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Her attention distracted, Zack takes the opportunity to cuts off Cathy's arm that's holding the controller of the Gatling guns and then kills Cathy for good. Zack goes to kill Ray, but her paralyzed state forces Zack to think about how boring her death would be. ~ Might add some scenes along the way ~ After hearing Zack's story, Ray admits that she doesn't find the story interesting in any way, but she's happy and glad because she now knows more about him, a sentiment that Zack also shares. This gives Zack enough time to be lucid enough to push Ray away from him and tells her not to let him kill her until they fulfil their oath.

Seeing Zack is back in good mood, Ray is also relieved, but this was cut short when Zack collapses from his injury.

She provides her victims with a choice to remain alive but imprisoned on her floor for eternity or to attempt to solve her torturous and unfair trials[citation needed]. Her mother yells that Ray is just like her father and that she cannot even get her own child to listen to her, slapping Ray and then storming off. This loyalty remained even after graduating from high school when they both found work as prison guards for the same prison[citation needed]. Satsuriku no tenshi: What does Zack think of you? Ray is relieved that Zack is back to good mood. Ray finds the obstacle unexpectedly easy, so she arrives first before Zack. Zack, however, helps her to get a hold of herself, which also helps her notice the opened vent near the ceiling.

I’ll prove them wrong, I’ll find him. Realizing the mechanism is the eyes of the dolls looking at Zack, Ray borrows Zack's scythe and uses it to cuts off the doll's heads, stopping the electric shock. A sacrifice? She would allow them to reach her, but only if they go through each trial on her floor. At first, Ray simply tags along with Zack so that he can kill her as he promised and swore to God for it. … Despite his injured stomach, Zack insists they continue their way. For a moment, Ray is disheartened when Gray says that her God doesn't exist and that he is the God in this building, but Ray then insists again that her God exists. Pleased to be accepted by Gray, Cathy quit her job at the prison and, in her final act there, "condemned" Lucy for killing too many "sinners"[citation needed]. She is stated to be a spendthrift by both Gray and Danny because of her extravagant shopping habits, and because her floor is the most expensive by far. While applying the medicine on Zack's wound, Zack awakens. She tells Ray to go to her room, to which Ray responds that she needs to ask her something. Now cry, scream and beg for your life! They attended the same all-girls' school where Lucy praised Cathy for her 'perfection.' When Zack tries to get near to the corpses, Ray stops him and tells him not to touch anything.

This is baisically what happend to Zack after he killed that couple (that's what i think they were), and when that old man takes him in. Cathy also considers Ray boring due to her apparent apathy and calls her a failure of a sinner, so she doesn't feel excited when it comes to punishing Ray[citation needed]. She then tries to call him Isaac, but Zack tells her just to call him by his nickname. As she is cornered, Ray is ready to resign herself to be killed, but Cathy shoots Zack with one of the Gatling guns, stopping him. This book is full of powerful quotes, for which I could not use them all. She directs them to go through with the criminal procedure like taking mugshots and explain the stages of her floor. As her counsellor has called the police and they are starting to push open the door, Ray quickly goes with Zack, once again asking him to kill her. My hope is that these powerful quotes will serve as precepts in the life of a foster child, foster parent, or social worker. Danny then appears again, holding Ray at gunpoint. Schoolmates called her "disgusting" and even messed up her locker while Lucy tried to clean it off for her[citation needed]. Since Zack refuses to leave her as he'll reach a dead-end without her, they decide to take a brief break at a corner where the camera won't see them. ~ Also posted on Wattpad, please check it out if you want ^_^ ~, I want to find him.. Obtaining the medicine, Ray returns to Zack's side, but not before hearing Gray once again calls her a witch, which this time she ignores. When Ray goes to wipe the dust off some illegible text, Danny grabs her arm to prevent dust from entering her eyes. Hearing Danny has told Zack everything about her, Ray returns to her emotionless state. Cathy was shocked by this confession but said that it was a matter of course and told her to do the job smartly[citation needed]. Inside the elevator, Zack praises Ray for shooting Cathy at the perfect timing and asks why she came to the building. Angered by the sudden change, Cathy prepares to kill Ray again, but her hand that was holding the remote to the Gatling gun is cut off by Zack who was still able to move[citation needed].

On the same day, after her parents have been fighting for a while she hears a scream, making her head downstairs to the kitchen to see what had happened. Seeing a big screen that shows Zack's location, Ray tries to help Zack to reach the other side by telling him the pillars' position he should jump to, but Zack angrily refuses to follow her instruction as he feels it makes him like a game pawn, which shocked Ray. Community Rules. Life in foster care is extremely challenging. Accepting the knife, Ray continues her search for medicine, assuring herself that she'll be okay because Zack was there for her. Danny asks Ray to check the back room for "something important", which intends to help Ray remember something. ©2020 LLC, a service of The Gladney Center for Adoption. Keep them close to your heart, share them with your She enters and finds a letter for her, documents about the graveyards, and resumes of the people being sent into the building, including hers and Zack. Zack, however, tells her that the oath is not hers to bear and she shouldn't decide it by herself. foster care for children and adolescents that need extra support. Her sense of reality is warped through the expressions of her perceived "perfection" by stitching and stuffing those who she endears afterward into dolls such as animals, her own parents, and even Zack. The two encounter a glass wall that is too thick to break. A vampire. This worry is furthered when they have finally arrived at B1, which is revealed to be some sort of the inside of a house with trails of blood. Between a victim.. and her killer... It is only when she is chosen to become an Angel that Cathy finally begins to commit murderous acts herself[citation needed]. They end up at a graveyard and Ray finds a gravestone with her name written on it. He is a TV show host, motivational speaker, lean six sigma master black belt, statistics professor, and a major in the U.S. Army.

Her parents despised each other and it is implied they would argue at least every night. Upon exiting the chest, worried about the bird, Ray returns to where she first encountered the man. Ohh... and if you die, then gimme a "I'm dead!" Eddie desperately asks her again to let him kill her, but Ray once again refuses. Cathy's interest in Danny is first shown when she realized that Danny was similar to her, and with their interest crossed with each other, both mutually agreed to keep quiet about each other's twisted secrets. Only when Ray shows her hidden cold and fierce nature when she shoots Cathy that Cathy finally recognizes her as a sinner.

Seeing Cathy intends to torture Zack to death, Ray threatens Cathy with the gun she gave to her, only to find out the gun is unloaded. Zack's knife that he lent to her then fell from her pocket as she tried to reach it.

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