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Please do not create a new account or you may lose access to the Horse Forum. I know I want something to match her blue eyes, but I need some advise. There are over 1300 name generators, as well as many description generators, guides and various tools you might find helpful. Positive interaction can build a strong and trusting relationship. My beautiful Black Stallion(Breed- Rocky Mountain Horse)is Phantom. For example, if you own a Banker horse, which is a breed of wild horses living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you could come up with a name like "Banker's Hours". I am going to get a horse and I am not sure what to name it. Maybe you can choose lesser known words to replace more popular ones; instead of red, maybe you could use crimson. I’m getting a horse on Sunday it’s a black four year old filly and I have no clue what to name her. Would renegade be a good name for a horse. Naming your new horse (or any pet) is a necessary part of bonding with any animal, and coming up with a good name for your horse can be especially difficult, as many people don't realize that a horse can become a just as big a part of your family as any other animal. Don (author) from Tennessee on October 28, 2019: I've got to tell you that I've had bad experiences re-naming any kind of pet after they've had a name for a while. Durango, Colo. With can-can girls and costumed bartenders, the Strater Hotel’s bar helped author Louis L’Amour (who often stayed here) to step back in time. That being said you could try naming him a similar name like "Black Jack", maybe? Naming your new horse (or any pet) is a necessary part of bonding with any animal, and coming up with a good name for your horse can be especially difficult, as many people don't realize that a horse can become a just as big a part of your family as any other animal. As you can see there's a lot to explore, but if you're looking for names you're at the right place. I have 2 horses one called raven the other I haven’t named on November 11, 2018: What should I name my other horse he’s a goofball because he likes to tease me and try to drop apples on my head should I name him boomerang or any other suggested names. Also use it for exotic bars such as tiki bars, tropical bars and pirate bars. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Don (author) from Tennessee on February 05, 2020: It would be a great name for a horse, especially one that has a little bit of a wild streak in them. Different horses have different temperaments or moods which can be used to make names even more personal to your new foal.

4. Horses will not lie down all at once because at least one will act as a look out to alert the others of potential danger approaching. Don't rush to give your new pet a name. A lot of people read comments just for the purpose of finding valuable information from other readers.

In order to be able to post messages on the The Horse Forum forums, you must first register. 1. If it is a gelding I will probably name him Spartan and if is a mare I will probably name her Pegasus! Horses are social animals and will actually get lonely if left by themselves, and have been known to mourn the passing of a companion. Already have a Horse Forum account?

Save Larry for horses that have some wild hair or tail wagging going on. 800-247-4431.

I have a Arabian and he’s very stubborn but his name is kaine what do you think would be a better name for him? Members are allowed only one account per person at the Horse Forum, so if you've made an account here in the past you'll need to continue using that account. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. If I get a horse it will hopefully be white or chestnut. Can anyone think of a different name for that horse? Take your time to come up with a good name that you and your trusty new steed will share for a lifetime. Don (author) from Tennessee on May 01, 2019: One of the first names that popped into my head was "Barrel-rider". You might think that we're sticklers for tradition at the Reader's Doglist. Please enter a password for your user account.

Basil and Badger are dark brown horses with white blazes, Max is a sweet bay. Hey Page. I named him Buckskin because he is buckskin dappled. But really those names are a bit more feminine to me so if it’s a gelding, it would be Blue for the white and Flame for the chestnut. Curly could be one that is a bit wild and will show off from time to time. Don (author) from Tennessee on March 09, 2019: One big factor what you name your new horse is what the animal is going to be used for. My palomino horses name is Snoopy, and I have nicknamed my neighbors horses Max, Badger, and Basil. I have 2 horses a 4 year old Thoroughbred bay stallion called Jeremy and a 20 year old thoroughbred white, black spotted mare called Coco. Think Hard Before Naming Your New Horse. Thanks for visiting and good luck finding a name for a life long new friend. I think it was due to the fact that I have just finished reading The Hobbit by Tolkien. While it is important to come up with a name, feel free to take a day or two to mull over the decision.

DIAMOND BELLE SALOON. I am looking for a really good name for my new paint horse please give suggestions. (Shadowfax after Gandalfś horse in Lord of the Rings). I have many interests and an inability to make up my mind about which one to focus on. The color of your steed can be added to another word to make a memorable name for your new pet.

That's how I came up with my name: ControlledChaos1.

Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal.

If it’s white I would name it Citrus or Lemon, and if chestnut either Skipper or Cinnamon(Cinna for short). This will help you pick out a name that fits the horse. Don (author) from Tennessee on February 22, 2019: The breed is pretty well known for being a sturdy work horse, so why not to try to come up with a cool rugged name for him.

I took a lot of time picking these names. Don (author) from Tennessee on September 06, 2019: A few names that pop into mind right off hand are Ronin, Shelby, Bullitt, Boss Red and Mach 1. "Midas" is a great name. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Don (author) from Tennessee on November 12, 2018: I believe you answered your own question. Horse Officer Notes Ajax: Robert E. Lee: Ajax was reportedly too large for Lee to ride comfortably and was therefore used infrequently Aldebaron: Philip Sheridan: Sheridan's first horse Midas is a GREAT name for a horse you should put it on.

I have a pure black paint quarter horse mare with a bad attitude and the owner never named her what would be a good name for her?

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Arya and Clara too because she wouldn't a hors on April 09, 2020: I deliver the horse 1/2 hair two horses please 2 horses please staffs hair, I don't have a horse of my own but I go to a ranch and ride a horse named Lad every summer, I think the name Lad is cute and suits him well Lad, Shadowfax for a Camarillo horse. And it is a buckskins, if you have a name please let.

I have a palomino mare and likes to be the boss of everything what do you think would be a good name. I have a 17.2 black pure blood arabian stallion called Excalibur. Don (author) from Tennessee on October 24, 2019: The most obvious choice for a name would be "Boss" or something similar or related to that word: Chieftess, Madame Skipper, Lady Superior, etc. I need some name ideas for a red roan gelding he is a mustang, very fast, and a little hard headed!! Hey there and welcome to my site. Please help me give her a name .

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. If I had a horse, it would be an Appaloosa named Cloudy. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.

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You could even name him after some Old West gunfighters (Ketchum, Curly Bill, Younger, etc.). For the best viewing experience please update your browser to. Why not a name like Goofy or Goofster, or if you want a more dignified name how about Tease? Splatter: A friend of mine bought an American Paint that his 3 year old nephew promptly tried to copy the design on the family dog. Moe could be a horse that is a bit of a bully, but always loyal to his family. Guiding Light: Someone once told me that they used to own a white American Quarter Horse that all other horses always followed, which is, of course, how it got its name.

Don (author) from Tennessee on December 12, 2019: If you want a name that is more villainous then you could give her a name after a famous female villain such as Hela, Mystique or Elle. Don (author) from Tennessee on September 01, 2020: How about another word that relates to the color blue, like "Cobalt" or "Azure Sky". Note that passwords are case-sensitive. The key is to observe how they interact with fellow horses and people for a few days before deciding what kind of temperament they have. Thanks! And my two twin foals the Flicka and Phantom had is (both grey bodies with a brown face) Storm and Blaze. This fantastic bar name works on two levels—because we all know someone we wish was a pint of beer. H BAR B. Oakdale, Calif. Oakdale is as cowboy as California gets, and the H Bar B is the saloon where you’ll find them. This is a list of named horses and the senior Union and Confederate officers who rode them during the American Civil War. I have a buckskin gelding with beautiful blue eyes, but I am still unsure of a name. Even if you don't find a name that strikes your fancy, the list may give you inspiration into coming up with a nice name on your own. I have a suggestion for your horse name. 209-847-2985. Don (author) from Tennessee on April 21, 2019: Before naming your horse, you should take the time and find out what kind of personality he or she has. I suggest whiskey for either a darker horse or a palomino. For instance, "Mulefeather" is the name of my copywriting business. Business names can be tricky - I suggest coming up with a list that you like, and googling some of the top ones to see if anyone else has it. I have a thoroughbred cross stallion and he is the boss of everyone ,His old name was black jake but i want to change it so what would be a good name for a stallion. We are, after all, renowned as the 'Home Of Sensible Trousers'.But while we may approach this brave new world of New Technology with a modicum of circumspection, we're still open to innovation where it appears appropriate and decent! The Arabian's name is Flicka, because she looks like Flicka in the movies but white. she is a quarter quarter horse and 3/4 thoroughbred. Please enter a password for your user account. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. ... That's right: A Star Wars-themed food truck that makes "Chewie" grilled cheeses. she is fast and I am planning to barrel race her.

Don't be tempted to put the name "horse" in it because you think you should, either. I just got a four year old mare who is sorrel in color.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to, Horse Breeds, Breeding, Genetics and Conformation Critiques, Horse Agility, Le Trec, Working Equitation and Competitive Trail, Horse Pictures, Videos, Artwork, and Contests, Old pics from my Paw Paws old barn in TX and lesson barn, Scaring someone in a barn-need ideas for stories, The following errors occurred with your submission. BlushingDuck (sub to my yt) on August 25, 2020: Positive Reinforcement student on June 26, 2020: I ight be getting 1-3 horses today ones a gelding and two are mare, i will name the boy Odyssey or Everest, and the black mare Twilight. Some are curious, some afraid, some nervous and some have no fear at all. Newborn horses (foals) can run within hours after birth. If you've been calling him that for a while it may be very hard to get him used to a different one. If you're buying a horse, then you have high hopes of that animal taking on a heavy workload, which, of course, was what they are bred for.

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