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Juno could also get damaged if picked up without care or if she is dropped, older children will probably take more care resulting in her lasting longer. Let’s be friends! BABY HERO’S FIRST SET OF WHEELS – THE CHARISMA TRIKE [FISHER PRICE], A NEW HORSE IN THE STABLE: TOFFEE THE PONY, DANCE, BABY, DANCE: FISHER PRICE DANCE AND MOVE BEATBO, GLITTERY HATCHIMALS – THE GLITTER SALON PLAYSET ». Includes: 1 Juno My Baby Elephant, 1 Mouse Accessory, 1 Peanut Accessory, 1 Wildluvs Zoo Postcard, 1 Juno Progress Report Card, 1 Juno Care Guide, 1 Instruction Booklet; Reviews. Juno the Baby Elephant comes with a couple of props to keep her happy – a mouse and a peanut. It’s incredible to watch in any mode of play! The range of things that Juno can do is astounding and he’s a remarkable toy. That being said, if Father Christmas does have room for Juno in his sack, it’s the most entertaining animatronic toy we’ve had so far and the boys love that it’s not a dog or cat. Please check the availability and price by calling us on 02-37612377 or Online Chat. Juno is recommended as suitable for 5 years plus and while younger children than that undoubtedly enjoy watching her and interacting you do need to be a little careful. Juno isn’t the smallest of house guests at around 27cm tall, but I guess that's pretty small for an elephant really, there is nothing small about her personality though.

Please contact BJ’s Member Care and we will be able to assist you. Train, love and play with your very own baby elephant with the Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant. Please see's return policy before initiating a return. And the more you interact with her, the more you discover she can do. And I’d say this is a fair age because B is six and he was smitten. From the moment you switch Juno on, you’ll be amazed at this realistic baby elephant’s over 150 lifelike movements and sounds! If you placed your order while signed in to your online account, please sign in to your account using your username and password. Juno blew the boys away. Juno is an interactive Wildluvs creature from Spinmaster and joins the actual zoo of animatronic creatures in our home. The instructions teach you how to get Juno to bow, dance, trumpet a fanfare and how to be a helicopter. Pay My BJ’s Perks Mastercard Credit Card Bill, 1 Juno My Baby Elephant, 1 Mouse Accessory, 1 Peanut Accessory, 1 Wildluvs Zoo Postcard, 1 Juno Progress Report Card, 1 Juno Care Guide, and 1 Instruction Booklet, Juno My Baby Elephant has a highly realistic and playful moving trunk that responds to your touch and is used to make adorable trumpet noises, eat her peanut, play games, interact with her toy mouse, give you a kiss, and more, When Juno first comes home, she’s a bit shy and hides behind her ears, but as you pet and play with her, Juno’s silly and cute personality unfolds, Feed Juno her peanut or use it to teach her tricks like how to dance and trumpet with her trunk, Give Juno her toy mouse to play games like peek-a-boo and build a tune, Includes one Juno My Baby Elephant, one mouse accessory, one peanut accessory, one Wildluvs Zoo postcard, one Juno progress report card, one Juno care guide, one instruction booklet, Computers and electronics are returnable within 90 days of the shipping date, CDs, DVDs, computer software and video games must be unopened. If you determine that you received an item you did not order, please return your product to the nearest BJ’s Club location or initiate a return online (see “Returning an Item” above for instructions). 24 Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids Aged 4-7 Years! If you lose Juno’s accessories then you can still enter the special modes through a series of actions, check out the instruction booklet to find out how. If you press her back button when she has her mouse she will enter games mode The included instructions show you how to play flying mouse , peekaboo, singing and build a tune. In the event that your returned merchandise was mis-shipped, damaged or defective, BJ’s Member Care team will be happy to reimburse you for return shipping costs. So many things.

{"event":"dataloaded","eEcomm":true,"hideForMobile":false,"user":{},"page":{"update":"2020-04-09","published":"2015-10-09","type":"product"},"ecommerce":{"currencyCode":"GBP","detail":{"products":[{"id":"701746323026200","name":"juno my baby elephant","price":49.99,"brand":"juno","category":"2019-11-28","dimension2":"null","dimension5":"unavailable","dimension24":"specialbuys","dimension40":"toys","dimension39":"electronic-toys"}]}},"seoData":{"name":"Juno My Baby Elephant","image":"","description":", Click & Collect service on groceries now available in select stores -. With over 150 life-like movements, such as responding to touch, making noise and giggles, eating her peanut, playing games and interacting with her toy mouse, they will straight away become enamoured with this adorable new friend, that they can love and cherish for a long time. He made her a bed out of blankets and tucked her in on her first night! Juno Baby Elephant. Juno can also give you a cuddle with her trunk . Juno uses her trunk to make adorable trumpet noises, eat her peanut, play games, interact with her toy mouse, give you a kiss, and more! The Spin Master website suggests batteries will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours of continuous play. Please enable javascript in your internet browser. Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant is an adorable interactive pet elephant, and makes the perfect gift for kids aged 5 and up. DISCLAIMER: We were sent Juno for the purpose of this review. Do not discard the boxes or packing materials, as they may be needed to ship the item back. Bounty packs: What is in Them? His eyes, ears, trunk, head and body all seem to have it going on at once, and it’s quite a spectacle. There are more and more toys on the market now which have a little bit of cheeky about them – but Juno takes it to the next level. She also has a sensor (or “detector”) on the end of her trunk which knows which of the two accessories are attached and a large button on her back.

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