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In 90s DVDs were invented, Sony PlayStation was released, Google was founded, and boy bands ruled the music charts. [The Voice of the Nation (Addison, NY) Wednesday, October 10, 1855] WHITE - CORNELL Married, In this town, on the 25th ult. H. Gelder, of Bath, and Miss Harah E. Wheeler, of Kanona, Steuben Co., N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, December 31, 1885; pg. --- A. H. Olney of Corning, Steuben County, N. Y., has arrived in Denver, but he denies the report that he came to marry Mrs. Jane A. Hill because she is the owner of $40,000 and that he became  acquainted with her through a patent medicine advertisement in which his picture was used. by Henry Pier, Esq. D. Nulton, CHARLES BLISS and Miss ANN MILLIGAN, all of Corning. J. L. Jenkins, Mortimer S. Jamison and Mary M. Pierson, both of Canisteo. They were those of Madeline Prutsman, '37 and Luman Schenck, '38, Helen Taft, '37 and Wm. Contact Ben Tobin at and 502-377-5675 or follow on Twitter @TobinBen. - Four marriages which included members of the school from both students and faculty, taking place during the past summer. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, September 20, 1893; pg.

T. RIGBY to Miss SUSAN PEARCE, both of Corning. McConnell’s attendance wasn’t due to a familial relation, however.

[Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, April 3, 1895; pg. Moriah Mills is a 29-year-oldAmerican Instagram Star from Queens, New York City, New York, USA?.

2, 1882, by Rev. Licensed Local Pastor Mort Gridley, who served at the former Cameron Mills UMC and currently serves the Rathbone UMC, married the couple in the new space. Hell, I thought that was an ex football player at first glance. Mr. Tobins, Mr. JOSIAH H. FURMAN, of Bath, to Miss FANNY WELLS of former place. M. J. Rhens, WILLIAM ERWIN, Esq. by ______ esq., Mr. EDWARD HERRICK, of Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., Pa., to Miss LUCY GRINOLD, of the former place.

No cards.

Bruce Akers, of Chicago, Ill., served as best man, while the ushers were: F. Penfield Hildreth, of this city, and Gordon J. Springfield, of Lakeside Park. 15] WHEATON - MALLORY On the same day and by the same (In Prattsburg, Sept. 27, 1855, by Elder O. P. Alderman] Mr. SAMUEL W. WHEATON, of Bingham to Miss BETSY ANN MALLORY, of Troupsburg. Now Jason's son, who eloped, has a daughter, who recently eloped with George Burns, her mother's cousin. He attended TCS. [The Voice of the Nation (Addison, NY) Wednesday, July 18, 1855] MEEKS - RATHBONE Married, At Rathboneville, Steuben county, on the 7th inst. She carried an old fashioned bouquet of yellow roses.

A. Perkins, Mr. WASHINGTON CRUGER to Miss JANE ANN BROWN, of that place. Miss Ella Layton and Miss Elsie Glover, of Steubenville, Ohio, the bridesmaids, were dressed in pink satin and also wore a matching shoulder-length tulle veil. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, August 29, 1907; pg. L. M. Stevens, Mr. Edwin L. Lain and Miss Emma A. Smith both of Canisteo.

L. C. Queal.

[The Voice of the Nation (Addison, NY) Wednesday, June 6, 1855] CAMERON - PAULING Married, In this town on the 26th ult. by Rev. You must log in or register to reply here. This is Cameron's second marriage. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, December 22, 1887; pg. David Higgins, HENRY G. COTTON, Esq. Relative to their playing weight at Kentucky, who has put on more pounds: Antoine Walker or Cameron Mills? Though they're economic and cautious, they can also be indecisive. Rev. 7] ABRAMS - SMITH Married, at the residence of William Lasher Dec. 23d, by the Rev. Looks like some backsliding...congratulations to him CM and his new bride. C. C. Woodworth June 20. Poll shows Donald Trump with large lead over Joe Biden in Kentucky, Poll shows Mitch McConnell with large lead over Amy McGrath in U.S. Senate race, unarmed 26-year-old Black woman fatally shot in her Louisville home, Sgt. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, February 27, 1897; pg. F. G. W. Hall, Mr. Andrew L. VanSchaick, of Jasper, N.Y., and Miss Eva E. Courtright, of Troopsburg, N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, December 1, 1881; pg. [The Voice of the Nation (Addison, NY) Wednesday, January 10, 1855] WOOD - DENNIS Married, At the home of the bride, Aug. 8, 1893, by the Rev. Following the ceremony, the couple left for New York. [Hornellsville Weekly Tribune (Hornellsville, NY) Friday, December 29, 1899; pg. [Ithaca Journal and General Advertiser (Ithaca, NY) November 2, 1831; pg. by Henry W. Beyers, Esq. by Rev. DIRECTIONS: Leave Cameron Mills Village on county route 119 toward Rathbone and the cemetery is next to the road on the left just after the intersection of county route 24.

J. W. Wilson, Mr. ALBERT W. LURKEY, of the office of A. P. Case & Co., to Miss SUSAN OLENDORF, all of this village. 15] WALDO - ___ 39 Years Ago in Canisteo: Mr. L. A. Waldo and bride returned to Canisteo Sunday morning. She is not dating anyone currently. G. W. Howland, Mr. Leroy Hallett and Miss Jennie H. Bullock, all of Jasper, N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, March 31, 1881; pg. She is a successful teacher in the public schools of Orange, N.J. Mr. Ouderkirk is the Kansas state agent for the F. A. Owen publishing company of Dansville.

JavaScript is disabled. Moriah had at least 1 relationship in the past. [The Farmer's Advocate (Bath, NY) May 18, 1831] SILLABY - JOHNSON BURLEY - WELCH Cameron: During Christmas evening Rev. On Sept. 23, 2020, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addressed the news media after a state grand jury announced it did not indict any of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers in the police shooting death of a 26-year-old Black woman, Breonna Taylor. WHITE, of Tyrone, to Miss FIDELIA JOHNSON, of the previous place. Within an hour from that time the parties were spliced. H. Law, of Pittston, Pa., and Miss Jennie L. Kenyon, of Savona, N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, December 22, 1881; pg. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, September 12, 1900; pg. [Hornellsville Weekly Tribune (Hornellsville, NY) Wednesday, 24 Dec 1851; pg. Morey Hodgman, of Rochester, N.Y., ROBERT HENRY GOFFE, Jr., of New York City, to MARY FRANCES, daughter of Warren S. Hodgman, of Painted Post. Check out: Poll shows Donald Trump with large lead over Joe Biden in Kentucky, Kentucky Senate race: Poll shows Mitch McConnell with large lead over Amy McGrath in U.S. Senate race. He preached about God getting him through it. Oh yeah, where would the 96 team be without those couple garbage time minutes Cam got that season. DOBBS FERRY, N.Y., Aug. 6 - After a courting lasting 30 years, the wedding of a couple set here for 4:30 o'clock yesterday was an hour late because the bridegroom forgot to get his marriage license. David Higgins, JOHN M'BURNEY, Esq. Sgt. E. D. Wells, Mr. ROYAL WHEELER, of Lawrenceville, Pa., to Mrs. MARY A. COSH, of the former place. In August 2020, Cameron and Evans were married in a small outdoor ceremony in Louisville. 6] FAULKNER - DAY Married, At the home of the bride's mother in Wayland, N.Y., June 10, 1890, by the Rev. John Wootton, Theron V. De Mun, of Troopsburg, N.Y., and Miss Etta Matteson, of Knottsville, Pa. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, June 14, 1893; pg. W. P. Trowbridge, pastor of the Spencer M. E. church of Hornell. [The Albany Argus (Albany, NY) December 7, 1841; pg. [Canisteo Times (Canisteo, NY) June 28, 1900] BAKER - PATCHIN At the Methodist Episcopal parsonage, in Kanona, Jan. 21, 1886, by Rev. E. G. W. Hall, Mr. N. Emmet Coston and Miss Addie Williamson, both of Greenwood, Steuben Co., N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, December 15, 1881; pg. Moreover, the family are living happily and enjoying their life. A. L. Schumann. 7] KRING - SIMMS Two well known young people wedded Thursday Morning. Mr. Reed, Mr. HENRY DORSSEY to Miss JENNY M. PUTNAM. county 7] STANHOPE - GASPER Married, At the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in Wayne, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1881, by Rev. C. M. Gardner, Mr. GEORGE MCPHERSON, of Jasper, and Miss E.A.

- Four marriages which included members of the school from both students and faculty, taking place during the past summer.

[The Farmer's Advocate (Bath, NY) September 7, 1831] NEWMAN - CRAIG Married, At the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in Woodhull, N.Y., Dec. 25, 1881, by the Rev.

We are currently in process of looking up more information on the previous dates and hookups. George Sherer, William Slangton and Miss Leiah E. Horton, both of Sandurs, N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, January 24, 1900; pg. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, August 29, 1907; pg. Tereszcuk, Alexis. The Alamo City Trump Train Facebook Group was used to organize the convoy's movements.

You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. W Bostwick, of Bath, Steuben county, N. Y. to Miss Mary Lewis, daughter of Ozins Lewis, Esq. 7] COVELL - LOUCKS MISS LOUCKS WED TO JAMES COVELL Miss Norma Jane Loucks of Cameron Mills and James J. Covell of Bath were married recently in the Cameron Mills Methodist Church. George D. Stewart, Sherman S. Rogers of Buffalo, and Christine Cameron Davenport, daughter of Ira Davenport, esq.

C. Morton, Mr. MAHLON H. MANDERVILLE, of Columbia, South Carolina, to Miss MARIA ARFORD, of Corning. The bride and groom were attended by Miss Audrie VanKuren of Towanda, Pa., and Robert Goff of Hornell. 7] DOOLITTLE - M'BURNEY Married, on the 13th, at Painted Post, Steuben Co., by Rev. 16] LANE - HARRIS Married, In Wheeler on the 21st inst. C. G. Lowell, Mr. Geo. Mr. GEORGE SCHUYLER to Miss SUSAN PRINDLE, of Wayne. on Thursday last, Mr. JOHN WILSON, to Miss BETSEY DUNN - Daughter of Mr. Robert Dunn of York Town Pennsylvania.

by the Rev. She was born on Thursday, October 17, 1991. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, September 16, 1886; pg. H. J. Owen, Feb. 23, 1882, Mr. Charles W. Saries, of Pultney, N.Y., and Miss S. Annett Coryell, of Woodhull, N.Y. [Northern Christian Advocate (Syracuse, NY) Thursday, March 9, 1882; pg.

Protesters have been demanding that Cameron criminally charge those involved in the shooting — Sgt. 570] VANSCHAICK - COURTRIGHT Married, At the bride's home, by Rev. Farrand went to Wellsville Saturday, where he will be married on Wednesday, December 27th, to Miss Anna Eberling of that place. 16] LA D'MINER - HALL Same place (In Prattsburgh), on Sunday evening, by Rev. 7. The ceremony was performed last Saturday, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Thos. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron gets married with Mitch McConnell in attendance. The ceremony, after the necessary license had been secured, was performed in the Dobbs Ferry Presbyterian Church by the Rev. [The Voice of the Nation (Addison, NY) Wednesday, October 10, 1855] STOCKING - BUTLER Married, In Cameron, on the 30th ult., by J. S. Depuy, Esq. They are creative thinkers and appreciate the arts. The wedding stirred up some controversy as it took place during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the middle of the Taylor investigation.

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