News: how to fix bent charger prongs

The connector was ripped off the board. Using these directions will help you repair your charging port on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. When I put the battery back into the phone I noticed that I left the grounding clip out. What you can do is solder to the CIRCLE right behind that missing solder pad.

Add Comment Cancel . When the pad is ripped out, you also lose that copper tailing connection to the trace. Let me know if you have any other questions. In the tutorial above, I’m fixing a wattmeter prong which bent to the front side of the plug. We then overlay solder the copper tailing off the new solder pad onto the exposed copper trace. Is that something new they started like the pentalobe screws designed to thwart home repair? © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — What's New in iOS 14 Beta 5: Bigger Apple News Widget, Hidden Photo Album Changes and More! Hopefully that should help. Best answer & exsplination I've found to fix my problem. The charger of your cell phone can be very important for you. Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology. David Williams I am a true junkie for everything tech. Here in this article you will be helped in repairing the bent prongs on your charger. Unrelated question: why did Apple start soldering the battery pins to the pads, and why is that not included in the iFixit manual as a warning? The key important factor is gentleness and a sprinkle of patience. In this tutorial, we will straighten plug prongs using pliers correctly without damaging it. I've been trying to figure this out & find a legit fix for replacing solder pads for mini usb, if possible to do & I finally have! 09/11/2012 by That’s what makes us a little different from other computer repair services – we really care about the result and making sure you’re satisfied. There are 2 solder points that hold the connector to the logic board but as we have all discovered, it is very easy to break those solder points. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Accessibility. [CDATA[(function() { var ARTICLE_URL = window.location.href; var CONTENT_ID = 'everything'; document.write( '’+’\x3C/scr’+’ipt>’);})();// ]]>. Shop iPhone Fix Kits . We do these repairs every day in our shop for customers all over the Tampa, Florida area. Phone turns on when plugged into the wall but says connect to itunes and USB power doesn't seem strong enough. Has anyone tried epoxy or super glue to hold the connector to the logic board? Oh wait, I didn't realize what happened in my phone was that the battery clip stayed connected to the battery. - RCA Tablet RCT6573W23 Make sure that it is unplugged from the outlet. It has a set of flexible prongs that insert into the charger port of your phone. It's still usable but there's definitely more resistance to plug it into walls now. With that shape, the plug is impossible to fit into the power outlet. I believe your straightened plug prong is safe to use. Geeksquare has the knowledge and expertise to tackle all of your computer related issues and we can’t wait to make you our next satisfied customer. Ok answer to your broken charging problem get a broken old flip fone w-same 4 prongs solder the 2 in center or b&w might be loose but it will charge but use tiny copper wiring like for small pc boards,i work in a bowling alley and play around w-small wires it wil work,if not email me and i can help you. 01/19/2016 by Plus, I don't even know if using a plier is a good idea since it looks like the 2 prongs are attached separately and can snap off separately, so trying to force it with pliers might just snap it off, who knows. I would be very thankful if anyone could help me... Ok, I have read most of the solutions about repairing the connector but there is one important item that has been ignored. Does this sound like a bad idea from your experience? So when I unplugged the battery I made the fatal mistake of prying up on the plastic rather than only the metal battery contact plug. Ok answer to your broken charging problem get a broken old flip fone w-same 4 prongs solder the 2 in center or b&w might be loose but it will charge but use tiny copper wiring like for small pc boards,i work in a bowling alley and play around w-small wires it wil work,if not email me and i can help you. I have had success in the past using one of the heavier type tooth picks.

12/11/2011 by

You do not want anything that might be corrosive to the board itself, that is why we use a non-corrosive, neutral-core silicone rubber. With that shape, the plug is impossible to fit into the power outlet. 7. Or maybe how to solder the right way the jumper-wires? 4 Steps To Repair The Bent Prongs Step 1: First of all, see carefully the prongs on the end of the charger. Filipe Teixeira, marvmen21

Also, you said, "along with that, you have to solder to the other existing pads as well". Here is how we have approached this repair. Luckily, you can straighten the prong with a simple tool; pliers. What do i need? Luckily, you can straighten the prong with a simple tool; pliers. If there is an Apple store near buy why not drop by, explain what happened, and ask nicely if there is anything they can do for you. There is no clear answer to this question, but one discussion suggests they are doing that all the time and never encountered any issue. Pliers are not a rare thing. //

Read more July 17, 2014. Otherwise it appears as if you are trying to use this site for solicitation. I dont have experience with that pen youre talking about, but if you can get a small iron (small sized tip) you can probably manage it. SKIP THE UPGRADE Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit.

Short of buying a new logic board and battery, is there any way to re-connect this somehow? 1.

I'm not as well versed in reading circuit schematics, but the application of your conclusion should help...i've tried hooking it back up with no pad, but that doesn't work, so I think the connection back to the board is important somehow. Could you clarify that please? Prongs are mostly made by nickel or brass — materials that can easily shape whatever you like, but in this case, we will try to straighten it. With the plastic connector screwed back into place I noticed that the motherboard and detached plastic female actually made contact and were in the proper position for operation of the phone! Today I replaced the broken screen on my 4S. In the event that the circle pad isn't secure, I usually run a jumper wire to the main connection point under the heat shield. The method we list above is nearly 100% successful and you do not have any loose wires floating around. I am a true junkie for everything tech. The purpose of those solder pads is to act as a base for creating a solder fillet (joint) between the legs of the terminal connector and the motherboard. Thank you!

It is a very tedious process and one that is not simple, but it is the correct way to repair this iPhone 4S with a broken battery connector and lifted solder pad. The problem is that apple lightly soldered the battery pins in place, so when i removed the battery, it ripped one of the square connecting pads up.

In many cases when the battery terminal connector is ripped from the motherboard, one or more of the solder pads is removed as well. If the prongs are bent out of shape, take the pliers and slowly apply pressure so that the prongs bend back to their regular shape. This is to make sure that no power is flowing through and you are not injured. This rarely happens but if you broke the plug, you have to replace the plug by asking a technician. If you can get a connection there, then the phone will work again. Shop iPhone Fix Kits ; Step 2. This does not effect our editorial in any way.


I then replaced the battery and connector assembly onto the motherboard again, screwing in into place. Now use a pair of tweezers to grab the end of a bent prong with.

This method applies to various electronic devices and plug types. You must log in or register to reply here. I tested the phone with a power-up and saw that it still made contact and operated.

Accessibility. Step 3. So, that’s the guide to straighten any prongs. 4.

Just pushing the prong the opposite direction of the bend doesnt seem to "unbend" it... any ideas where i can get a cheap oem one? One, when you install jumper wires into a device with such a small form factor and one in which you may remove the back plate in the future (for battery replacement, other repair work, etc) there is a tremendous risk that the wires can become caught (snagged) and torn.

since it looks like the square pads lead to the circular ports to their left, I'm guessing I should be able to wire it back somehow with some fine gauge wire, but I'm not really sure how, and I've never done soldering this small. Hello.

We clean up the solder off of any remaining pads using a solder wick. I have recently had to do one of these repairs. For Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S4 or another Samsung model that won’t charge or has a bent charger. tbqh i wasn't really sure if i was worth going out to buy a pair of pliers as a busy student just to unbend a slightly bent single prong of a plug.

You could end up with a trashed device....if you really want to try it, and I advise you don't.....plug the adaptor into the socket at an angle so that the bent pin goes in first. I connect the battery and plug it in, and suddenly the phone works great....for 2 minutes at a time.


Then gently ease it over until the other pin will go in too.

whats about the heat shield holder at the logic board? The reason is you don’t want to leave a prong in the AC socket when you remove the plug. The Silicon Underground David L. Farquhar, computer security professional, train hobbyist, and landlord The charging pin on my laptop is bent, i did not notice that there was a problem until the charger wouldn't get into the charging port. If the prongs of the charger gliding into the cell phone very easily then it’s well and good. But it didn´t work. The charger has an AC adapter that is further connected to a thin wire. thoseevilrobots, hectordtruong

Is it removable? Add a comment . Terms — I think the tear-down should be modified to warn users about this issue, since it looks like a few other people on the site have also dealt with it.

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