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I'm assuming he was related to my grandmother, Gertrude Feeney (maiden name) Bettis. Loved your voice, Joe, back when I watched Lawerence Welk with my family, and I love it and you now. Thank you Feeney family for sharing him with me and so many love and fond memories, Elizabeth Bliss Jenkins. The cause was emphysema, his son Tim Feeney said, adding that his family believed he might have contracted the illness from decades of performing in smoky casinos and nightclubs. He touched my family's lives in so many ways, especially my mother who passed away 6 years ago. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter

What a talent he possessed.

I am so sorry to her of his passing. We were tremendously saddened to learn of Joe Feeney's passing. I see and hear your beautiful voice on the Lawrence Welk show every Saturday. The world would be a much better place if there were more Joe Feeney's here. He was married to Georgia Lee Betty Gryva Feeney. 8:01 PM PDT 4/23/2008 When he wasn't singing, Feeney loved to fish and golf. Search. The love Joe shared with all of us is the same love he now shares with the Lord and His angels.

Never once did I say yes, but who knows. The heavenly chorus will now be augmented by the angelic, pure resonating voice of this beloved singer. I grew up watching the Lawrence Welk show and always enjoyed Joe. Your love of Ireland and its music comes through loud and strong. He is my reason for watching the Welk show. My prayers and thoughts go out to your family. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Joe Feeney, who crooned “Danny Boy” and other standards for 25 years on “The Lawrence Welk Show,” died on April 16 in Carlsbad, Calif. The shows are still broadcast on public television stations. Mr. Feeney's voice will never be silenced. Please know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers, and that Joe's voice will continue to live on through his music, in all of the Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS. God bless you in time of sorrow! Being a tenor myself, I always idolized Mr. Feeney. I wish Mr. Feeney was alive so that I could tell him how much his singing has meant to me. I was his daughter Mary's best friend for years as I was growing up.

GALE, PLEASE CALL ME AT 520-240-9985 I AM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. So sorry to hear of his passing, but Heaven's choir has gained an awesome tenor. From 1957 to 1982, Feeney was the featured tenor on the Welk show, which offered easy-listening "champagne music" and clean-cut, family oriented songs. A FAVORITE VOICE - - Tenor Joe Feeney was a favorite on-camera family member on "The Lawrence Welk Show," and known to audiences for his Irish style. MAY GOD BLEST HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very saddened to read about Joe in the Atlanta Journal while I was checking something else. Joe Feeney, ‘Lawrence Welk Show’ Singer, Dies at 76. He was 76. ", "I wish Mr. Feeney was alive so that I could tell him how much his singing has meant to me. Terms of Use | God Bless the family. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. He always reminded me of my Uncle Billy, another Irishman with a beautiful voice!

He was 76 and lived in San Marcos, Calif. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Joe Feeney, a tenor who crooned "Danny Boy" and other standards for 25 years on "The Lawrence Welk Show," died Wednesday. Now my wife and I are continueing the tradition. Another thing to remember is that he was great lover of America, as Mr. Welk was. He does look an awful lot like my grandma's side of the family. May God bless you and give you peace during this time. In the early 1960s, I used to sit on my grandfather's lap in our home in Indian Head, Maryland, and watch the Lawrence Welk show. We know know that you are with the angels and singing with them. I was always impressed with Joe Feeneys singing ability. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. I recall watching him with my Irish grandparents. As an aspiring violinist, I was especially interested in the violin solos, but who wouldn't appreciate a tenor like Joe Feeney--beautiful vocal quality and impeccable intonation. We will always remember him and we send our condolences and deepest sympathy. My father was a fine tenor as well and loved Joe's voice as did we all! His last performance was in Syracuse, N.Y., in December. We will miss you!

Joe Feeney, a Nebraska-born tenor who crooned "Danny Boy" and other standards for 25 years on "The Lawrence Welk Show," has died. LOVE, JOHN COATES. I watch the Lawrence Welk Show every Saturday night on PBS in Tampa, FL. Feeney was born to an Irish-American family in Grand Island, Neb., and as a child sang in the church choir. Two other children died. God bless! Feeney died of emphysema at a hospice in Car

He sat down and said, Wow, that's really nice. Joe had the ability ro help people through his singing talent. What a phenomenal tenor performer. I miss his talent and believe his talent will never be seen, again- except in reruns. Blessings and love to his family. Thank you Joe.

And that’s what led most of the family to sing and perform throughout the years.”. ", "My mom 95 and still alive just loved this man and all on Lawrence well and still does . I am now almost 42 and still watch the reruns . We always turned the TV in her room at the nursing home the last sixteen months of her life to watch the Welk Show. Thank you for the music.

He performed at venues ranging from Carnegie Hall to Disneyland, in part to support a big family. I grew-up watching him with the Welk orchestra. We got to know all of the band members and singers, and they became like family. R.i.p Joe Finney. One of a kind and we still watch reruns every Saturday to remember our musical family friends. He was 76. Feeney also had a rich career away from the show. I recall watching him with my Irish grandparents. We will all miss your glorious performances. Joe Feeney, Soundtrack: The Dodge Dancing Party. Feeney died of … During my growing-up years my parents watched the Lawrence Welk show faithfully every Saturday night, and since there was only one television, my sisters and I watched too. My wife and I still watch him perform on youtube . Sincerely. My wife and I still watch him perform on youtube . I can only imagine what Heaven is like, I only know that one of the greatest voices of all time has been stilled. I listen to his wonderful voice at least 1 or 3 times a week. I grew up watching Mr. Feeney on the Lawrence Welk Show - what a voice he had - direct from Heaven! {{#isTree}}Plant Memorial Trees{{/isTree}}

The elder Feeney lived in San Marcos in San Diego County. I watched with my parents, with my husband, with my children, & now the reruns whenever I can find them...if you close your eyes it sounds like you would image an angel in heaven singing....effortlessly reaching for a note that only few can reach...a moment of peace & tranquility in a troubled world....Thank you God for the gift & thank you Joe for sharing that amazing gift with us all..,,,may you rest in eternal peace.... You were a unique and wonderful friend in the short time we met some years ago. Dear Chris & family, our deepest sympathies on the loss of your dad. I remember Mr. Feeney's incredible singing even though I was only 6 or 7 years old at the time. We especially loved to hear him sing "Danny Boy". Always watched you when I was a child living in santa monica california. My deepest sympathy to the Feeney family on this great loss. Feeney died of … I've enjoyed his singing all of my life.

Blessings and love to his family. Thank heaven for syndicated LW shows as I watch them almost every Sunday. When he wasn't singing, Feeney loved to fish and golf. She is 98, blind, mostly deaf and mostly in bed. Like millions of others, I grew up watching the Lawrence Welk Show and Joe Feeney on Saturday nights with my grandparents. I have many memories of those wonderful years with "The Lawrence Welk Show" airing in our home! :).


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