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Twitter: @Inside Acting & @_gracegordon_ Does it hurt or help your brand and growth. 3 - Team Hustle #1, Act One: Meet Team Hustle! Find Hollywood Hustle at:

FB:Hollywood Hustle Podcast Sit back, pop on some headphones and enjoy Act Two of our interview with Shelly Shenoy   Mark has negotiated deals with Disney, HBO, LucasFilm (Skywalker Sound) and the Golden State Warriors and worked on projects for MTV Networks and Nintendo of America. Twitter: @Eric_Knight & @Disciplesofbaby 

Email Us at: In Pennsylvania, Grace quit school at 15 to fully pursue an artistic life. She started booking several jobs around Philly while working in a unique bookstore. Subscribe and Leave Us A Review! Let the Hustle begin!! Thank you for joining us for this incredible journey. 24 - Casting Producer Jazz Trice, Act One, Jazz Trice journey'd from VA to Northern California until finally landing in LA. Facebook: Izzie Leigh Coffey 15 - CONfessional's Jon Christie, Act One, Jon Christie is an Actor/Writer/Director moved from Daniel's hometown of Dallas, Texas where he had already written and produced several plays and even started his own Theatre Production Company. You can also find all of Alexandra's movies on iTunes.

In next week’s incredible episode, Michael and Daniel talk to THE poster-child for the definition of "Character Actor", Michael Kostroff. In our preview Meghan discusses: Living in Celebration, FL and finding her purpose in life, how be-friending several amazing women helped Meghan develop an strong support system, how that support system led to her current position as the Showrunner Assistant on Supernatural  and, finally, how it felt to see her first produced work of network television come to life, 

Most recently Izzie was seen in M. Night Shyamalan's "Split" playing a 5 year old Casey.

Please Leave Us A Review! This episode is so great and we hope you'll check out Allison in Emergence next week after hearing her in this awesome interview!! IG:HollywoodHustlePodcast Eddie is funny, charming and completely open about his struggles, failures, and successes. Congrats Brendan Ward, we also wish you the best. Let the Hustle Begin!! Finally we delve behind the scenes of some of TV's most popular reality shows and how they find the unique characters millions of people just can't get enough of.

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on Past "Halloween Hustle" episodes include Halloween and The Conjuring, and since we just interviewed the cinematographer of the 2019 Child's Play, Brandon Uegama, we thought it was only fitting to watch the original 1988 version with Team Nunes! Twitter: @ItsBrandonde & OfficialVybe_ IG: @ARCLawGroup FB: Hollywood Hustle Podcast Theme Music Provided by:  Visit us at, Ep. FB:Hollywood Hustle Podcast Better to be a fun surprise. Websites:, So please enjoy this Act Two with Trevor Algatt. Get ready for the feels and enjoy.

Please Leave Us A Review! This is a heavy and emotional conversation that we are proud to share with you.

We share a preview of our first interview of 2019 with Creative Executive at VRV by Ellation, Hillary Levi!!

Both of these theater establishments are owned and run by the Husband and Wife team of Greg and Jenn Crafts. Twitter:@LAHustleCast They discuss and wrap up the last four interview series with Leading Lobos, Izzie Coffey, Todd Nunes and AJ Jones. Music Provided by:

What did Michael want to grow up to be when he was a kid? Make sure to leave us a review and comment on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts and share this show with other amazing hustlers in your life so that we can continue to grow this community! Subscribe and Leave Us A Review! Currently, we remain unknown about her date of birth. Vimeo: Search "Auter Theory" IG: TeamFireStick and CastandReels 

Eddie continues to be an inspiration for finding the thing that you love and pursuing it on all cylinders. Let the Hustle begin!!

Find "Story Matters with Curt Mega" at Subscribe and Leave Us A Review! So much more amazing stuff to hear from one of the nicest and sincere guys we know. 87 - On the Other Side of the Casting Table w/Commercial Casting Director Danielle Eskinazi, Daniel and Michael had the pleasure to sit down with award-winning Casting Director, Danielle Eskinazi to discuss what it's like on the other side of the casting table. Thank you for checking us out and joining the “League of Hustle”  that is now 26,000 strong and growing! IG:HollywoodHustlePodcast  Visit us at, Ep.

Casting Associate and Documentary Filmmaker, Beth Ryne. 34 - "Halloween" Movie Commentary w/ Director Todd and Actress Ashley Mary Nunes, In Act Two with Todd Nunes we decided to do something special for our first Halloween release. Twitter: @KVanDerham and @VivaGlamMag Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a two or three month hiatus, turned into almost ten months, we apologize for being dormant through most of this year. 79: From Intern to Creative Executive w/ Hillary Levi from Ellation, It's our first interview of 2019 and it is a great one

DACA and the Economy:

“Wait, they’re opening the season with a Team Hustle episode?”, is what we are sure you just asked yourself out-loud in front several people, causing an awkward moment of silence between everyone around. Now...let the Hustle begin! Please Leave Us A Review! Email Us at:  - A perfect example of just how small of a city Los Angeles truly is Twitter:@LAHustleCast

Television: "The Punisher" Season 2 on Netflix.

Then we discuss working in other cities like San Diego and Atlanta and how they compare to Los Angeles. IG: @JAltman25 The topic of the cost of fitness and health are brought up, discussing the idea that "it's cheaper to be fat". FB:Hollywood Hustle Podcast Find us: Twitter:@LAHustleCast  Hustle Inspirations Mentioned in the Show:   Actress/Cosplayer, Ashley Mary Nunes & Filmmaker, Todd Nunes, Three years ago, we interviewed a fantastic duo, a brother/sister horror filmmaking team. Visit us at, Ep.

AJ has been working on his own Sketch Pilot called "Freeman Jones" and starting a Reel Recording studio in Atlanta called Nova House: Atlanta. We dive in deep to discuss Sarah J. Eagens' journey from Minnesota to Seattle and ultimately Los Angeles, how getting her double major in Theatre and Neuroscience led to booking a role in the final season of TV's longest-running multi-cam comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY and what it was like playing the helpful paralegal Carol in CBS' action-comedy series RUSH HOUR.

Find us: We apologize for some of the confusing moments.

This Los Angeles native began her acting career in the 2016 horror film, Split featuring McAvoy. In Act 1, Daniel talks to Joel about his journey from San Diego to Los Angeles, How to become better at your chosen craft, running a business as a kid, and if his brother was ever turned back or if he still remains a dove. Michael joins Daniel and Michael (we really need another Daniel on this show :-) ) to discuss the evolution of poetry and if it still has meaning in the modern era. Email Us at: In the we interview we discuss how Mark collaborates with his clients to do the best by them, even if that means sharing the tough truth of their situation. IG:HollywoodHustlePodcast

Do not worry!!


We talk about her first Album, "An Ark", the struggles of recording it, the pain of losing the computer all your work is saved on, performing live, inspiring others and trying to fund your passions through crowdfunding. The guys get real, but keep the fun in the mix in this great conversation with Eric Knight. Find Us:

Their new album "The Rise and Fall of Babylon" will be Available on October 6th. IG: @Michael_Kostroff FB:Hollywood Hustle Podcast Twitter: @miketobias The information related to her parents is currently under review and we will know it very soon.

Find Jon Christie and "CONfessionals":

Twitter: @Inside Acting, @digitalactor & @trevoralgatt We have talked to YouTubers, Actors, Writers, Casting Associates & so many more throughout the year, exploring the many avenues, struggles and changes in this crazy industry. Twitter: @ShellyShenoy Please Leave Us A Review!

61 - The Young Hollywood Hustle w/ Streets' Gigi Cesare, This Week we continue our exploration of the perspective of entertainment through the point of view of varying ages. Let the Hustle Begin  So, sit back, relax grab a cold drink and a comfy blanket and check in with Daniel and Michael in this halfway point Team Hustle. All of Michael's books are available on Twitter: @GigiVCesare

91 with Actress, Screenwriter and "Ms. if you do, you will be entered into our Week 1 Launch Contest. She has been in several films, including her stand out hits, The Kids from Planet 62-F and Street.

Do not miss this powerful journey and some insights into what happens in the room where it happens, the casting room.

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