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[Erik Adams], There’s a brief survey of modern sketch in the credits of every I Think You Should Leave, from the directing duo of Akiva Schaffer (The Lonely Island) and Alice Mathias (Documentary Now!, Portlandia) to the alumni of Nathan For You, Inside Amy Schumer, Check It Out! One wishes for another twist—it anticlimaxes with Chunky making Samberg wear his own hat—but Robinson keeps things lively with dorky clues—“Melted or cold/from the cow’s utters/over time it will grow mold”—that reveal Mega Money Quiz to have problems bigger than an unimaginative mascot.

The sketch hinges on the tug-of-war between the singer’s considered storytelling and the bassist’s awkward, supernaturally themed riffing, which gets delightfully hung up on the minutiae of its skeletal antagonists’ underground world. Share the best GIFs now >>> If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. Very self aware. In a way, it serves as a microcosm of what makes I Think You Should Leave so special—it takes a brazen, charismatic boldness to so fundamentally disrupt a sketch’s premise and internal logic, but Robinson pivots with such a steady hand that we stay on his level, following him down freakish detours and, somehow, laughing at mother-in-law jokes. A fill-in organist at a funeral. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Sign up here. Did we mention this is all taking place during Robinson’s mom’s funeral? Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Shout-out to the visual gag of a toilet hole so small it’s “just for farts.” [Laura Adamczyk], Male fragility gets taken to the glue factory in this commercial parody, where a couple of amateur cowpokes straight out of a Cialis ad discover the joys of mounting steeds whose members are no larger than the average man’s. Hogging all the nuggets of nacho meat: 36. ?” It just goes to show: In a world that seems to be increasingly full of people busily excavating their own graves—hot dog costumes or no—Robinson is truly in his element. Savannah Guthrie Interrupts Trump’s ‘Not True’ Speech, Roy Wood Jr. Was Really Going Through It On, Kanye Voted for Kanye But Kim (Probably) Didn’t. We encountered an issue signing you up.

factor of this show. A solution to equine-related emasculation. [Erik Adams], While the as-seen-on-TV lawyer with a bad suit and worse haircut may not be the most original character in comedy, like many I Think You Should Leave sketches, this one excels for its sharp left turn into silly absurdity. Hot Dog Guy is a classic Robinson character, a person who finds himself in a hole of his own making and decides to dig deeper, hoping that he will somehow tunnel out. The best GIFs are on GIPHY.

[Erik Adams], What begins as a commercial for “minimally invasive spine surgery” turns into a heated flare-up between Robinson’s jilted amateur singer and Conner O’Malley’s song-sharking scam artist that’s still a commercial for “minimally invasive spine surgery.” Laser Spine Specialists’ logo routinely pops up in the bottom corner as Rod and O’Malley argue over the ailing “Moon River Rock,” adding an extra dose of insanity to a sketch that’s already found Rod wanting to fight his wife’s new husband and lift his adult son over his head—he has, after all, been rude to him his whole life.

Things get ugly at the “Baby of the Year” contest.

But others are fair game too, both within his administration and outside of it, from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar declaring on Meet the Press regarding coronavirus cases that “we’ve got to get to the bottom of why we’re seeing these cases surge” to Michael Bloomberg suggesting ways to regulate Wall Street. Wait … is Tiny Dinky Daffy Tim’s mom?

“No more scamming adults into thinking they’re stars!”.

This man who is so horny his stomach hurts: 33. I Think You Should Leave opens with one such sketch, about a job interview. I keep having so many times I want to use it!!

[Erik Adams], The vast majority of I Think You Should Leave sketches play out as an elaborate game of “Who’s The Asshole Here?”. That’s the question plaguing this episode six sketch, which finds Dan Vega’s Mega Money Quiz derailed by a mascot who hasn’t really mapped out his bit, despite having had “all summer” to think of it. [Randall Colburn], I Think You Should Leave doesn’t need much to inspire one of its signature flights of absurdist fancy.

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