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Undertale AU Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ", W. D. Gaster's name could also be a reference to "M.D.

Surprised Place of Birth After she finishes her dialogue, she disappears with the same sound effect as Mystery Man and Gaster Follower 2, which shows a possible connection to Gaster. This room can only be accessed when the game's "fun" value is set to 66. Dislikes as well as the file name of So Sorry's theme being mus_wrongworld. This file can be sped up by 1000% to reveal Muffet's laugh, reversed, and then looped over.

© Valve Corporation. There is a known glitch with the Wrong Number Song where the avatar of whomever the protagonist spoke to last will show up as the ID of the call.

But it's not raining." The striped bird in Deltarune, a spinoff alternate universe by Toby Fox, appears in the same pose and shape as Follower 3. Floating handsAcausalityNonexistent Physiology (Physical and Mental) Non-Corporeal Immortality, Possible Possession (Depending on whether or not he possessed Monster Kid or simply created a duplicate of them)OmnipresenceSpatial ManipulationPossibly Void ManipulationTechnology Manipulation Gaster* Dr. Gaster* Gaster * Inside the game's files are strings of text that implicate a stable was planned to be put into the game. Gaster seen is some kind of amalgation and that he/they fell into the D.T extraction machine instead of the CORE. This means that the machine was never meant to be fixed, and if this was the creation Gaster fell in, then he is surely doomed to remain erased. Gaster's Followers relay various explanations as to what happened to Gaster. Weapons (possibly) room_mysteryman or room_272 Thanks to a lot of hard research, I have determined what the Gaster blaster weapons are based on.

Author This being said, the tarot card could support either fall theory as the bottom of the card looks similar to the core while the top looks like the extraction machine. This NPC disappears once the protagonist leaves the room. All but one of the songs can be played and switched amongst each other.

Unfortunately he is an imbecile, and because of this, Undyne doesn't want him in due to a fear of him being ripped apart in an actual battle. On the official Undertale Tumblr, is a post that includes the line "besides, it’s rude to talk about people that are listening, right?" Sans is presumed to have a connection with W. D. Gaster due to the workshop behind his house and the name of his weapons used in the Genocide Route.

W. D. Gaster was the royal scientist before Alphys, responsible for creating the CORE. If the key is brought to the horse stable, the same figure from Room 272 appears and says "* x" in Wingdings. In Room 264, the text below is displayed in uppercase Wingdings. It is possible that Gaster could have created the DT Extraction Machine in the True Lab as Alphys admits to using blueprints to operate it in Entry Number 5. However, it can also be Flowey (who follows the protagonist throughout the game), Sans, or even the fallen human. Goner Kid, the NPC that discusses alternate timelines, says, "An umbrella...? Doctor W.D.

Alcuni dati geospaziali su questo sito sono forniti da, Visualizza il sito web per dispositivi mobili, Español-Latinoamérica (Spagnolo dell'America Latina), Português - Brasil (Portoghese brasiliano), A gray version of Monster Kid ) can appear in Room 91 (room_water7) on a dock right before the room where Undyne first throws spears at the protagonist if the fun value is greater than 90. This is reinforced by Sans' Gaster Blasters. Skeleton(?) In this scenario, Room 268, a hallway with a gray door, appears between Room 94 and Room 95, the rooms with the crystallized cheese and Sans's telescope, respectively. This follower is a gray version of the guy normally found near Hotland's Spider Bake Sale, with a talking head in place of the donut. As does Gaster's DT Extractor and. Enjoy the read. * [redacted] W. D. Gaster is a mysterious character in Undertale who is the presumed creator of the Core. W. D. Gaster does not have an officially known form, but there are several rooms and unused assets found in Waterfall that point to what he may have looked like. -6666, Spatial ManipulationPossibly Void ManipulationTechnology Manipulation, left blue eye, Orange right eye (in battle? We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. The phone will work normally after leaving the room. This follower speaks in rhymes through the head in their hand. While the experiment exactly varies with different AUs. He, him Unlike every other NPC, they have no collision physics, and interacting with them will cause them to react in surprise and vanish while a sound effect plays. However, unlike Gaster's followers, the protagonist's phone will work if they attempt to use their cell phone while in the room, and Goner Kid never mentions Gaster's name. This follower is a gray, emotionless version of the ficus licker NPC. Mystery Man is also similar to some versions of Slender Man, a famous creepypasta figure. Papyrus Gaster is the younger brother of Sans Gaster. Gold On Win Gaster's Thememus_smileMegalo Strike BackDark, Darker, Yet Darker Here is another one. A more recent hypothesis to appear is that the W.D. Appearances

Biographical Information Some of it may also have spoilers for Undertale, so you should probably have played the game first as well. In the same image was a note saying that Papyrus "had a * named *" with the nouns censored out.

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