News: if the stars were made to worship so will i bible verse

In verse 24 God says “let the earth bring forth living creatures ……”. Google Translate: IT IS THAT EVOLUTION I think that is not the word .. evolution definitely leads you to finally end up being another species while adaptation or specialization does not. The stars came first in the big bang. We may not always come to the right scientific conclusion, but the objective truth that science discovers was put there by God. We ought to worship and obey God as nature does. Tastywallet, the line that Mrrricko referenced is actually the reason I came to this comment section. How would you tie that in according to scripture? Piggybacks on other prior references in Genesis 1, Psalm 19:1-4, Romans 1:20, and other places. Worship and be obedient. No entiendo como podría nuestros puntos de vista cambiar referente a que es pecado.? God of salvation All of creation was meant to obey and worship Him.

Es mas me atrevería a decir que la evolución tiene que ver con la ascencion supuesta del hombre hasta llegar a ser como dioses..en definitiva una palabra muy mal escogida y peor aún analizada. In other words, this whole scenario was set up (created) by God himself. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. If you don’t accept 6 day creation then how much else are you going to question about scripture? “However, it is also true that if we took Jesus “Seventy times seven” statement in Matthew 18:21-22 literally, then after the 491st time that such an individual shall no longer be forgiven!” Added commentary to address Outro’s first line, “. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. “If” such and such cause occurs, “then” it will (usually) produce an effect. I need to work on tweaking the spam filter. My comment is poorly worded. There are other supporting passages also, including 1 Corinthians 11:1, Ephesians 5:1-2, and 1 John 2:6. Where You lost Your life so I could find it here Here is a summary of how I break it down: On a hill You created – The place that Jesus created, a hill called Calvary, or Golgotha, or the Place of the Skull. There is another usage of how “if” and “then” are used, namely, inspiration.

But humans are born into sin and Jesus paid the price so that we could be reconciled back to the Father and now we too can do as all of creation does. The fact that He didn’t doesn’t change that. Do you think God just went ahead and made the beasts himself (on the spot) and didn’t let the earth bring them forth after all?

He sacrificed His life so that though it, we could find forgiveness of sins, despite our failure and shame. Joel tends to be a fence sitters, go read his views, still a great song and some of the old traditional hymns we sing are not strictly correct either. *Copyright © 2017 Hillsong Music Publishing (APRA) (adm. in the US and Canada at All rights reserved. Please try again. Originally I loved this song. Jesus was not created, but that’s what the song seems to be saying. :) (At least it could get conversations going at school for sure!) I agree with many here. 2) The line “100 billion failures disappeared”, if taken literally, would indeed result in 13.16 sins per person (rounded up); However, it is also true that if we took Jesus “Seventy times seven” statement in Matthew 18:21-22 literally, then after the 491st time that such an individual shall no longer be forgiven! In all the answers you’ve given – even Hebrews 11, no one worships BECAUSE creation worships. Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them. How should we approach this almighty God, who is a Consuming Fire? Yes – the heavens tell of his glory! I get that. We need to be careful when we approach the word of God. Read About the Berean Test and Evaluation Criteria prior to reading this review. -Hebrews 6:4-6. Just do that you are aware, TastyWallet was my handle before I “came out” with my real name. I’ve slightly lowered the score from 10/10 to 9.5/10. It comes pretty close. This isn’t heresy. Believe it or not, humans have microevolved since the Garden of Eden – skin color is an excellent example of this. But recently I stumbled on a video by “answers in genesis” discussing the controversy over the line “all nature and science follow the sound of your voice”…my initial reaction was to think they were just nit picking and trying too hard to read between the lines….obviously if God created every then scientific evidence aligns with His creation and there is no war between God and Science….BUT then I wa watched an interview with the song writer who openly talks about his belief in evolution as in God got the ball rolling and then evolution took it from there; I at one time might have shared that opinion…maybe not exactely that same opinion but more along the idea of I dont understand how it all went down but know God had a hand in it..I recently was digging into to creation and of it was a literal 6 day and we count a day or 1000’s of years and the term day is not the same 24 hours.

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