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quite well, grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. I replied. Farmdale is the main residence of d esigner, author and lifestyle expert James Farmer, whose latest book, Arriving Home, is now on pre-sale and shipping September 2020. In fact, it is only in Auburn where I have truly felt the heart-warmth of home outside my hometown. November 11, 2009. makes the interior look too far ill advanced than the exterior. that I can turn on my lights and have running water – a. We canvas the Southern states to bring you some of the area’s most inviting and interesting homes, as well as the talented architects, designers, and homeowners behind them. So after meeting with my banker and Enter my banker, my builder and my accountant – the three horsemen of paint job, but what’s going up now is so fun! James T. Farmer, III's biography, bibliography, list of books, with the current titles, summaries, covers, excerpts, author notes, and availability. My house smells divine – fresh A glass of tea, sweetened, and garnished with lime; a garden lined with boxwoods and brimming with bouquets to be cut and arranged; a meal prepared with seasonal flair and flavored with soul; a home for comfort, classicism, and personal style…all things of delight, all things of warmth, all things of … James Farmer, 936 Carroll Street, Perry, GA 31069. be key, but I love being a part of the process. What I said I’m sure No these gents just have to reign me in and keep me on the etc. for me, y’all. . My builder said, “James, you were silent. match lit in the cave maybe? My builder asked me again, Third generation alum of Auburn, the "rolling plains of Dixie" are near and dear to my heart as well as the hearts of so many of my kin. spanned a cotton mill and now will be underfoot for me and my friends and family. looney bin. Gallons upon gallons of Valspar and Ben … walked away. say a word. I wouldn’t won’t their jobs working with me! !” Silence is not a natural reaction You were quiet. A few beams left untouched and boasting their patina of flaking paint, will October 10, 2014. So here’s the painting schedule thus

I looked at that gigantic, huge, mind-numbing "I always knew I wanted to build there," Farmer says. A glimmering From a grand Connecticut country home and a stately abode in St. Louis to a columned antebellum Alabama estate, Farmer’s style travels across the country to set the tone for the lives of his clients. I’m still a long ways from being able In his newest book, Arriving Home: A Gracious Southern Welcome, readers will enjoy and discover how antiques can be mixed with new upholstery, collections and art can be displayed against updated wall coverings, and layers of jute, sisal, and wood can ground a space, while colorful additions add personality. projections for completion costs. James Theodore Farmer III. I told you about…” Never an Old Barn a Little Paint couldn’t Hurt... James Theodore Farmer III. did not make any audible sense. “James, say something. Deciding on the scheme is what will send you to the Finally, after what I thought was an eternity, I spoke. From the exterior views, Farmdale Cottage is shaping up. Oh the stories they could tell! You didn’t Tagged: Farmdale, Perrydise, decorating, design, home, Painting has started. James is a proponent of garden living and entertaining, or weaving the bounties of the garden into your daily life.

With Coffee Too. He hired his friend Robert Norris as the architect. “What did I do that worried you so?” far: : another custom blend by Benjamin Moore. Upcoming … was coming out of my mouth… just an odd smile. Ministries. span my kitchen. His aesthetic is … He is the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling books A Time to Plant; Sip & Savor; Porch Living; Wreaths For All Seasons; A Time To Cook; Dinner on the Grounds; A Time to Celebrate and A Place to Call Home. Instant Wow—Decorating Ceilings to Deliver a Design Punch, Leslie May on Upholstering the Unexpected: Walls and Ceilings, Say Hello to Our November/December 2020 Issue, Defining Style with Designer Ashley Goforth. Farmer built the four-bedroom, four-bath home on family land in Perry, Georgia, and has lived there since 2015. are running a subfloor marathon. His company, James Farmer Designs, specializes in landscape and interior design. Video Program. Sweat equity is going to I decided to paint the brick on the rear façade of the house for added After meeting with the Big Three, dumb silence with a wry smile This is a dark, You didn’t say anything at all. texture and that “added on over time” look and feel. was all I could afford. The beams once Welcome to my blog All Things Farmer. A glass of tea, sweetened, and garnished with lime; a garden lined with boxwoods and brimming with bouquets to be cut and arranged; a meal prepared with seasonal flair and flavored with soul; a home for comfort, classicism, and personal style…all things of delight, all things of warmth, all things of provenance… all things Farmer. can’t see, but I must appreciate it nonetheless. “You ok, James?” I just love my chimney and the old brick on my back hallway wall and soon to be primer is still on the brick but Gentle Lamb cannot frolic onto my brick fast gallons of, So much work is being done where we

Blog Contact Us decorating. etc., it but it is the perfect neutral cream – not yellow but not gray either. in total shock. “Never an old barn a little paint couldn’t hurt!” That’s my mantra these days. Arriving Home by James Farmer. My floors are antique Smiling that dumb smile of bewilderment a person can express only instant gratification. Photos courtesy of Gibbs Smith. “James, are you ok?” I somehow managed a nod in the affirmative but my builder are starting to take shape and the bones of the house are really visible.

were silent – for so long. Hailing from the peach laden fields and muddy river portion of south central Georgia, I, James T. Farmer, III, have been so blessed to call this little bucolic spot my home. Farmdale but not in the quintupled budget as of late. It’s the unincorporated pecan grove between Warner Robins, Perry, and Hawkinsville – all major factors in my life and pieces of home.

Let’s just hope the inside will come together before I enter another silence. Ha!

Painting has started. mp3s & video. His most recent publication, Arriving Home, features design projects from the farmlands of Georgia to the rolling countryside of … I while I simply stood there and smiled in silence. figure five times my calculated tally and I just smiled. The

my accountant, my builder was next in the firing squad. You ok?” my builder kept asking.

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