News: hrm essay questions and answers

It is continuous, never-ending life long process. In the strategic of HRM, line managers is responsible for managing human resources, who basically manage people at work. Learning from the the past obstacles: isolated department of Human resource from Corporate line of attack and then the need of combining these two department occurs because it is forecasted that by combining these department a better way of ABC’s company productivity can be gain, instead of working in an isolated conditions. To minimise wage discrimination on the basis of age, sex, caste, region and religion, etc. six new team leaders were appointed in the early part of the year. Line Managers translate the objectives into action, they are responsible to develop and utilise the manpower. Answer 1: Recognize the efforts and contributions of current staff. In simple words, HRD is an organized learning experience aimed at matching the organizational need for human resource with the individual need for career growth and development. Q.26. Outline and discuss the main obstacles hindering or preventing HR departments from delivering strategic HRM What are the benefits of training program? On the contrary, in-effective recruitment methodology, selection and retention would result in mismatches which can have negative consequences for an organization. is the same for a business that operates without a plan. These skills are developed through experience and education. It is the function of every manager and not simply of Human Resource Department. Ans. Thus time period for which salaries are paid is generally higher than in case of wage payments. Training is a systematic process of providing specific knowledge and skills to improve performance (the current job), while development is training but for the future job (Future-oriented training). Type: iii. Include a brief account of the types

On the one hand, and one or more representative workers’ organisations, on the other with a view to arrive at an agreement.”. It helps in determining quality of human resources required in an organisation. Company Registration No: 4964706. Ans. OR b)Should reward strategies always include an element of performance related pay. The effective recruitment and selection evaluation also motivates salespeople to work hard and get the promotion or at least the monetary rewards, which are given not only to the best workers but the best marketing director and the best finance manager Performance is evaluated on the basis of performance development plan and this plan also include the proper recruitment and selection perfomance. Four of these were by promotion from within. 7. Responsibility commensurate with authority and accountability for various jobs can be specified so as to minimize duplication or overlapping. Facilitate giving general information to the applicant such as company policies, job, products manufactured etc. sustained development and maintain the advantage of human capital. The basic objectives of human resource management effectiveness may be explained as follows: 1. If stress is the condiment strain is the salt and if there is an imbalance in condiment-salt relationship, the result is impala-table. It also develops feeling of cooperation among workers. For implementing and evaluating what worked, what did not and what was learnt in the process. Ans. individual on the team and talk through their personal goals and how the leader sees those goals fit in to the bigger picture. So you imagine that if you have full employment then there is economic growth happening in an economy and there... Free

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