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Hamilton – after Lewis Hamilton the famous Formula 1 driver, perfect for a speedy hedgehog! By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Thorn – for a hedgehog with thorny spikes! These names are listed in order of popularity in the national dog names database but are not numbered with their actual rank in the list. (c) 2019 My Pet's Name - All Rights Reserved. Tansy – from Brian Jacques’ fantasy book ‘The Pearls of Lutra’.

The Hedgehog is a spiny mammal whose body is covered in many sharp protective spikes. Bowser – after the dinosaur from the ‘Mario’ franchise, a great name for a hedgehog whose spikes resemble the back of a dinosaur! Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. [1], Thaddeus Thurkell, a wizard, once had seven children who turned out to be Squibs. Hedgehog We handpicked these choices from our huge database of dog names. Harpocrates – after the Egyptian God of silence and secrecy. Horatio – after the prince’s friend from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, a Latin name meaning ‘keeper of the hours’. He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, holds two degrees and has studied Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare. Aldon – meaning ‘an old and wise friend’ in the English language.

In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like a common dog training cue, such as “Bit,” which could easily be misheard as “sit.”. It resembles the hedgehog so much so that there is only one known (behavioural) difference between them: when food is left out for a hedgehog it will appreciate and enjoy the gift; a knarl will see it as an attempt to lure it into a trap and hence savage the garden of the householder who left the food. David is the pet lover behind My Pet's Name. Hungry – for a hedgehog who can’t stop eating! Kirmak – a Tajik name meaning ‘hedgehog’. Peanut – the perfect name for a cute and tiny hedgehog!

Now, however, you’re more likely to hear human names on dogs, from Harry to Hagrid. Quill – this spiky, old-fashioned pen is a great name for the spikiest of animals! Sharpey – a funny name for a hedgehog with sharp and pointy spikes! Nibbles – a name to show off how cute your hedgehog is when they eat their food! Humphrey – a Germanic name meaning ‘one who rules peacefully’. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: stand at the back door and call out your new dog‘s potential name.

The best names will make you happy.

They’re listed in order of popularity; those with an asterisk are among the top 100 most popular dog names.

Bellatrix (okay, she was a death eater, but it’s such a cool name!) Hippocrates – after the renowned ancient Greek physical.

Disney – after ‘Walt Disney’, the American film producer who pioneered animations that have become famous worldwide!

The 61 Best Harry Potter Dog Names by Popularity in 2019. Of course, what matters most is that the dog name you choose rolls off your tongue. Domino – a great name for a hedgehog with white fur and dark spikes. Heston – after famous TV chef ‘Heston Blumenthal’.

Harold – an Old Norse name meaning ‘one with the power to command an army’. Hash Brown – a funny name for cute hedgehog who always makes you laugh! Sonic – the famous animated, video game hedgehog from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. Helios – after the young Greek God of the sun.

Another consideration when choosing your dog’s name?

Hampshire – after the state ‘New Hampshire’. Hazel – perfect for a hedgehog with lovely, brown skin! [4], *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Harrison – an English name meaning ‘son of Harry’. Hubert – meaning ‘one with a bright spirit’ in German. In anger, Thaddeus turned them all into hedgehogs out of pure disgust.

Errol: Poor Errol the old, slightly blind, slightly batty owl. Halloumi – perfect for a squeaky hedgehog, just like this squeaky cheese!

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle – after Beatrix’s Potter’s fictional hedgehog from her children’s book of the same name. Gryffindog; … Heavensbee – the surname of ‘Plutarch Heavensbee’, the Head Gamemaker from the ‘Hunger Games’ triology. Bristle – perfect for a spiky and bristly pet!

For example, French bulldog puppy might be just right wearing Fleur as a name, while a Shih Tzu (known as “the lion dog”) might sport Gryffindor. Dewclaw – after ‘Lindsfarme Dewclaw’ from Kevin and Kell.

Dog breeds are a particularly powerful influence. Hardy – a German name meaning ‘courageous’ and ‘bold’. Ourizo – a Galician name meaning ‘hedgehog’. Harry Potter Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

Honda – a name inspired by the Japanese car company ‘Honda’.


This reflects the larger cultural trend that embraces dogs as full-on family members who deserve their own special place in our homes and hearts. Squeak – an adorable name for a hedgehog who communicates via squeaks! Also, there’s not a single dog across the U.S. named Voldemort—of course—but there ARE a surprising number of pups named Draco. Arici – the Romanian word for ‘hedgehog’. Aldon – meaning ‘an old and wise friend’ in the English language. Eye colour If you didn’t quite find the name you were looking for, don’t give up here! Humungous – a funny and ironic name for a cute and tiny hedgehog! Harry Potter fans are a special bunch, and there’s a reason they love giving names from the books and movies to their dogs. Status

Shadow – after ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. Hasselhoff – the surname of ‘David Hasselhoff’, the American actor and singer. Our data shows that each year, dog owners increasingly turn to human names for their pets. Jalapeno – a great name for a fiery pet hedgehog! Urchin – due to the spiky resemblance between sea urchins and hedgehogs. We’ve published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find that perfect name.

Your email address will not be published. Hemingway – the surname of ‘Ernest Hemingway’, the American writer. Hampton – a name with Saxon origins, meaning ‘farm by a riverbend’.

To date we’ve published more than 30,000 pet names suitable for just about every pet going. Halcyon – a beautiful name meaning ‘kingfisher’. Whether your dog is a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin, consider personality when choosing their name. Brown and white Crawley – a great name to suit a slow-moving hedgehog! Huckleberry – a North American name for plants in the Ericaceae family. Black Hawking – after the English scientist Stephen Hawking. Homer – after the protagonist from ‘The Simpsons’. Distinction Saying “Fleur, it’s time for dinner!” or “Weasley, leave it!” helps take the name out of your imagination and into reality.

Ainsley – an English name meaning ‘my own meadow’. Hopscotch – after the children’s game involving hopping!

“Here, Buckbeak,” anyone?

Hewey – perfect if given to a hedgehog with siblings called ‘Dewey’ and ‘Louis’. Heather – after the beautiful plant, that lives on barren land. It used to be that most of us agreed on a good name for a dog. Community content is available under. Extant

Haas – a German nickname for a fast runner, perfect for a hedgehog who moves fast! To see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our Cookie Policy. Consider the size, look, and personality of your new dog. Mortality Skipper – an adorable name for a hedgehog who loves to jump! Whether it was the adorable ‘Smiles’, the courageous ‘Hero’, or the hilarious ‘Humungous’ that caught your eye, we hope it suits your amazing, little hedgehog down to the ground. As dog lovers through and through here at Rover, we find dog names absolutely fascinating, and we love searching our data on the topic to discover hot trends, quirky choices, and unique twists on classics. Hoover – for a hedgehog who loves to munch its food quickly! Amulet – for a hedgehog who is your lucky charm! Havoc – for a hedgehog who always causes trouble! Tips, stories, and reviews for people who love dogs, powered by, the world's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

Norman – after ‘Spiny Norman’, the imaginary hedgehog from the ‘Monty Python’ sketch entitled ‘Piranha Brothers’. Hapless – a funny name for a hedgehog who always gets itself into trouble! Have fun, good luck, and enjoy the trip to Hogwarts. Haggis – perfect for a Scottish hedgehog. Thaddeus Thurkell, a wizard, once had seven children who turned out to be Squibs. The modern day has seen the emergence of more exotic pets, such as pigs, geckos, and most importantly: hedgehogs!

Hillbilly – meaning ‘someone who is unsophisticated’, perfect for a carefree hedgehog!

If you think we have missed any brilliant hedgehog names, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. Hagrid – for a large and hairy hedgehog, after the giant from ‘Harry Potter’. Henrietta – a German name meaning ‘one who keeps the hearth’.

Good luck, have fun, and be sure to check out our other dog name coverage. So how do you choose the perfect Harry Potter moniker for your pet?

David Woods is the pet lover behind My Pet's Name, French Bulldog Names: 100+ Funtastic Ideas For Frenchies, 125 Perfect Leopard Gecko Names: Exotic & Rare Ideas, The 500 Best Military Dog Names: Strong, Cool & Powerful, Great Dane Names: The GIANT List of 300+ Names, Boston Terrier Names: 600 Ideas For Badass Terriers, Names meaning ‘hedgehog’ in different languages, Famous hedgehogs from film and literature, Adorable names to match how loveable hedgehogs are.

Hesperus – after the son of the Goddess of dawn from Greek mythology. Our website uses cookies.

Harley – a cute, English name meaning ‘hare meadow’.

Sonic Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses 10 Tails: Hufflepuff. Giza – after the ancient Egyptian city, home to the famous three pyramids and the Sphinx. 7. Hermione; Lupin; Potter; Nimbus; Granger; Winky; Cedric; Weasley; Hagrid; Fluffy; Minerva (Minnie for short) Gryffindor; Ron; Fawkes; Padfoot; Fang; Cornelius (Fudge) Newt; Norbert; Dumbledore; Riddle; Severus; Lucius; Godric; Crookshanks (the cat) Gilderoy; Hedwig; Diggory; Clever Pun Harry Potter Dog Names. Harry Potter; Arrow; Supergirl; Sonic the Hedgehog; Doctor Who; Yu-Gi-Oh! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hamburger – a hilarious name, after the American fast-food. Punk – a punchy name for a crazy hedgehog! Russell – after ‘Russell Ferguson’, the orange, green-eyed hedgehog from ‘Littlest Pet Shop’.

Hannah – a German name and the female version of ‘Hansel’. Mugglechildren have often been blamed for damage committed by a Knarl. For one thing, Harry Potter names offer a wide variety of options, from the classic Luna to the friendly Dobby or elegant Hermione. Heaven – the perfect name for a well-behaved pet! How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? Hamlet – after the protagonist from Shakespeare’s play of the same name. Prickles – for the spikiest hedgehog around!

If you’re having trouble deciding, keep in mind that a great dog name can come from many different sources of inspiration. Hair colour

Enjoy the naming process, have as much fun as possible, and we hope our list of names helps you to find the best name possible for your perfect pet hedgehog! Hulk – a great name for a huge hedgehog, and a funny. Cutie – a great name to sum up just how adorable a hedgehog’s face is!

Hiccup – an adorable name for a cute pet! Helena – a Greek name meaning ‘light’, ‘bright’, and ‘one who shines’.

My Pet’s Name is dedicated to finding the perfect name for your pet – dogs, cats, horses, chickens, lizards and more, we’ve got the perfect names. Good luck with finding the best name possible for your fabulous hedgehog!

Covered in sharp protective spikes

The Legend of Zelda Do you like the sound of a human baby name on a puppy? Roly Poly – a hilarious name for a hedgehog who loves to roll around!

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