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One of the first all-welded ships built in Australia, she was constructed at Cockatoo Island Dockyard between 1952 and 1959, and was commissioned into the RAN a day after completion.. Vampire was regularly deployed to South East Asia during her career: she was attached … In April Vampire rendered assistance to the junk Wan Fu which was en route from Australia to America. A trip to New Zealand was undertaken in August before her first Far East deployment in her new guise from October 1972 until March 1973, during which she participated in the SEATO Exercise SEA SCORPION.

Sherrin, H. V.

Walsh, J. Sparks, T. G.

Watt, J. F. Gun Plot is a personally owned and funded website by a former Royal Australian Navy Chief Petty Officer (Gunnery) and has no affiliation whatsoever with the Royal Australian Navy or Department of Defence. Between August and September Vampire visited Surabaya, Kuantan and Lumut before undergoing a ten day self-maintenance period in Singapore.

Tosh, J. This was the first of two trips to Vietnam during April, the second being from Singapore to Vung Tau with HMAS Sydney (III) later in the month. The new ships were so far beyond accepted destroyer design that many naval authorities claimed they should be classified as light cruisers.

Wardell, G. D. Rogers, B. H. Draper, C. M. Bennets, S. W. Clarke, F. V.

Sotheren, V. P. Shaw, J. Cornish, R. J.

Fellows, H. R.

Rundle, W. K. Smith, W. N. This was followed by a three month Assisted Maintenance Period in Sydney before visits to Portland and Melbourne. Whiting, H. G., Sub-Lt.

Robertson, D. D. Peart, K. Smith, P. A. HMAS Vampire (II) pitching heavily during an underway replenishment serial. Bianchi, A.

Strachan, A. HMAS Vampire (II) home at Garden Island after six months in the Far East, Japan and Indian Ocean, June 1979. Russell, J., Surg. Foster, E. W. Lcdr-Eng Fabrication commenced in September 1948, and the keel was laid on 1 July 1952. Black, J. January 1983 began with another training cruise to New Zealand in company with HMAS Jervis Bay, before a quick trip to Singapore in company with units of Task Group 628.9 in March and April 1983. The remainder of the year was taken up with navigation training in the Torres Strait and Whitsunday Passage. Priestley, V. B. Cummings, B. F. Russell, J., Surg.

Cheshire, T. Fishenden, C. A. Reid, J. Baker, R. G. The following weeks were spent preparing the ship for decommissioning.

Curran, D. N. The Indonesian ports of Jakarta and Surabaya were visited in September on the voyage home to Sydney, where Vampire arrived on 19 September. Parke, F. E. We can reunite you with your friends who served at HMAS Vampire and we have a wealth of information on different units, bases and ships in the site. Sears, F. E. Vampire's ship's company boarding the ship following her recommissioning at Dockyard Pier, Williamstown. the Australian destroyers during the period covered by this book. Reilly, C. P. C., Surg. The remainder of the deployment included participation in the SEATO Exercise SEA DOG in July, followed by visits in August to Chinhae and Inchon in South Korea. Batterham, H. Wrench, A. Richardson, J. W. H. This site uses cookies. B. A. Il est coulé par l'aviation japonaise le 9 avril 1942 Conception et construction. Paifrey, A. H., Sub-Lt. Another training cruise followed in May. HMS Vampire Crew members (Click on any underlined name for their biography page) (Captains or Admirals are listed in this shade of green) Beckwith. Temple, C. A. A. Payne, J. W. Below are just some of our members who have served at HMAS Vampire.

Bailey, J. W. Gun crew firing Vampire's 40mm Bofors during Exercise KANGAROO THREE, 1979. Bacon, J. D. Duigan,. Brannock, W. G.

Rogers, W. S. Gore, J. Both ships arrived in Singapore on 19 January. In May 1965 she escorted HMAS Sydney (III), for part of her maiden voyage to Vietnam before proceeding to Sydney to undergo refit from July until December 1965. In early 1980 Vampire undertook an Intermediate Docking in Sydney prior to assuming her new role as a training ship. Scobie, A. H. Feistead, L. G. Work-ups and further participation in local area exercises followed this. Warwick, A. Blakeney, G. A. G. Welcome to Forces Reunited the place where you can find information and friends from HMAS Vampire. Le HMAS Vampire (D68) est un destroyer de classe V. Lancé en 1917 dans la Royal Navy, il y sert jusqu'en 1933, quand il est transféré dans la Royal Australian Navy. HMAS Vampire's keel being laid at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, 1 July 1952. Vampire deployed again to the Far East from March to October 1969, during which she undertook self-maintenance in Singapore and Hong Kong. Wardell, G. D. (Mike Dowsett collection).

Wardle, J. F. Duncan, W. E. Couper, H. Thatcher, B. V. Rundle, W. K. Endicott, J. H., Gnr (T) Redmond, E. N. Participation in Exercise KANGAROO THREE completed the year and her arrival in Sydney on 6 December 1979 marked the end of Vampire's operational career. She returned to Sydney in April 1962.

Goodrich, S. Priestley, V. B. Gauett, R. J. Potter, C. A. Smith, W. N. Rodda, W. H. Symes, A. G. Vampire commenced a South East Asian deployment in January 1979 and visited Singapore, Madras, Colombo, Belawan, Manila, Subic Bay, Hong Kong and Japan before returning to Sydney via Guam in June 1979. Casari, V. S. P. Roberts, W. C. W. Davies,. Allan, K. B. Waller, H.

Ralston, M. G. Warwick, A. Requirements for a new fleet destroyer for the Royal Navy saw the first of eight ships ordered in March 1945. HMAS Vampire (II) during her half life modernisation, 1970. Peart, K.

Ferguson, J. Reid, J. Beames, L. A. Geddes, D. C. Wright, F. R. The White Ensign Club - Melbourne, The Ill Fated Midshipmen Of HMAS SYDNEY 1963.

Vivian, A. Wilson, J. M.

Shelley, P. D., Sub-Lt. Vampire returned to Sydney in August and the remainder of 1966 was taken up with local exercises, mid cycle docking and participation in a four nation exercise in the Solomon Sea off New Guinea. Brougham, C. E. Construction of the Daring Class ships in Australia opened a new era in local shipbuilding. Below are just some of our members who have served at HMAS Vampire. The last of the Australian Daring Class destroyers paid off on 13 August 1986 after a 27 year career during which she steamed 808,026 nautical miles. A visit to New Zealand was the only deployment during 1978, due to further refitting between May and August. Crew Lists HMAS Vendetta, Voyager, Waterhen ›. HMAS Vampire commissioned at Sydney on 23 June 1959 under the command of Captain Eric J Peel, DSC, RAN. Foster, J. In early 1970 Vampire was involved in junior officers training plus goodwill visits to Adelaide, Brisbane and Lord Howe Island. Ewings, L. S., Mid. 13 August 1986. HMAS Vampire, the third Daring Class destroyer for the Royal Australian Navy, was ordered from Cockatoo Island Dockyard on 3 December 1946.

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