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Having grown up in Australia, I sometimes take our weird and wonderful lingo for granted. Example: “Mate, did your mate drink that whole carton of beer I had in the fridge?” – “Bloody oath he did”, Example: “Stop faffing around and do the dishes!”. Example: “Thanks for lending me your ute (utility truck)” – “No worries, mate”. Fifth grade was your senior year. A stubbie holder is a polystyrene insulated holder for a stubbie, which is a 375ml bottle of beer. Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal decided to get into the private label business back in the 1990s after realizing that about half of the products in UK supermarkets were store brands. To enhance the disguise, every book is sold with its first few pages intact.

Even Stevens – where you don’t owe each other anything, Every dog will have it’s day – your time will come eventually, Face like a dropped pie – someone who is ugly. Servo: gas station. Thus, the recipient receives a large discount. Michele writes and blogs about language learning and travel. Like what you see? 18. Meaning: How are you going? Where the ‘hicks’ live, Holy Dooley – an expression when you’re surprised, Hospital pass – a pass you receive in football that might land you in a hospital ward because you’re tackled heavily, Hottie – a hot water bottle that you place in bed when it’s cold. Let's keep in touch and we'll send more your way. Teams fight it out each season to win the championship (flag), culminating in Grand Final Day (think superbowl) which stops the nation as two teams go toe-to-toe in front of 100,000 people at the … Meaning: Extremely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. Both of which you’ll learn later. I'm South African.

Australian football is the national sport, one that has to be watched to be understood. The bulge in the Lycra briefs resembles that of an incarcerated avian creature. Sinegal had gotten his big break in the wholesaler industry as an executive vice president at Price Club, based in San Diego, California, and he decided to relocate his own fledgling business to Seattle to avoid competing with his former employer.

Example: “Nah, don’t worry mate” said Bruce, “She’ll be right.”.

But I’m nearly 70 and, while some of your list are virtually unknown here in the UK, many others go back to the early 20C or before in Britain and were in common use long before the invasion of the Aussie soaps like Neighbours, Home&Away and Prisoner Cell Block H. So I’d respectfully cast doubt on their Oz origins. Bail – to cancel something, like your plans or even a date you really didn’t want to go on! These are among the classic movies every filmgoer should see before they go to that big cinema in the sky.

Roo: kangaroo. Btw, if you just discovered that you, or someone you know is a bogan… you’re going to love these bogan gifts. 14. You think the stock market has a fence around it.

A British man is visiting Australia.

Australian English is similar to British English, but many common words differ from American English—and there are many unique Aussie idiosyncrasies, slang terms, and expressions. Your dad can blare his favorite tunes out of this affordable, hand-sized speaker from Bose. You know, small enough to bite your ankles, Ape s%&it – an expression of extreme anger, also means going crazy, Arse licker – someone who tries to befriend you but is not really genuine about it, Arse over tit – when you fall over something, As popular as a rattle snake in a lucky dip – not popular. Maybe dad’s more of a whiskey and spirits guy. Travel During The Pandemic Stories – Why Restrictions Can Make Your Life Hell!

Australian Kiss (or Aussie Kiss) – just like a. Example: “Dave’s been on the piss since 4pm“. You Aussies crack me up sometimes.

Thanks for the comprehensive list! In this article, we divide all the Australian slang words into three main groups: slang abbreviations ending in -ie (barbie, sunnies), slang abbreviations ending in -o (e.g.

Optionally, provide word lengths or an answer pattern to improve results. Figuratively suggesting a long way away. This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. > How many aussies does it take to screw in a light bulb? bizzo, ambo), and then original Aussie slang phrases. An interjection (also called an exclamation), as you know, may … – an expression used when you’re astonished about something. Check. Photography and infographics cannot be used without permission.Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Terms and Conditions. Translation: Someone who can’t hold their drink and gets drunk easily. Stylish? On the same note, a "wombat" is someone who eats roots and leaves.

There is a consumer magazine called ‘Choice’ which has an annual ‘Shonky Awards’ which is a dubious honour roll of dodgy products and services, Shoot through – to leave somewhere/someone, Show the ropes – show how things work around here, Silver pillow – what you sleep on after you’ve drunk the goon (wine) out of it and blow it up with your mouth, Skimpy – a scantily clad barmaid. You think the French Riviera is one of them fancy foreign cars.Holden vs Ford is equivalent to good vs evil to you. But hey, I’m sure it was at least an entertaining waste of time! Give Peace A Chance - Not! Can also mean that’s bad depending on the context, Fart arse around – to waste time or procrastinate, Festy – something that smells off or is decomposing. 6. Similar to busted, Spill your guts – to reveal a deep down secret, Squiz – to have a squiz menas to ‘have a look’, Standover man – usually involved with criminal gangs, and this is a large guy who threatens someone with physical violence to get his way, Stickybeak – someone who is a nosy person, Stroppy – someone who is in an irritable mood. Drop Bears - Dangerous Australian Animals.

Used in the context of ‘I’m crook’, Cry baby – an adult who becomes easily upset – similar to ‘sook’, C%$t – a term of endearment for one of your closest friends, Cut someone’s grass – to hit on someone’s wife or husband, Dad n Dave – rhyming slang for a shave.

12. – stop talking crap, Ginger Beer – rhyming slang for ‘Engineer’, Give yourself an octopus – give yourself a wank (masturbate), Goes down like a lead balloon – a failure, Going off like a bucked of prawns in the sun – going smelly, Going troppo – going crazy, usually in the heat of the tropics, Good oil – useful information, or just something that is very good in general, Goog, as full as a – once again, another crazy word for drunk, Goon bag – wine that comes from a silver bladder, Granny Flat – a detached building next to your house – where your grandmother or grandfather might live if they’re with you. Transform Your Travels with these Essential Phrases [FREE GUIDE], Australian Slang: 31 Hilarious Australian Expressions You Should Use, 14 Top Tips for Visiting the Pyramids of…, Egypt Travel Tips: 24 Essential Things You Should…, Adorable Cotswolds Airbnbs: 26 Most Unique Airbnb Cottages…, 22 of The Cotswolds Best Villages You Must…, How to Get to The Cotswolds from London,…, 6 Unmissable Things to Do in Castle Combe…, 16 Best Things to do in Moreton-in-Marsh in…, 12 Best Things to do in Bourton-on-the-Water in…, Top Innsbruck Attractions: 21 Absolute Best Things to…, Ultimate Brussels Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days…, Ghent Day Trip Itinerary: Top 10 Things to…, Top 10 Things to Do in Bruges, Belgium’s…, 20 Awesome Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark, When Was the Eiffel Tower Built and Why?…, Where to Stay in Paris: A Fairytale Stay…, Berlin 3-Day Itinerary: 19 Absolute Best Things to…, Vikings in Ireland: Epic 3-Day Itinerary Along Ireland’s…, Top 7 Authentic Tours & Experiences in Rome…, Domus Aurea Rome: Visit Rome’s Secret Hidden Palace, Lakes, Mountains & Castles: 21 Best Things to…, Absolute Best Things to do in Verona, Italy…, Rome Tips and Tricks: 27 Things You Should…, Self-Guided Trastevere Walking Tour: Where to see Rome’s…, 49 Underrated Things to Do in Oslo, Norway…, Staying at Eliassen Rorbuer: The Most Picturesque Fishing…, Hattvika Lodge Review: Cosy Cabins in the Heart…, 23 Lofoten Travel Tips: Everything You Need to…, 5 Day Azores Itinerary: 26 Top Things to…, 11 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Azores…, 19 Absolute Best Things to Do in Bilbao,…, 19 Reasons You’ll Want to Visit Costa Brava…, Ultimate 5 Day Costa Brava Itinerary: 45 Best…, 23 Beautiful Places You Absolutely Must-See in Madrid,…, Zurich Itinerary: 24 Awesome Things to Do in…, Day Trip to Leiden from Amsterdam: Everything You…, Moon USA National Parks Guidebook Review: A Must…, Ultimate Yosemite Itinerary: Best Viewpoints & Top Things…, 19 Best Melbourne Street Art Locations & Map…, Phillip Island Penguin Parade: 23 Essential Things You…, A Local’s Guide to Point Nepean National Park…, Darwin to Alice Springs: 10 Incredible Things to…, Sydney Itinerary: 25 Fun Things to do in…, Best Whale Watching Tour in Hervey Bay: Everything…, 57 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have…, What Pack for Winter in Norway: 17 Must-Have…, 23 Top Travel Essentials: Ultimate Travel Packing List…, 124 Inspirational Travel Quotes That’ll Make You Want…, 15 Country Flags and their Hidden Meanings You…, 28 Beautiful Travel Words that Describe Wanderlust Perfectly, 43 Amazing Money Saving Travel Tips and Hacks…, 10 Travel Hacks That’ll Make Your First Solo…, 20 Clever Ways to Staying Fit While Travelling…, Step-by-Step Guide: How to Choose Travel Insurance That’s…, Top 10 Long Haul Flight Tips for Arriving…, 20 Beautiful African Words in ‘The Lion King’…, A Beginner’s Guide Khoisan: Africa’s Clicking Languages, Survival Afrikaans Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, 25 Hilarious Afrikaans Idioms That Should Exist in…, 99 Essential Basque (Euskara) Phrases for Your Trip…, 120 Most-Used Bulgarian Travel Phrases You Need to…, Survival Catalan Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, Survival Czech Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, Survival Danish Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, Survival Dutch Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, Survival Flemish Dutch Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, What Language is Spoken in Belgium?

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