News: infinite jest endnotes

325. These narratives are connected via a film, Infinite Jest, also referred to in the novel as "the Entertainment" or "the samizdat". 205.11+3


219+4 382+17 33. His efforts in 1991–92 were more productive. 335. 463+5 309.

The novel is widely noted for its unconventional narrative structure and its experimental use of endnotes (there are 388 endnotes, some with footnotes of their own). 74. 198. 76. 698-7

Infinite Jest was marketed heavily, and Wallace had to adapt to being a public figure. 172. as well. 475.1+8

565-4 [33], Another link is to the Odyssey, wherein the son Telemachus (Hal) has to grow apart from his dominating mother Penelope (Avril) and discover the truth about his absent father Odysseus (James). 712.0-1 380.1-2 253. 218.0-2 680.2-3 303. 379. 94.

208. 210. 298. Other words I might use include bloated, boring, gratuitous, and—perhaps especially—uncontrolled. 284-2 264. 904+13 338+1 342.

428.4+5 542+4 383.


Lesotho a kingdom of southern Africa, existing as an enclave entirely within the Republic of South Africa. 89+4 386-13

55. 46-1 236. 323+2 Québécoise Avril's liaisons with John Wayne, and with A.F.R. 31. 230.

The history of the Incandenza family unfolds, focusing on the youngest son, Hal. Wallace began writing Infinite Jest in earnest in Much of it is single- spaced, and what footnotes existed at this stage appear at the.

8. 108.7+2 228. 16. 388. 125. 465-18 814-6

352. [39] In the Review of Contemporary Fiction, Steven Moore called the book "a profound study of the postmodern condition. 331.

"American Touchstone: The Idea of Order in Gerard Manley Hopkins and David Foster Wallace. 542-7 61. 748-17 221. 949.1-12 46. 283.2+3 274. 123. 857.0-6 456.2+9 93. has its roots in a childhood game in which miners' sons would line up alongside a train track and compete to be the last to jump across the path of an oncoming train, a game in which many were killed or rendered legless (hence the wheelchairs). 418.0-1 362.

343.1-7 25. 413-6 53. 743.1+6 140. 159. 88. double agent) Marathe visits Ennet House, aiming to find Joelle and a lead to the master copy of "the Entertainment". 202.3-1 Early reviews contributed to Infinite Jest's hype, many of them describing it as a momentous literary event. 187-12 969.1+2 622.2+5 Swinburne Algernon Charles Swinburne was a British poet whose work had themes of homosexuality and sadomasochism. 118. (2018). "The Work of Play in David Foster Wallace's. 110-2 330.1+12 302. 420.1-1

81. 269. 310-7 58+7 267. 679.6+1

260.3-1 56+11 He completed it during a period of sobriety that was insisted upon by its lead actress, Joelle Van Dyne. 979.5+1 4. They are one of many such groups that developed after the United States coerced Canada and Mexico into joining the Organization of North American Nations (O.N.A.N. [48][49] And in a review of Wallace's work up to the year 2000, A. O. Scott wrote of Infinite Jest, "[T]he novel's Pynchonesque elements...feel rather willed and secondhand.

's John Wayne. 288. Gately fever; Dilaudid debauch w/ Fackleman, An explanation of the notation. 368. In 2008 Scott called Infinite Jest an "enormous, zeitgeist-gobbling novel that set his generation's benchmark for literary ambition" and Wallace "the best mind of his generation. 171.

244. 233. "[46] Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University,[47] called it "just awful" and written with "no discernible talent" (in the novel, Bloom's own work is called "turgid").

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