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John Gostling, a gentleman of His Majesty's Chapel, for whom he composed several anthems.

In 1678 he composed the anthem “Lord, who can tell”, a psalm recited on Christmas and the morning prayer of the fourth day of the month. After Humfrey's death, he continued his studies under Dr John Blow. This was where the organ stood at this time and he is therefore often said to be buried "under the organ". The Musical Antiquarian Society published the manuscript of this work in 1940.This was the first time that Purcell worked for a dramatic text. For some years after this, he was busy in the production of sacred music, odes addressed to the king and royal family, and other similar works. Hi Guys, I just found out that my maternal grandfather (who died before I turned one) was 100% Irish. tablet, Marble; It is assumed that the three-part song Sweet tyranness, I now resign was written by him as a child. It proved to be the final ode he wrote for the queen as she died at the end of that year. glass, This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library, Image © 2020 Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

The composer remained quite prolific in the middle part of the decade, primarily producing music for royal occasions. Gostling, who attended the royal party, requested Purcell to music the anthem which he had made by putting together some stanzas from Psalms. As the son of a musician at Court, a chorister at the Chapel Royal, and the holder of continuing royal appointments until his death, Purcell worked in Westminster for three different Kings over twenty-five years. His father (who was also names Henry Purcell) was a member of the Chapel Royal, a body of priests and singers and had sand in the coronation ceremony of King Charles II of England. Read on to know more about this music maestro.

In 1674, he was employed at Westminster Abbey to tune the organ; over the next couple of years he also copied organ parts of anthems.

Henry Purcell was a 17th century English musician and composer, counted among the greatest English composers of all time. In 1690 he composed a setting of the birthday ode for Queen Mary, Arise, my muse and four years later wrote one of his most elaborate, important and magnificent works a setting for another birthday ode for the Queen, written by Nahum Tate, entitled Come Ye Sons of Art. One of his most magnificent compositions was ‘Come Ye Sons of Art’. In the Chapel Royal young Purcell studied with Dr. John Blow. It was a birthday ode for Queen Mary, written by Nahum Tate. In about 1668, Purcell became a chorister in the Chapel Royal, studying under chorus master Henry Cooke. Purcell’s music helped to change an entire nation- it is a well-known fact that Purcell was England’s Queen Mary II favorite composer. He composed the music for ‘Come, Ye Sons of Art’ in 1694. Henry Purcell, the eminent composer and organist, was buried in the north choir aisle at Westminster Abbey. By the time Henry Purcell began to attend such concerts in the 1670s there were many highly skilled players of the violin, cello, and flute, as well as exponents of the (for London) relatively new art of playing continuo instruments, the most usual being the organ and the harpsichord. A few months later, he wrote the music for D’Urfey’s play, The Fool’s Preferment. 3. Henry Purcell served as a chorister in the Chapel Royal till 1673. Henry Purcell was a great English music composer who worked for the Royal chapel and dedicated his life to create magical music compositions. He developed his own unique style of English Baroque music characterized by elaborate musical ornamentation and his inventiveness made him one of the most original composers in Europe. Purcell’s uncle had a great affection for him and arranged an admission for Purcell in His Majesty’s chapel as a chorister. Only a son, Edward, and a daughter, Frances, survived him.

Over those years, he had already interacted closely with royal family and as his career progressed, King William III of England took notice and quickly became a fan.

Purcell lost his father in 1664 and he was placed under his uncle’s guardianship from thereon. His uncle who was himself a musician, arranged for the boy to be admitted as a chorister. Most of Purcell's theatre music was written between 1690 and 1695 (the year of his death), and within that relatively brief period he supplied music for more than forty plays. A highly renowned musical figure of his era, his compositions covered a wide range of fields including the church, the stage, and the court. The year 1985 witnessed two finest anthems of him – ‘I was glad” and “My heart inditing” (composed for the coronation ceremony of King James II. Edward Henry Purcell (died 1765), English organist, printer, and music publisher Edward Mills Purcell (1912–1997), U.S. physicist, Nobel Prize winner Father Austin Purcell , fictional character in the … His father Henry Purcell Senior was a musician at Court, a chorister at the Chapel Royal and his uncle, Thomas was also a musician. His father was a leading musician in London, a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, and from 1661 was Master of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. Henry had two brothers: Edward and Daniel. Stories. Blessed with an open mind, he loved to learn from musicians all around Europe and incorporated stylistic elements of Italian and French music into his compositions. As England’s greatest composer of the Baroque, Henry Purcell was born in St Ann’s Lane, Old Pye Street, Westminster the area of London later known as Devil’s Acre in 1659.

Purcell, along with fulfilling his royal duties, devoted time for writing operas and incidental stage music. Purcell wrote the anthems, ‘I was glad’ and ‘My heart is inditing’ for the coronation of King James II in 1685, and both the anthems became very popular.

He was probably born in Westminster in 1659, son of Henry and Elizabeth. In paragraph #9 – it says “in the 1960’s, which is the last leg of his life…” is that a misprint?

He wrote several more odes and sacred compositions over the next few years. His music covered a broad array of genres and fields including the stage, church, as well as the English court. Henry Purcell. Edward was appointed organist of St Clement’s, Eastcheap, London, in 1711 and was succeeded by his son Edward Henry Purcell (died 1765). His father was a musician at court and his uncle too was a singer. Legend has it that when, in 1679, Purcell succeeded Dr. Blow as organist of Westminster Abbey, the elder musician stepped aside in recognition of the greater genius, and it is true that on Purcell's death in 1695 Blow returned to the post, and would write a noble Ode on the Death of Purcell. His sensitivity to his texts has been matched by few masters in musical history; when he had worthy poetry to set, he could hardly fail to produce a masterpiece. He was at the height of his career during the 1690s, having written music for 42 plays over a period of six years. His uncle who was himself a musician, arranged for the boy to be admitted as a chorister.

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