News: is housemarque owned by sony

@GoblinKing86 Sorry but you have no clue about what you are saying. Only time will tell. That is how many of these game studios being discussed started in the first place. Television channels in the United Kingdom and Ireland operated by, Subsidiaries and affiliates by business segment, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group. 0 Two that I would love for them to acquire but think is unlikely, would be Frogwares and Dontnod. Or Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Fighterz) would love Sony to have it's own fighting game. I don't mind them releasing first on Sony consoles but they have to release on others eventually. Remedy developed the game but Microsoft owns the IP. @Knuckles-Fajita Retro is clearly owned by Nintendo.... @ShaiHulud Ugh, that sounds positively obnoxious! . I'd like to see Rebellion. @jgrangervikings1 I seriously hope they don't ever acquire Falcom - I love playing all the Trails and Ys games on PC. The likes of PixelOpus – who recently worked on Concrete Genie – and God of War developer Sony Santa Monica were formed to bolster the organisation’s exclusive output. Housemarque seems kinda likely.Their relationship with Sony been going on forever, it feels like.

It's clear the studio and Sony were at one stage very closely working together. If it's successful, perhaps the platform holder may look to bring IllFonic fully on board. i can see no better match for everyone involved there.

Remedy Entertainment has maintained its independence over the years, and so is unlikely to be particularly open to the idea of an acquisition. Sony Pictures Home Entertaiment de México S.A. de C.V. Housemarque is the oldest active developer in Finland and has about 80 employees as of January 2020.

Sony can buy anything but Remedy, if they do that I'll never buy anything Sony again.

Nvidia just launched their $400-$600 RTX Super yesterday. I want go against the flow: First Contact and / or Survios. @JoeBlogs You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion. sony would then be investing in a studio that specializes in a genre of games that have struggled to find financial success? Housemarque Oy is a Finnish video game developer based in Helsinki.The company was founded by Ilari Kuittinen and Harri Tikkanen in July 1995, through the merger of their previous video game companies, Bloodhouse and Terramarque, both of which were founded … IO Interactive (Hitman) [13], "Muukalaisten yö – Suomalaisia muukalaisia", "Know your developer: Resogun creator Housemarque", "Housemarque declare "arcade is dead," ditch the genre", "Housemarque hint at battle royale flirtation with Stormdivers", "Housemarque's Stormdivers is a flashy battle royale", "Jumping on the bandwagon: From 'Arcade is Dead' to AAA", "Housemarque puts all other projects on hold to focus on "most ambitious game to date, "Resogun creators announce PlayStation 5 game, Returnal",, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 17:06. @get2sammyb What sources about Remedy? So good to have for PS5. Movielink (jointly owned by Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Warner Bros.) - Sold to Blockbuster LLC The Orchard Film Group - divested and renamed 1091 Media Sony Chemicals Corporation - Sold off and became Dexerials. A versatile and talented studio that seems to fit right in with Sony's preferred genres/styles. Likelihood: Low. Likelihood: Low. Otherwise ready at dawn would be good and obviously kojima. I can see Housemarque could be extended into a Triple A studio. The more you buy the more will pop up and replace them. Of the others, I only know of Kojima and feel if Death Stranding is a success it wouldn't happen. Bleeding Edge is far from the quality they're known for (aside from Heavenly Sword... That's a fluke we don't talk about) and not only is it sinking fast but MS has no intention of helping them in any way. I am not complaining about these independent studios being tied to a platform at all because with the budget and support from all the 'big' studios - whether that's Sony's or MS's - the chances are that this will enable them to be much more ambitious and develop much better games with only a single platform to focus on as a result. i believe it sold over 1.5 million copies so it's not like it even lost sony money in the process. [2] Housemarque is the oldest active video game developer in Finland. I would pick Bluepoint -lock them into doing PS remakes/remasters - plenty of diversity so they wouldn't get bored. While it’s never made quite the same song and dance about it as Microsoft has in recent years, Sony’s history is peppered with developer acquisitions designed to strengthen its first-party portfolio. Given that Sony has been looking to explore multiplayer titles further, it makes sense it's publishing this unusual game. A relatively young studio, Camouflaj is currently working on Marvel's Iron Man VR exclusively for PlayStation VR. The platform holder never seemed particularly eager to fund a follow-up, and now it’s signed up with Bandai Namco to create The Dark Pictures Anthology. @JAMes-BroWWWn Quantum Break was Remedy, not Insomniac. for as good as most of their games are, that sounds like a bad "financial" move. It's symbol on the NYSE is SNE. Let's be honest, Sony has a ton of shelved (retired) IPs, most of which, their original team cannot (defunct) or would not (move forward on new IP) work on. Remedy Entertainment seems very unlikely as of now.Sony and Remedy barely have a relationship. I just don't see the point. They are the least likely of the whole list. i always keep the order in the back of my mind and hope rad gets a second attempt at fleshing out this intriguing world. @Quintumply but what about updating survey?

New game IPs and sequels may not always work out. . also you could added Firewall VR's developer too Would've been like if Playground Games had ever left Xbox. The Iron Man PSVR title is easily the most high profile game Camouflaj has made so far; if it does well, perhaps Sony could consider acquiring the studio. @Morenoj1220 Because none of those sound especially realistic in my opinion. was halted; when Terramarque members discussed whether the game should be ported to PlayStation, Fasoulas decided not to and quit game programming. Did you forget RAD or think its not relevant ? Personally, I want them to acquire Shift Up. Housemarque - and make more games like Alienation, Resogun. @ApostateMage Quantum Break is a different story. @JoeBlogs1886 had few short comings but was far from being utterly awful. @JoeBlogs see, that is the attitude i am speaking of. You can't bash MS for doing the same thing Sony does but then make up excuses for Sony. @Porco Totally agree with you on Housemarque. @Porco @Neolit Don't worry. The proof will very much be in the pudding with Iron Man VR.

They could be a fresh face for story driven games, Sony is always big on those.

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