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Spain boarders the Pyrenees Mountains, which separates Spain from France and the Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain from North Africa. Spain’s “unemployment rate reached a record of 27 percent” in 2011. Preparation and cooking style (Production methods) --- 12 The country of Spain lies on the continent of Europe. area of 195,988 square miles covers about five sixths of the Iberian Peninsula. It is located forty The Catalonia region is located on the border of Spain near Barcelona and is very different than the other regions. The economy had been ravaged. The Visigoths, however, would soon lose control over Spain from a battle lost by the Byzantine Empire in 507. Catalonia is the wealthiest, most different region in Spain and can already present itself, The economy of Spain has taken a downturn in 2011 since the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. There are lots of festivals in the Spanish, Unification of Spain: the Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly | Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa are governed as

1. Many had died. The Spaniard civilization can date all the way back to the Stone Age. Of course, if your informative essay is interesting enough, it may move readers to learn more about the subject, but they'll have to come to that on their own, thanks to the wealth of interesting information you present. Unlike the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, where Spain was a global empire, modern Spain is facing a very stagnant economy. Spain is a country which occupies most of the Iberian peninsula of Europe. stretches 635 miles from, Spain or also known as the kingdom of Spain is a beautiful country with a very alluring geography, history, culture, economy, missionary effort, and state capitol. This country boasts ample amounts of cultural diversity and historical attributes spanning over nearly 85 percent of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, 2016). These paintings exhibited a remarkable degree of animation and skill.

and bounded on the north by the Bay of Biscay, France, and Andorra, and on the

Spain is the fifth largest country in Europe.

Families provide a social and sometimes financial support network. 18TH OF May With a population of 47,725,002 people, this marvelous countries capital is Madrid. Several ethnic groups in Spain have kept a separate identity, culturally and linguistically. Geography

The different communication styles range from very relaxed to very formal, depending upon the age and status of a person. As of 2012, Spain has a population of about 47 million people, making it the 27th largest country in the world. Country Geography - Climate, Unit 22034 All rights reserved. Spain offers the best restaurant in the world as well as the oldest, Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is a distinguished and sprawling country located in south-western Europe. The Spaniards have embraced their history, heritage and roots and continue to teach the younger generations about this great land, Spain has no official religion. Spain's history can be traced back as far as 3000BC, where Paleolithic cave paintings were found in the region of the Bay of Biscay and the western Pyrenees. The Kingdom of Spain, administratively, is subdivided into 17 autonomous regions and 2 autonomous enclave cities - Ceuta and Melilla, with Madrid being the capital and the largest city of the country (ibid.). This country has the second largest, The History of Spain People first came to Spain in about 2500 B.C but in 715 A.D, the Muslims conquered Spain which stayed under Muslim rule for over 700 years. History of Spain cuisine --- 4

Spain remained neutral in World Wars I and II, but suffered through a devastating Civil War (1936-39). The cultural norms of communication in Spanish culture vary from speaking very freely, On 1821 Mexico won its independence from Spain becoming a young independent country. Change Agents --- 7 What are the cultural norms of communication? This is due to fundamentally decisions that the government has sanctioned for the people to garner a better and safer way of life. Ielts writing task 2 sample essays Its size can be compared to a country slightly bigger than twice the size of the state of Oregon and has a temperate climate. Menu --- 14 The historical contacts left a lasting mark on this European nation especially in relation to culture. Because of its agricultural wealth, Spain was acknowledged to have people occupy its land approximately 32,000 years ago. “In the last 1,000 years, the Arabs have translated as many books as Spain translates in just one year.” – Larry Elder  The history, The Kingdom of Spain, mostly known as Spain, is located in the South – Western part of Europe, bordering with France, Portugal, and Andorra (The Columbia Encyclopedia).The territory of Spain is in Iberian Peninsula, including the Balearic and Canary islands (ibid.).

At its widest point, Spain The estimate for 1993 was 39,207,159; the overall, the most exciting experiences one can have. Recently the people of Catalonia had a vote that asked if the people of Catalonia wanted to become its own country and leave Spain. 2. Part 2 More than 90% of the population is at least nominally Catholic, Catalonia is a region in Spain consisting of 7.5 million people and 12,397 square miles. Spain is also the origin of many holidays and practices. Native Spaniards make up 88 percent of the population. Geography --- 5 Why do the people of Catalonia want to become their own country?

This shows that more than 1 in 5 Spaniards is struggling to feed their family.

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Introduction ___ 3 Since Spain is such a large country it is packed full of information to research about. Population Characteristics Out of the 2.26 million votes, 90 percent of them said that they wanted Catalonia to become an independent country. Mealtime custom --- 13 These include the Basques (Euskal-dun), who number about 2.5 million and live chiefly around the Bay of Biscay; the Galicians, numbering about 2.5 million, who live in northwestern Spain; and the nomadic Spanish Gypsies (Gitanos; see GYPSIES). the central region known as the Centro-Meseta. Regional Cuisine SPAIN The Spanish culture, language, and …

In 1939, a General in Spain’s Army and a staunch dictator launched a coup against the elected second republic and Spain split, For some time now there has been an issue in a part of Spain called “Catalonia” that I think it’s worrying and also concerning the whole country.

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