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Jungle Albino (Kahl) 66% Het Blood Boa Constrictor (#111037) Appearence: Very clean background, high contrast colour, often with pattern aberrancies. Lipstick Albino Photographed by Serpentes Inc. ***\u003c\/p\u003e","published_at":"2018-12-10T17:42:12-05:00","sort_order":"best-selling","template_suffix":"","disjunctive":true,"rules":[{"column":"type","relation":"equals","condition":"Boas"},{"column":"type","relation":"equals","condition":"ANIMALS - Snakes - Boas"}],"published_scope":"web"}], Caramel Jaguar Carpet Python (Morelia spilota). Jungle Albino Boa Jeff Burns. This differs from T- Albinos such as Kahl & Sharp Strain in that areas that would normally be black or brown are typically white.Newborn Blonde T Positive Albinos (as seen in the pictures below) have little or no dark pigment at all & tend to show grey pigmentation where black would normally be present. Powered by Squarespace.

These stunning Boas are produced by combining the VPI T+ albino gene with the Jungle Boa gene.VPI T Positive (Tyrosinase Positive) Albinos are an extremely desirable colour morph with a genetic mutation that appears to exhibit an inability to complete the synthesis of melanin but can produce other melanin related pigments such as various shades of brown grey & red. He had purchased a very large boa with a zigzag pattern down it's back from a Zoo in Sweden. Businesses and invididuals posting advertisements here MUST follow our posted Terms of Service. As of now 2007 there has not been a super jungle albino produced. Red pupils and pink tongue.

LIVE ARRIVAL WILL ONLY BE GUARANTEED IF TEMPERATURES ARE ABOVE 40 AND BELOW 90 DEGREES! This line of T+ Albinos were originaly developed by Dave & Tracy Barker of Vida Preciosa International (VPI). Before buying ANYTHING through an ad placed on our communities please review the Complaints / Rip-offs page.

Other key signs of a jungle are the high yellow coloration in the tail, needle head spear marking, two tone coloration comparison from the laterals to the top saddle base color along with the base color being much cleaner and creamy looking rather the later coloring which a lot of times has speckling and sometimes finds their way in the middle of the laters making a straight line to the tail of the boa. Complete absence of any black/dark pigment. ***\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e ***Animal stock changes constantly. Thanks for looking *PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING* $ This animal is one of the most outstanding Motleys I have ever seen.

The albino Kahl strain was imported in the 1980's and was first successfully bred in the early 1990's. Female We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. He had purchased the original Jungle from a zoo in Sweden. An Albino boa is absent or deficient in melanin (also known as amelanistic). Content is for presentation purposes only. Jungle Boa.

Lastly they have a bold black outlining of their saddles as if someone outlined them with a sharpie. There is a super form of the jungle gene with both parents being jungles.

Boas can range from the 18\" Kenyan Sand Boa, to the heaviest snake on earth; the Anaconda. Record: Dubay Lineage Pastel Dream Hypo Jungle. The resulting appearance is that of an attractive Pale background colour and reduction of black pigment. Home | Recently Posted | Post a Classified | My Ads | Register to Post | Help | Rules/TOS | Report Abuse | Vendor Directory.

There are many different lines of T+ albino's This particular animal was originated from Dave and Tracey Barker at VPI. It has been spoken that the original hypos were called Orangetails and Salmons were simply a product of these animals that resulted in a salmon color in the saddles and tail. Hypomelanism is now frequently seen in lots of boa morphs and has made up the many beautiful combination that we now have today. He had purchased a very large boa with a zigzag pattern down it's back from a Zoo in Sweden. Breeding was Salmon Arab X Hypo Jungle both 100% Double Het Albino Blood.

Photographed and Produced by Blackbrush Reptiles, Photographed by Alex Burgos and Produced by Anthony Phommasith. [{"id":162465480784,"handle":"all-snakes","title":"All Snakes","updated_at":"2020-11-03T16:05:14-05:00","body_html":"","published_at":"2020-04-30T18:04:10-04:00","sort_order":"best-selling","template_suffix":"","disjunctive":true,"rules":[{"column":"type","relation":"equals","condition":"Ball Pythons"},{"column":"type","relation":"equals","condition":"Boas"},{"column":"type","relation":"equals","condition":"Colubrids"},{"column":"type","relation":"equals","condition":"Pythons"}],"published_scope":"global"},{"id":97047117904,"handle":"animals-snakes-boas","title":"Boas","updated_at":"2020-10-30T15:32:58-04:00","body_html":"\u003cp\u003eThe term \"Boa\" is largely misunderstood and associated with giant \"man eating\" snakes.

Method of Inheritance: Simple Recessive & Co-dominant. Thanks for looking 1:59 . Pale ‘Caramel’ background colour with reduced/absence of black pigment, generally replaced with shades of brown.

The sunglow pictured is a Lipstick Sunglow and exhibits an extreme contrast as well as very well retained color as the Lipstick line is known for. For more INFO call or text. WE HAVE BABY JUNGLE FIRE HET T+ ALBINO BOA FOR SALE. Lars originally purchased a Jungle Boa from a Zoo in because of its beauty and color.

Visual T Positive Albinos from this line also have pink tongues.This line of T+ Albinos were originaly developed by Dave & Tracy Barker of Vida Preciosa International (VPI).The Jungle Boa morph was originally developed and produced in Sweden by Lars Brandle. It has been determined that the Jungle gene is a Co-Dominant gene. The jungle gene is known to be a Co-Dominant pattern mutation. Lars originally purchased a Jungle Boa from a Zoo in because of its beauty and color. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The Jungle boa originated in Sweden by a breeder named Lars Brandle. Boa Constrictors for Sale - Reptile rapture offers a great selection of Boas and live arrival assurance at low in price. He then bred one of the jungle males back to its mother and produced some super Jungles and jungles.Jungles can exhibit an extremely variable degree of stunning pattern aberrancies which become even more defined in Super Jungles.

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