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Slade is the second main villain in Cartoon Network who doesn't die in the end, the first being Aku (though he dies in the series finale after 13 years).

Starfire begins to doubt if she could change their future but Nightwing reassures her that she need not worry.

When Raven goes into Robin's mind, it shows Robin swearing an oath to Batman (Dick Grayson had to perform an oath to Batman before he became Robin); there is also a short memory of two acrobats falling from a trapeze, a reference to how Dick Grayson became Robin. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Eventually he is brought back to the lair of a new villain, Professor Chang, and aids Robin with defeating him and freeing the rest of the Titans, though he doesn't take himself as an ally and escapes. Slade freed Plasmus to destroy the Teen Titans, and then he merged with both Overload and Cinderblock to form Ternion. They end up stuck in a cave where they begin to talk about how they felt for each other, during which Robin goes so far as to admit that he thinks that "it's awesome the way [she] shoots starbolts" and that "it's cool that [she's] brave and the strongest girl ever". It was a sorrowful day for Robin, as it was the anniversary of his parents' deaths, and Robin had been close to tears for the entire story. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Robin interupts her apology by saying "You're sorry? Later on another day, Slade then disguised himself as an old man and managed to convinced the two brothers Thunder and Lightning to work for him, until brothers began to realize that their amusements were wrong and harmful that was thanks to the Beast Boy who taught them a lesson about it. She comforts him, allowing him to vent. The third being Mojo Jojo. Robin manages to free his friends and together, they defeat the Master of Games.

He took a man into an alley and switched clothes with him. And also your eyes are dark gray and often looking black at a distance. Slade wanted Beast Boy and the Teen Titans for personal reasons. Robin, who has now become Nightwing, saves Starfire from Warp, but Warp escapes with the final piece needed to fix his time machine. The Titans resurfaced and prepared to fight Terra again. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time?

Seeing Robin holding Kitten's arm, Starfire seethes with jealousy and is seen grinding her teeth and punching the hood of Kitten's limo so hard it crumples it and causes the opposite side to lift into the air.

comics. In the second she is totally interested in destroying the Titans and with her apprentice Terra, however when she refuses to obey her orders, leaving Slade furious with Terra. Master Detective: Robin is an expert detective and logical thinker, able to solve cases before anyone else. {C}Robin also used a Glider which is built into a modified version of his costume; he uses this along with his R-Cycle to pick up speed and then jumps off to glide or (with flight thrusters built into the boots) achieve full flight capability. After Terra learning had failed, he soon became interested in recruiting Terra. Then she continues to walk back to their ship side-by-side with Robin, a clear foreshadowing of the future. After being on the team for a while, Terra betrays the Titans and deactivates the Titans Tower's security codes to allow Slade's robot commandos to enter the tower. Though the others keep telling him that Slade isn't real, he won't listen and fight an imaginary Slade to his nearly death. Iconic image of Robin performing his oath before Batman while receiving his suit. Starfire's last words of the episode were "...I shall choose my own husband. Slade later recruited the young, Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth to destroy the Teen Titans, but in the end, when they failed, he simply turned against them. Slade is cruel, ruthless, calculating, violent ans a master manipulador. Robin manages to recover the briefcase, with some help from Red X. Slade had constantly been testing Robin to see if he was a worthy apprentice, but abandons this mission after he replaces Robin with Terra, because she was more willing to follow instructions than Robin. After the monster has fallen down, Starfire flies with Robin towards the ground and the two share a heartwarming hug.[13]. Disclaimer: I do not own the teen titans. This highlights the fact that despite their different personalities, the have similar leadership capabilities and a knack at connecting with people, most notably team mates. However, in Teen Titans, Robin is closer to Batman; serious, stern, strict and obsessed with hunting down criminals, which is most prominently displayed in the first season. As it turned out, Slade doesn't have many superhuman skills, but he's very dangerous. Just like all his lost hope, the lights make Slade disappear, Robin believes in his friends that Slade is not real and turns on the lights, and Slade's hallucination disappears. If you are truly evil go ahead, do what you must. Titans Tower is soon attacked by Slade's mechanical worms, and thanks to Raven and Terra working together, they manage to stop Slade's plans.As a result, Robin fully trusts Terra and accepts her as an official Teen Titan. When Starfire and Robin fight, she whispers something indiscernible in evil Robin's ear, and he vanishes after a gasp. And from now on, I work alone,"; this could reference the tragic breakup of Dick Grayson (Robin) and Bruce Wayne (Batman) as the Dynamic Duo. He has also used the Tower's own technology proficiently, including its computer and his own laptop. He is also a master manipulator, he also uses explosives in the figh, and was said to have a fealing factor. Peak Human Conditioning: Through intense training, Robin represents the pinnacle of human physical ability. Slade is calm, composable and unflappable. The circus owner refused and the two gangsters sabotaged the trapeze wires with acid. Slade Joseph Wilson or known only as Slade, is the main antagonist of the animated series Teen Titans. In the end when Kitten, Fang, and Killer Moth are being taken away, the DJ pronounces Robin and Starfire Prom King and Queen. It was shown that Robin eventually got married to Starfire and had two kids Darkwing (Richard Grayson) and Nightstar (Mar'i Grayson). Nightwing tells her to return the clock that Warp has stolen. And since Raven was Trigon's arrival gate. The Titans, led by Nightwing, launch an all-out assault on Warp, defeating him and destroying his time machine. Overall, Slade is ruthless, unemotional, and slightly sadistic when he hangs around Robin too much. Before the ceremony, Robin scales the castle walls in order to reach the balcony to try to find Starfire and convince her not to go through with the marriage. I can not live in a world where we must fight. She knocked him into molten lava and sent the evil mastermind to his doom, but as a consequence of this action, Terra was turned to stone. When Starfire is thrust into the future, Robin has taken on Grayson's identity of Nightwing.

Raven then escapes with Robin, whose efforts to hold Slade back were met with little avail, instead sustaining great harm at his hand, though recovers sufficiently to save Raven from falling down into the streets, saying to her, "Let's go home," and promises her that while not all may be clear, she is safe for now and the danger is over, to which Raven comments that it has just begun. In Teen Titans, Slade is the villain who has the ultimate goal to annihilate the Teen Titans. Robin admits that he and Slade are alike, but the difference between him and Slade is that Slade doesn't have any friends, which makes Starfire's face light up and the two have a touching moment. Nightwing has also appeared in Issue #31 of the Teen Titans Go! Robin engages in intense regular rigorous exercise (including aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, and simulated combat) to keep himself in peak condition, and has often defeated opponents whose size, strength, or other powers are much higher than his own. Frustrating with Trigon's betrayal, Slade soon opted for a temporary alliance with the Teen Titans and decided to take revenge on Trigon for his betrayal. Ding Dong Daddy steals a briefcase from Robin, containing his most prized possession. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? The admiration simply became replaced with respect and the feeling of equality.[16]. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. He has spent his entire life in pursuit of physical perfection and has attained it through constant intensive training and determination, to the point that, in Apprentice Part 2, he is able to take on all of his teammates at once and beat them (this is particularly significant as he is not trying to hurt them.). As they battle for the Moths' control, Kitten's ex-boyfriend, Fang, attacks from behind, shouting, "Get your hands OFF MY GIRL." to which Robin forces a smile and replies "Maybe" through gritted teeth.

Slade sends Cinderblock to release Plasmus from prison as well as other criminals during fight against the Teen Titans, and after Cinderblock and Plasmus are defeated and sent back to prison. Robin hated Slade from the moment he learned Slade's name.

Robin was concerned about Terra joining the team, due to her unstable control over her powers., Master Detective, Above-Average Physical Condition, Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Master Acrobat, Master Martial Artist, Peak Human Strength, Peak Human Endurance, Skilled Leader, Birdarangs, Collapsible Bo Staff, Smoke Bombs, Grappling Cables, Electric Discs, Explosives Discs, Sword (combo of two birdarangs), Disc Grenades with a variety of payloads (high explosives, freon, fire extinguishing foam, ice bombs), A collapsible bo-staff (possibly made from bi-structural steel alloy).

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