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Both the Keen boots and the Sk8-Hi Pro Vans I have tend to be wider at the toe yet have a narrow enough heel that my foot doesn't slide. I've seen everything from a half size down to full size up. Yes, despite the abuse we put them through with all the mosh pits, failed kickflips on a skateboard, long nights walking from a gig to your house because we all spent our money on beer and were left without bus money and no one could drive because we were all 16 (ahhh memories), you’d be surprised at how sturdy Vans and Converse can be. Sponsored: Get 50% off Jeans at Macy’s This Weekend! My second favourite colourway are my Chinatown Market x Converse, as they change colour in sunlight!

Not that it matters, considering beat up chucks look punk af. Of course, if you really want to set off a 30-something millennial (or, triggerdt, as the kids say these days), you’re going to want to ask: which shoe was better, Vans or Converse? Right off the bat let me make one thing clear: there were hundreds of brands out there in the early-to-mid 2000’s that offered high-quality sneakers, I know that. Here, the Sk8-Hi style Vans look amazing but this outfit could also look great with white Vans…right Daniel? The sneaker became known as the “All Star”, as it still is today. I wear an 8 in all Converse sneakers, they fit perfectly. I have a hard time thinking of any other shoe that still looks bomb despite having dirt streaks all over it. Due to the canvas material, prevention is better than cure for Converse!

Boasting collabs with world-famous fashion houses like COMME des GARCONS, Off-White, JW Anderson and Missoni, this sneaker's impact on the fashion world paved the way for other sports shoes to follow the same path. Comfort: 5/5. Oversized bottoms are perfect with Converse, the play on proportions always looks banging. So unless you plan on wearing these every day, know that they won’t fit like a glove for a while. 8 Comfy Yet Stylish Lazy Day Outfits We Love, Doc Martens Outfits: How to Wear Dr. Martens Like a Pro. Like /u/samtheking25 said, try a pair on first. “Friends” Christmas Episodes Ranked from the Naughtiest to the Nicest. Nike SB is probably the closest resemblance to Vans out of all the brand’s models. Fast forward and we’ve now firmly adopted converse into our day-to-day wardrobe, coming off the court and into the everyday. They are my go to (when the weather isn’t too chilly) and I particularly love pairing them with some rolled up mom jeans. Though specifically in the slip-on Vans, I find they run larger so you might not need to go up. Con:  They can be a little narrow on your feet, and while they are versatile for most occasions, forget about wearing these in the rain (unless you have some kind of hydrophobic spray protecting the canvas). Is Having a Firm Bed Better for Your Back? This outfit is great for just chilling or going out to lunch.

For me, Converse tend to fit true-to-size. This means that they’re sized per U.S. standard, determined by a Brannock device. However, there are some undeniable facts, like how Chucks are a little more appropriate for smart-casual affairs, which we all go to now because we’re *shudder* adults. I wear 10.5 in vans slip ons (unless they are the comfy cush, then 11) In nike I am always an 11. For me, Converse Chuck 70s fit true to size. Yes, they do, which is why you should avoid buying a bigger size. I think Converse are a great buy, but I definitely would suggest getting a pair of Vans first. The simplicity of the bodysuit and skirt give you the chance to wear printed Vans and a cutout clutch while still looking balanced. 5 Pointers for Preparing for a Physical Activity, How to Find Love When You’re Too Busy: Dating Advice for Workaholics, Getting Married During a Pandemic: Making the Best of Getting Hitched in This Season, 3 Common Conditions You Didn’t Know Have Actual Solutions, Bracing for the Pain: What to Expect with Nipple Piercings, Jordyn Woods & the Kardashians Incident One Year Later (and What It Says About How Society Sees Cheating), Ear Piercing: A Complete Guide to Healing and Aftercare. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The All Star sneakers were originally used by basketball players, but as we all know now, people wear them for every possible purpose. Wondering how to wear Doc Martens? Some Vans come with a padded collar at the back of the foot, like the Era or Sk8-Hi shoes.

For flat feet, however, you may experience some discomfort. I would say you would have to size up ~ one whole size because Vans tend to be less long than Converse. The rubber sole of the Vans slip-ons are specifically designed to grip a skateboard deck so you don’t slip while trying to perform a kickflip despite having bad knees.

The perfect summer sneaker. This is a top-performer, a premium option for skateboarders. Let me know what you think! I have a pair of Palisades Vulc (now Palisades SF) Vans that I love!!!!

As a former long boarder, let me tell you: it’s hell on your sneaks. Ironic, though, considering that the shoe was made for basketball players and athletes, but was worn and popularized by teens who had too much time on their hands and too much music on their minds.

What size would I get in Vans … Seen in some of the most iconic films ever made and worn by legends, Converse is without a doubt one of the best-loved sneaker brands of all time. They were built for athletes, yes, but they were built to be comfortable shoes that you could wear both in game and out. So, to avoid this.

Discover size charts and sizing guides to help you find the right fit for all of our shoes, clothing and gear. Cons: Unlike the All-Stars, Vans’ soles are a little thinner and not as sturdy. Unless you’re a hardcore skater or neck-deep in the hardcore punk scene, Vans’ slip-ons can look a little contrived on some people. Yes, it’s fun to reminisce about growing your bangs and rocking out to Sum 41 at your local dive bar, but we’re in our 30’s now, and we need shoes that we use to go to work and meet other adults in the city, much to our teenage self’s disappointment.

Of course, Vans has other lines of shoes out there that look more like conventional sneakers, but who has the time for that when I’m busy buying my umpteenth slip-on to add to my ever growing collection?!

... Find a Vans store near you. They have major durability and comfort as soon as you wear them and they look great for either going out at night with some friends or grocery shopping with your roommate. Pros: My favorite style of Vans are the Classic Slip-ons. These features are all to keep the sneaker in place, similarly to the Vans Old Skool. I wear a 9 in vans and an 8 in chucks. The Nike size chart is originally in inches. In Vans, I'm an 8 in most of the styles whereas I am a 7 in the classic Converse high tops. I think one of the best things about Converse is that they suit looking a bit worn, but if they are looking too dirty I throw them in the washing machine in a laundry bag then leave them to dry in the sun. Sometimes, wearing the wrong size isn’t noticeable until you’ve left the store and taken your new kicks for a walk. Converse fit true to size whereas I find that Vans often run a little small and they rub a lot more than Converse! I think Vans are totally the way to go if you need a new Spring sneaker or just want to pick up a new pair of shoes. I actually have a lot of thoughts about this that might be helpful. I beat them up and keep them beaten up, they always look better. In 1910, they started making shoes specifically designed for athletes, one of the first mass-produced athletic shoes in the market. First enter your shoe size in three brands: 1. How do Converse fit compared to Vans? The only thing I would say is that Converses are a lot more comfortable at first wear than Vans, whereas Vans do take some “breaking in” before they can become a day-to-day beater. The sneaker became known as the “All Star”, as it still is today. My converse I wear however are the correct length but I have wide feet so the width of my shoe is incorrect and my converse side rubber rips a little. While it provides a more comfortable wear, it does breakdown more often. I've seen everything from a half size down to full size up. But hey, at least we got to write down emo song lyrics on the sole guard! Nikes also include wide toe boxes, providing ample space for your toes to spread during exercise. This style often stretches with wear, so if you venture too far from your regular fit, it might become too loose once you’ve broken them in. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. Ripped baggy jeans, a loose fitting top, and Vans form the epitome of California style. Nike tends to run smaller than Vans, so if you’re switching between the two, make sure that you follow the individual size charts. Other than that, I find they are the closest shoe for me in terms of fit. I have 4 (Hi Black, Hi Black Rubber Monochrome, Low Wonder Woman, Low Gold Paillettes) pairs or Converse and only one pair of vans and today I was debating what sneaker to get to complete my collection with a cheetah print. These reduce impact while protecting the underside of your feet during tricks. That said, with wear, its shoes tend to stretch slightly width-wise, which makes them more comfortable over time. Vans sizing vs Nike—changing from one to the other requires you to re-measure your feet and follow the brand’s size chart. i only wear vans anymore, but at work i get asked how vans fit compared to Nike, Adidas, converse all the time.

To give you an overlook of its sizes, we’ve included a chart below: Compared to some of its competitors, including Adidas and Reebok, Nike shoes tend to be slightly smaller.

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