style landscape art. Unlike his ukiyo-e prdecessors, to whom the essence of a print was conveyed by its use of line, Hasui found color and lighting equally important. HASUI KAWASE (1883-1957), PAIR OF RAIN SCENES, lot of two woodblocks in colors, with the first signed Hasui in pencil in the lower right margin, and each with Hasui´s signature stamp within the image. setting sun, the waters of ocean and river, rocks, mist, and

This later venture was a result of the artists' need to raise extra funds for the construction of a new home he was building in Magome. Thank you for bidding in our auctions. Hasui Kawase is seen as the dominant designer of landscape prints of the Nearly all prints were Often on the road in search of inspiration, Hasui brought his watercolor sketches to the printing studio of the publisher Watanabe Shozaburo, where they were transformed into woodblock prints by a skillful team.

Signatures, monograms, biography and art prices by Hasui KAWASE, 1883–1957, Japan. Many of his pictures are devoid of people and those with more than two are rare. This team work of artist, carver, printer and publisher was how ukiyo-e Twenty Views of Tokyo - Moon over the Ara River, Akabane, Twenty Views of Tokyo - Clearing after Snowfall, archive of more than 50,000 Japanese prints. Hasui produced exceptional prints depicting moonlight, rain, rising and

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