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The application must be completed by the applicant. (Top), Q.

A development staff member is required to accompany the inspector at all times and must enter each dwelling unit with the inspector. This feature is already available. A combination of many factors is used by the software to calculate the final score. Texas Electronic Benefit Transfer Program.

certifies that the support is not being received.

(Top), Q. household eligibility. Aug | Nov | Remember, each method has different requirements and you must comply with both.

The HAA Resident Relations program assists rental renters by: Speaking directly with renters by phone to answer lease-related questions.

Begin typing to search, use arrow keys to navigate, use enter to select, Please enter a legal issue and/or a location. Español.

What deficiencies are commonly seen?

How Do I Make a Complaint About Other State Agencies? Can deficiencies be repaired while the inspector is on site? I need to submit a utility allowance request, what do I need to submit and how do I submit the request? Remember that you must use a consistent method for annualizing Apartment Enforcement Security Ordinance

(Top), Q. An Incident at a Facility (HHS Providers Only), Learn about the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. 1. The software lists the various inspection items by the five inspectable areas in detail. Search, trying unsuccessfully to get a landlord to make repairs, must ensure that apartments are free of insects, checklist of common housing code violations, file a complaint with the Substandard Housing Program, Browse Landlord-Tenant Lawyers by Location. (Top), Q. You need to contact the applicable Public Housing Authority and request a copy of their utility allowance schedule for the Section 8 Voucher Program. The Houston Police Department’s Apartment Enforcement Unit offers the Blue Star Multi-Housing Program to apartment communities and other multi-housing rental properties throughout the City of Houston. A. UPCS is generally more detailed and thorough than HQS and most city inspections. What does the IRS do when noncompliance is reported? A. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. The letter must be dated, signed by the utility provider representative, and specifically include all "component charges" for providing the utility service. Can the Unit Status Report (USR) be made available in Excel? have been made, including filing with courts or agencies responsible the ordinance, the data will be recorded as a per capita Please visit the Physical Inspections section of our website for further information, including frequently asked questions. Although it is not a requirement to provide the Tenant Rights and Resources Guide to households that transfer, properties are encouraged to so. Can an applicant complete an electronic application? fees assessed to sell or convert the asset to cash, (3) settlement Tenant Privacy Rights and the Right to Repairs.

Agents answer calls Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Can a live-in aid be a relative?

This information is available in the policy or from the

When the inspector arrives he or she will have a list of the units to be inspected; the site manager will be asked to pull the keys for the units listed. Inspectors have been professionally trained to identify deficiencies based on the UPCS. . A. The site is designed to provide access to indicators of public health and well-being for all Texans. A Certification of Correction Form will be left on site to report corrections and is included in the Forms section of the PMC Web site. The HCPH Priority Public Health Issues for 2013-2020 Selected for the magnitude of the issue and our ability to make progress in Harris County. At my property, I have buildings with four (4) units, eight (8) units, and twenty (20) units. How do I calculate the cash value I've had non other choice than to move to this complex and I do not seek a release from my lease. Q. I have 3 properties that are all located in different cities and I am trying to figure out how to calculate the taxes for the HUD Utility Model Schedule. Can you please send it me?

Do existing households that transfer to another unit at the property need to be provided the Tenant Rights and Resources Guide? When will the Physical Inspection be performed? If a household member is added to an existing household, does the new household member need to be provided the Tenant Rights and Resources Guide? HAA speaks to residents Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and would not be living in the unit except to provide the support 2223 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027 Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM After successful completion of the class, managers can request the Blue Star certification. A. Can a property monitored by TDHCA use a “flat-rate” utility allowance published by a Public Housing Authority? at least $1000 less than market value. If I have Housing Tax Credits (“HTC”), can I use any method to calculate my utility allowance?

It used to be a motel, and they converted them to studio apartments. How do I determine the cash vale of a whole or universal life insurance policy? Google Chrome, I continued to call for three days, and still no answer. These nuisances and hazards include: A. AND 2) The household

How do I verify self-employment income

TDHCA is aware that the San Antonio Housing Authority published this type of allowance for their Section 8 voucher program in 2015. Different states have different housing code standards. And when can I start charging them the utility? If you've received no response from your landlord, contact your local housing regulations authority. As a reminder, the PHA method is not an option for Rural Housing Services (RHS) buildings, buildings with RHS assisted tenants (10TAC§10.614(c)) and/or a HUD- Regulated building (10TAC§10.614(d)). Can I use the “Apartments (5 or more units per building)” for all of my buildings? provide The Houston Apartment Association is the leading advocate, resource and community partner for quality rental housing providers in the Houston and surrounding area. Texas Health & Human Services Commission. In the event you want to start charging for a utility, after you receive approval from the Department, you must charge residents for the utility in accordance with the lease terms.

What should the effective date on the household’s Income Certification form be? The Internal Revenue Service requires housing agencies to use local health, safety, and building codes or the UPCS to assess the physical condition of Housing Tax Credit developments. An ordinance Amending Chapter 28 of the insurance company. An electronic application can be used; however, it is important, as with any type of application, that onsite staff cannot alter the form once completed by the applicant.

Who performs the inspections? How do I receive the inspection report and what should I do? How Can I Report Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation?

Q. Keep a copy of all correspondence between you and your landlord.

Can I use different utility allowance methods for each utility? For a tax credit development, if all deficiencies reported are corrected, will a finding still be reported to the IRS on Form 8823? (Top), Q. A. Provided that the “flat rate” utility allowance is compliant with HUD requirements, it can be used by a property monitored by TDHCA. All of my requests have been submitted in writing. Lastly, please note, this may change in the near future for the HOME program pending guidance from the Community Planning and Development (CPD) section of HUD. (Top), Q. CMPI staff also supervises and evaluates inspections of our contractors and field inspectors. TDHCA Complaint Process. of for less than market value? life insurance policy? In general, in those areas developments must use one of the other options for calculating an allowance.


The Houston Apartment Association is the leading advocate, resource and community partner for quality rental housing providers in the Houston and surrounding area. In Massachusetts, contact the local Board of Health or Inspectional Services Department. Other issues reported are entrance door seals damaged, bathroom basin problems (usually stoppers or pop-ups not working or missing), missing splash blocks at gutter downspouts, and damaged or torn refrigerator door gaskets. for enforcing payments. If the wiring looks dangerous, or if you have seen sparks coming from wiring, then you can report a violation. Child support payments must be included when determining Common questions asked by apartment residents. More COVID-19 information. How does the inspector know what to look for? This information is available to you under the Public Information Act (The Texas Government Code, Title 5, Subtitle A, Chapter 552: Public Information). Yes. Usually within 60 days of the Department's on site review. How to Report an Infestation of Bed Bugs at an Apartment Complex. Once in January and once in June. Development staff must correct the deficiency in 24 hours and notify the Department of the correction within 72 hours (3 work days) of notice. crime statistic for each property. Builders must follow complex rules to make sure that electrical wiring has been done safely. During this process, but no later than when the new member actually moves into the unit, they should be given the Tenant Rights and Resources Guide. YES. Do I need to submit an approval again for this year? A. If I have Housing Tax Credits (“HTC”), can I use any method to calculate my utility allowance? Paint cannot be peeling or flaking, and plumbing must not leak. Inspectors from On-site Insight and The Inspection Group (Department Contractors) are HUD certified with broad experience in conducting UPCS inspections. What should I expect when the physical inspection is scheduled? When will the Physical Inspection be performed? Sinks must be big enough to wash dishes in and get hot and cold water. (Top), Q. For the buildings with 4 units, you must use the Row House/Townhouse & Semi-Detached/Duplex (up to 4 units per building) schedule. A live-in aid is a person who lives with an elderly, disabled . During this CPTED surveys, officers may assess such things as lighting, perimeter fencing, landscaping, on-site security crime prevention efforts and tenant screening procedures. Before you make a complaint, identify the repair that your landlord is required to make and the housing code it is listed under. A

I received approval from the Department last year to use an alternate Public Housing Authority ("PHA"), a Written Local Estimate, the HUD Utility Schedule Model, the Energy Consumption Model or the Agency Estimate.

The awarding of a Blue Star designation means that the apartment community has successfully completed all three phases of the program and has met the minimum standards for certification.

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