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As usual you can find my recommended build at the end. I find myself in three situations with that ship, 1. 0. Up to you if you don't want to take DE but with the recently buffed HE its not a bad idea. You really are in a pickle! With the hydro module, I really don't find Vigilance useful on the Hindenburg.. Well it depends if you strictly kite. Hello. I almost always run with Hydro because I like playing aggressive and don't see too many CVs. Disagree on your hydro assertion. Question. The poor ole seabee ranked out just playing DD s. Stay tuned, this Friday, there will be a live stream in which WG will announce a new tech tree ship line. Especially from PADDs. If you have Amazon Prime, look up the movie Age of Heros.

It works both ways! I got a supercontainer...15k coal. Thanks to Daytona B group will be streaming Clan Wars this season.

I didn't like that some of the questions they selected deviated from the subject, CV battles of 1942.

Shut us down for 6 days will resume and see how it goes. Plus when hydro is off, Murphy's torpedo... Plus when hydro is off, Murphy's torpedo....

Hindenburg HE does already penetrate everything except for Yamato's and Kremlin's (and Sovetsky Soyuz') deck. Never submarines, they said. Most of Hindy's AA DPS is from her 55mm mounts, which aren't affected by MFCAA. A game about huge boats. Prior to the IFHE changes in 0.9.2, IFHE gave the Hindenburg 65mm penetration against 60mm surfaces on the tier-IX and -X Soviet battleships. I also have the hydro mod. I also use the range mod, I find that way, I have something to shoot at more often, and Hindy has no problems hitting at 20km. Alternatively Radio Location is also really good. Hope everyone had a great 4th, I know I did. I've only played it once since I got it.

Plus it's the KM flavor and has the longest range in the game. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WorldOfWarships community. Twitter: Below is my current Hindenburg build (includes Lütjens as commander). I have tried doing MAA builds with hydro, but the fact is that it gives you worse AA (compared to DFAA) and you almost never get close enough to use your hydro. I'm seriously considering a respec dropping DE to pick up SE to give my Hindenburg an additional 7+K effective HP (factoring in Repair Party charges).

Might take a couple days as I was hard-wired for Win7 and now dealing with 10. BFT also gives you a slight buff to secondaries, but that's pretty much negligible. Press J to jump to the feed.

Kind of suicidal but If surprised by any enemy ship being good at deploying one or preferably both sides can change the outcome.

Again, thanks! Upgrades: AA range, main battery reload, rudder shift, concealment.

Without DE, your shells have an effective 6.5% chance of starting fires on T10 targets.

Thank you, Edit: thanks for the replies eveyone. Hinden has built in IFHE, spend it on demolition expert. Cut that rudder down to 5sec and dance around at 13km. Günther Lütjens costs 175k coal, which is the same as Kuznetsov. I personally think this is far too expensive, especially as the German ships could really use the help, yet the captain is not nearly as useful. Question. I use PT, EM, AR, SE, SI, CE, Joat, and HA for mine. I was playing today and blapped a Yamato for 9k just with HE and set a fire. I ran this captain on my Roon at 17 points (40 games, 75% winrate, 96k avg dmg, all solo). PM is ok imo, as it tends to lose Torp tubes and even mainguns all the time . 0. report. it's my build as well the modules in the 5th slot are all good but concealment isn't the be all and end all of it. Really?!?!? This also happens to be a great captain setup for Graf Spee (w/Hydro) and Stealth/AA Scharnhorst. This is the captain I had from Nurnberg, Hipper, Roon where DE was arguably more useful.

2. Vegir please post your recomended ships...give em hell. I use Flamu’s build opting for the longer range 8” vice higher rate of reload. This summer I will play a lot in this ship to get the unique mod. The basic 10 points are simple: PT, AR, SI, CE. Almost bought the 75th VE day camo for the TX...then I remembred I have the TX on console, not PC. CVs at T10 aren't frequent, and we dont know what the AA changes will fully be with the rework coming in a month. Posted by. 6 comments. IFHE Hinden was only ever a thing to pen Kremlin and Yamato deck in clan battles, it already gets 50mm HE pen without it. I figure if I do a re-spec, I would likely dump SI and pick up Manual AA. 6 months ago. I am nearly finished getting to the Hindenburg and I need some help with my captain skills. Would either of these be obviously bad? My Hindy captain is almost to 19 points, and uses PT, AR, SI, DE, CE & AFT (Started out on Prinz Eugen, ground out on Graf Spee). Combined with the Hydro, it lets you negate much of the torpedo threat. I have 17 points on my captain currently. No need to connect via the homepage.

I finished my Roon grind and am now the owner of a shiny, new Hindy in my port, my first T10. Copyright © 2017-2020 Let's Play Index. Stream: Question. Hello. Question.

I recommend torpedo acceleration and IFHE, you'll thank me later.

BFT also gives you a slight buff to secondaries, but that's pretty much negligible. Gunboats.

save . Consider also taking EM for the extra turret lube. In any case, Flamu has videos for almost every ship, and recommends a captain build at the end of all of them. I have 17 points on my captain currently. I have winows 10 2004 no drivers for mouse and teamspeak wont let me pick hotkey, I won the Parseval from a WG FB contest, appeared in my port today.

The last 2 points can go wherever, maybe PM and EL. "Standard" spec for modules: MAM1, AAGM2, MBM3, DCSM1, SGM2, CM1. And I use the range mod over the reload mod. Right up against a piece of land and needing the longer range rounds. Being able to squeeze in PM is always nice on KM ships with torp launchers. Not too bad. Thanks for all the suggestions, you have given me a lot to think about. Generalist skills (run with either Hydro or DFAA): Still gives you decent AA and lets you be a little more flexible (DE/Vig) if you decide to run with DFAA instead.

Hindenburg IFHE? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With Def AA its really only useful for taking out CV wings if they're actively going for you and i can count on one hand the number of times thats happened to me in 300 games. AA build is not necessarily. Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Awards: 15 .

A game about huge boats. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section.

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