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Faith was a beautiful girl attending UNC, she was a part of many clubs and a sorority, and she was getting ready to enter her junior year of College. This case has been one of my pet cases for years. We do this when drugs are involved, why not when there is a human being that someone made disappear. It was said that he was one of the guys that Lived with the guy Karena ended up with at the end of the night. Not saying you’re doing that.

Again, I'm going off memory on this, but you can find the exact details in the released police reports. You will have to check into everything yourself, but apparently he had just stayed in the apartment on the couch the night before (or sometime shortly before the night of the murder), and there was a lot of rumor and speculation that Faith maybe had also had some type of relations with him/ was into him. The DNA of a man who has yet to be identified and I read that those close to the case have been tested. However, in searching for it today, I've found multiple news sources have said that Faith's knuckles were heavily bruised and that there was blood under her fingernails. An ex boyfriend of Karenas who had been threatening in the past and who also put out a cryptic social media post the night of the murder. Rosario likely had the assailants assisted on the murder.

Put this in the hands of cold justice or a seasoned cold case investigator. But I will admit fully that they may have information that makes this DNA even more significant, because they basically moved to center the entire investigation around it, building the DNA profile and sampling so many different people. Press J to jump to the feed. She claims she looked into Faith’s bedroom before leaving the apartment and that Faith was sleeping in her bed and still alive at that time. Unless we are talking about a serial killer but wow, what bad luck that a serial killer shows up right during that period of time. There is time where she could separate at the club. What I remember, Faith was found partially undressed and there was sperm near or on her body, I could be wrong about this. By the way, I cannot find the actual autopsy report, which was released (but apparently heavily redacted). Second, the “expert” threw together this script of what he believes was being said. For this, I’m going to dive into the timeline a bit, so anyone can feel free to check me on it. At the club, they may have had a strong preview of what was yet to come. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. The men stayed behind with Faith's body most likely still raping her.

Far too many tv shows and even some college courses literally teach you how to get away with murder. I'm deep into statement analysis. Lastly, Police hire some private investigators to go on the inside and befriend these possible killers. Also, going with your theory being correct, there's too many people that know what happened to not eventually let something leak out or altogether cave under the extreme pressure of guilt.

But yeah, I agree with you in that it makes sense how there’s just not enough to bring a charge on anyone right now, including Karena. I feel like unless the police lays it on heavy or possibly set up some private investigators this case will remain cold. Yes it is. So why make that up? Please show her you care.”. They can not find this DNA to match anyone that was even close to being a suspect, and they collected a TON of people’s DNA. Nineteen year old Faith Hedgepeth was a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in September of 2012. I know some people don't believe in it, and that's fine. Which is funny, because her stomach is recovered enough at 4:30 am to roll out to a guys apartment. Also, I'm presuming that police looked at Faith's texts and social media and found no evidence of her secretly meeting with someone that day. No one was above suspicion, and anyone who had spoken with Faith in the days and hours before her murder were considered possibilities. "Single White Female" the movie is what the relationship reminds me of. Listen to 023 - The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth, To Access Scripts, please email:, Sources: | | | | | | | | |,,,,,,,,, And this bag came from “timeout,” a place right near “The Thrill,” that is open all night and people went all the time after clubbing to get some drunk food. All 3 of these individuals have moved out of state. There was a guy name Jacob Beatley that was at the thrill night club the same night of the murder. The bottle does not break during the murder. Who murdered Faith Hedgepeth, and for what reason was this beautiful and brilliant young woman so violently murdered? One Wednesday night in September, Faith and Karena go out to a popular club for UNC students called “The Thrill” after they finish some studying in the library. The murderer is clearly the dude she left the club with that has never been identified. He is most likely one of the rapists and heard on the voicemail along with Reginald Leonard Jackson II and David Bell. This was premeditated. One other close male friend of Karenas (I wont mention his name specifically), a bouncer at "The Thrill" and I BELIEVE also was a roomate of Jordan McCreery's (the guy who picked Karena up) was pinged by cell phone towers as being basically right on top of the apartment complex sometime between the hours of 4 and 5am, even though he lived like 10 minutes away.

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