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Telling Cubone that its mother is in Celadon, it happily follows them. However, it can only use the move five times before it runs out of moves, so You get 1080 Pokédollars and 3 Poké Balls for winning.

US Open 2020 - __________ & Naomi Osaka win! If you have a pokémon with a high speed stat, it might be Get the Sylph Scope 3. You get 2240 Pokédollars for winning.

You get 4200 Pokédollars and 3 Poké Balls for winning.

How to get past the Big Ghost in Pokemon Let's Go's Lavender Town.

Head back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub for all our pages in one place, including detailed, step-by-step help for tough spots like Cerulean Cave, and the Elite Four, plus tough dungeons like Silph Co., Seafoam Islands and Victory Road. This time its Diglett.

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Go up the stairs and there will be a cutscene. It's a Steel- and Ground-type Pokémon, and Steel-types are pretty rare here in Kanto, so that combined with its elevated 'gift' Pokémon stats make it a handy choice if you fancy it! If one of them touches you,

your pokémon).

Where applicable, we'll split our page into one section for each visit, and of course if there are any, clearly mark any spoilers, too!

Lavender Town returns in Pokemon Let’s Go and will feel very familiar to those who have experienced it before. Lavender Town and Pokémon Tower are your next stops, following on from Rock Tunnel and the brief Route 10 south in your quest through Pokémon Let's Go's main story. has a level 27 Magnemite.

When you go inside you’ll learn that there is a ghost problem no one can solve.

items. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. To the left, you battle Beauty Aubrey, who has a level 26 Clefairy. 28 Geodude. Go west from your rival to find an X Attack.

Seeing no sign of it, he looks around and sees a ghost floating toward you and runs away back downstairs. As you walk through town after leaving the Pokémon Tower, you’ll notice Jessie and James enter the town. The Cubone speaks with you and then walks sadly down the stairs to the 2nd floor.


Or click here to search for specific content. You get 2800 Pokédollars for winning.

Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. Below, we'll cover any and all of the obtainable Pokémon, item locations, trainers and their squads that you might encounter in the area, as well as walking you through any key steps of the story along the way.

This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Lavender Town and Pokémon Tower are your next stops, following on from Rock Tunnel and the brief Route 10 south in your quest through Pokémon Let's Go's main story.

Northeast of the grass, you can battle Gamer Rich, who has a level 35 Seaking. No discussions open for Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu at the moment. Defeat Ghost Marowak 5.

An SOS to some old friends (former members, come chat). to Celadon City. Main Walkthrough Lavender Town. There's one brief point of interest in town, before you dive into the next story-led moments: a lady in the Pokémon Center who'll trade you her Alolan Diglett for your regular one.

Comments for this article are now closed. He will ask if everything is ok, and then engage you in a battle: Note: Your Rival can use a Hyper Potion within battle to heal his Pokémon.

After a long journey through Rock Tunnel, you arrive in Lavender Town. Head back around and directly in front of where you fought your rival is an X Attack.

Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Walkthrough Once through Rock Tunnel, you won't be far from Lavender Town, a spooky town that is home to the Pokemon Cemetery known as Pokemon Tower. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Keep climbing and you'll reach the spot where the giant ghost scared you off last time - this time, you'll trigger a rather touching cutscene, bringing a conclusion to the situation with Cubone, and then you'll be free to continue on up to the top floor. Northeast of the grass, check in the bush to find a hidden set of 3 Silver First and foremost, players will need to have reached Lavender Town, where the aforementioned Pokemon Tower is located. How To Earn More Experience From Captures, How To Obtain All Partner Pokemon Outfits, How Does Catching Work In Pokemon Go Park.

your last pokémon should be able to survive (or just use Revives on

and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! You’ll have to go to Celadon City and enter the Team Rocket Hideout to find the Silph Scope. and others. Alolan Trade Alolan Diglett: Trainer Requests Kantonian … to the right of the tunnel entrance. Team Rocket has been up to no good in Lavender Town, having killed a Marowak in the process, and it is up to you to rescue Mr. Fuji, who tried saving the Marowak, from Pokemon Tower.

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