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"Les blancs ne savent pas sauter"...celui la un peu quand meme! This dormitory houses 5, 6, and 7 Squadrons. Jordan Kilganon throws down an amazing dunk that stuns the East All-Stars! Arms of Past and Present Canadian Governors General, SAUVÉ, The Rt. Not only that, it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever. Ce dunk, baptisé «dunk du scorpion», fait partie d'un arsenal quasi sans limite pour le jeune homme de 23 ans. How did that make you feel?

Jordan Kilganon is king of dunker in the world. What better way to get better at jumping than actually jumping? The only reason why I’m dunking is to find out how to use it to help as many people as I can. BasketballsLab is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. He studied at Humber College in Toronto [2011-2015].

As well as presiding over debate, the Speaker of the House of Commons is also responsible for managing expenses and staff. amidst an adrenaline high, Kilganon actually comes across as a humble guy just striving to turn his hoop dreams into reality. Six-foot-two Dmitry Krivenko first gained attention for his high-flying dunks and deft ballhandling on the show "Ukraine's Got Talent." There’s something about it—people have been trying it but are not really getting too close. Partenaires Basket Live |  Sport Buzz | Hernba | Résultat NBA | Live NBA | Bballchannel | Jump Shot | ilustramarc | Fadeway |  Michael Jordan |  Sneakers |  NBA2K4Life| Sneakers Culture | The Truth Behind The Balls |. where he make videos for his audiences.

But the basketball game is not his profession. Because the NBA players job is to play basketball game. Another collapses onto the hardwood in disbelief—is this the work of a god or act of the devil? and the dunk was two-handed. is your 1 stop shop for everything basketball!

He’s considered one of the best in the world.

I’ve just been working so hard for so long and to see so many people picking it up.

On Saturday, we witnessed two of the NBA’s best dunkers compete in arguably the greatest dunk off ever, by perfectly executing suggested “YouTube dunks” the professional dunkers have been doing for years. Russell Westbrook et l’Ouest explosent les records et assomment l’Est ! It is a no-look dunk, and he brings the basketball behind him. In 1986, Sauvé accepted on behalf of the "People of Canada" the Nansen Medal, a prestigious international humanitarian award which is given in recognition of major and sustained efforts made on behalf of refugees. and others.

© 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We’re approaching video game levels here. [Laughs.] I got to get my hand speed up and my vert up a little bit more. I won Athlete of the Year four years in a row while I was in high school. Per day around 3 – 4 hours, he spends to improve this skill.

Avec autant de possibilités et quelques années devant lui, Jordan Kilganon ne se fixe pas de limite. We were on vacation in Niagara. I won’t even try doing anything right now. You transfer into a third phase, which is speed, so it’s a lot of. Privacy Policy, Vidéo: Jordan Kilganon fait bondir de leur siège les stars NBA - Basket Infos, Dwyane Wade and East Bench React to Awesome Jordan Kilganon Dunk - The Global Herald, Kobe Bryant celebrated, Russell Westbrook scores big in defense-free West All-Star victory -, From obsession to YouTube star: The life of a professional dunker - Yahoo Sports, DeMarcus Cousins a passé son All-Star Weekend à parler de George Karl, Gregg Popovich a pris son pied comme jamais, Reggie Miller : « Kobe, je l’adore, je le hais et je le respecte », Timothé Luwawu: « Je veux être le meilleur joueur français en NBA », LaMarcus Aldridge : « Gregg Popovich n’est pas un mec comme les autres », Le dernier hommage des All-Stars à Kobe Bryant, LeBron James n’est pas un grand fan des statistiques avancées, D’Angelo Russell perd patience dans l’ombre de Kobe Bryant, Al Horford: « Je suis très heureux à Atlanta », Draymond Green et l’Ouest ne voulaient pas laisser Paul George battre le record de points, LeBron James sur son record au All-Star Game: « Cela ne signifie absolument rien », Les acteurs du All-Star Game heureux d’avoir fait partie de l’histoire, Vidéo: Stephen Curry fait signer son maillot par Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant: « Je ne réalise pas encore », Michael Jordan sur Kobe Bryant: « Il le mérite », Vidéo: Jordan Kilganon fait bondir de leur siège les stars NBA,, Article précédent Shaqtin’A Fool spécial All-Star Weekend, Article suivant LeBron James dépasse Kobe Bryant et devient le meilleur marqueur de l’histoire du All-Star Game, Dans la peau de Jordan Kilganon l’un des meilleurs dunkeurs du monde, Les deux meilleurs dunkeurs du monde s’affrontent à Abu Dabi, Jordan Kilganon fait le show auHoops4Hope Dunk Contest. It’s a way for me to help other people. Jordan Kilganon is Candian dunker. It’s $77 right now. after high school he leaves basketball, volleyball and baseball game.

During a commercial break, the 6’1 Canadian shocked the All-Stars by throwing down his trademark “Scorpion dunk“….IN JEANS! Honestly, if there’s one dunk up there that I want to do, it’s the 360 between the legs twice.

Si ces quelques secondes de gloire ont confirmé l'immense potentiel du performer auprès du grand public, Kilganon avait auparavant étalé une grande partie de son talent à travers ses comptes sur les réseaux sociaux. So is your passion more so jumping or basketball? Free agency: Ryan Anderson voudrait étudier toutes ses options. My passion used to be basketball. Justement, il avoue à demi-mot penser à «tenter le coup» dans la catégorie des basketteurs purs, une fois «terminée (ma) carrière». Growing up, many kids thought the key to jumping high was those Pumps. You need to back your jumps up with strength; it would make your life a lot easier. And at the end of her mandate, she established the Jeanne Sauvé Youth Foundation, dedicated to the cause of youth excellence in Canada. :-), Lors du dernier All-Star Game, à Toronto, Jordan Kilganon a impressionné les stars de la NBA et le public avec un dunk effectué en jean. She was re-elected in July 1974 and given the environment portfolio. It’s really just amazing. Most professional. He was 16 years old.

I’ve dedicated my whole life to this now, so if I get hurt, I’m screwed.

«Leur job, c'est de jouer au basket. He doesn’t like dunks that other players have done before. A lot of sites thought it might be the greatest dunk of al time. Pour en revenir au All-Star Game, Kilganon, qui ne brille pas par son humilité, estime qu'il n'aurait aucun mal à remporter le concours de dunks, et ce même si la dernière édition a offert une superbe finale entre Zach LaVine et Aaron Gordon. I can’t make a living. A number of schools, landmarks, and awards were named for her including: New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article Jeanne Mathilde Sauvé PC CC CMM CD (née Benoît) (April 26, 1922 – January 26, 1993) was a Canadian journalist, politician, and stateswoman. and he began to improve at dunk. He has been addicted to this field for the last 6 years, and he loves this sport. When he was eight years, he connected with basketball game.

713.3k Followers, 1,884 Following, 592 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jordan Kilganon (@jordankilganon) But I got it.

Right now, I’ll post something and get something like 7,000 likes, but my “Lost and Found” got 25,000 likes. He is a professional dunker. are born with [natural talent], so you could tell they didn’t want it enough and wasn’t as passionate about it as me. As the Head of the Canadian Heraldic Authority the Governor General holds the Sovereign's prerogative power and provides for the creation of new heraldic honors in the form of coats of arms, flags, badges, and other emblems.

En plus de bénéficier de capacités physiques hors du commun, façonnées au quotidien en salle de musculation et à raison de deux séances de dunks par semaine, Kilganon a su développer ce qui rapporte le plus de points à un dunkeur : la créativité. Right now, no, because I’m too scared to get hurt. She was a notable first female in a variety of additional positions, including Speaker of House the Commons, and was dedicated to the pursuit of peace and the advancement of youth. I’ve dedicated my whole life to this now, so if I get hurt, I’m screwed. I give a crazy amount of information to help people get to where they want to be. He said in a statement. I don’t know how he found other people, but I think he went out and found me because he saw that passion in me. Several instances of her legacy can be found in the titles of educational institutions and respected awards that bear her name. flew me out to L.A. Then I started dunking with all these guys I grew up watching—like Team Flight Brothers and those kind of guys. Just to switch back to the Bounce Kit, I saw you doing a bit of ab twists. You got your strength-building phrase. The league is truly…, Watch: Professional dunker in jeans soars at All-Star Game - Sports Illustrated, Kobe Bryant celebrated, Russell Westbrook scores big in defense-free West All-Star victory - NBCSports.comTORONTO — With about a minute left in the fourth quarter, Kobe Bryant out of the All-Star Game for the final time with 10 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists in 25 minutes. Even a bit before that, I knew I was better than some professional. Une star ou rien en échange de Kevin Love ? There’s something about it—people have been trying it but are not really getting too close.

She was sworn in on May 14, 1984. Some people asked him. A lot of people forget. Probably even when I did Hoopmixtape. I’ve just been working so hard for so long and to see so many people picking it up. I used to dunk on little nets all the time, and I got addicted. Born in from Sudbury, Ontario, Jordan Kilganon graduated from Humber College.

But I got it. Former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady even said he wish he could dunk like that. The Nansen Medal is kept at Rideau Hall. Alternatively, How high can Jordan Kilganon jump? Sauvé became the first woman cabinet member from Quebec as Minister of State for Science and Technology under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

We're living in backwards times when it comes to dunking. Scorpion – he never looks at the rim. Irvine, Ca 92623. She made several notable contributions to the Canadian people, women as a whole, and the world community during her tenure in office.

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