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Hamtaro runs away from Laura while she paints with her grandmother and wanders around the field with Boss.

The Ham-Hams and Laura's grandfather go looking for her. Broski begins to fall for Shake, so Potato and Broski have a contest to see who the winner is for Shake's heart. But Sparkle is convinced there will be a scandal and she moves into Boss's room in the Clubhouse. So the Ham-Hams want to make a new room for Boss to play and relax in. Laura puts ribbons in her hair but Travis does not seem to notice them until he acknowledges her without the ribbons.

Lazuli creates Dog Cookies so all dogs can now talk. Sandy gets a cold and the Ham-Hams are worried about her. Laura, half believing, sets her mind on standing by Travis when her class goes to see the stars so that they can make a wish on a star together.

In her kingdom, an evil desert cat wants to marry the princess to take over and become king.

Otome's crew continues to idol Hero-Ham, still not knowing it's Boss, and they keep Lapis up all night with the noise from their building tributes to Hero-Ham and statues of who he's defeated (the Three Crow Ladies from 199 and the Muha-Muha Alien, who was also Boss in disguise, from episode 204). The anime series is directed by Osamu Nabeshima and produced by Shogakukan. He shows them what he got on his trip around the world.

The subject may only contain 250 characters! Meanwhile, Panda and the other Ham-Hams work on the Jewelry House. Please put a little bit more effort into your description! Lazuli sees a flying hamster calling Hamtaro's name. Penelope and Lazuli see Gelato and play with chestnuts. Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope notice that there are not many female thieves in any stories they've heard before, so they and the other Hams come up with a story that involves a trio of female thieves known as "The Little Bandits." Penelope soon decides that she wants to give Ethan something to show him that he is her new best friend! As of April 5, 2006, a series known as Norisuta Hai began airing five-minute Hamtaro episodes known as "Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai!" Laura's parents start to argue. When the Ham-Hams decide what to play, Cappy wants to play hide and seek, but he speaks so quietly, no one can hear him, and they go with Panda's idea of playing dodgeball instead.

Laura hurries to the spring concert play.

Will Hamtaro not go home to his owner? A reluctant Mr. Yoshi is hesitant to propose marriage to Charlotte, so the Ham-Hams do what they can to help him propose.

Meanwhile, while walking around the city, Laura and Kana meet a boy named Harold who lost his mother.

It's wintertime, and Laura and Kana bump into their teacher, Mr. Yoshi, while ice-skating in the mountains.

Roberto keeps being unfriendly, and Laura is worried.

Eventually Hamtaro and Boss share the story with the other Ham-Hams. The Ham-Hams meet Radar, a prince who is marrying Princess Championi, but Radar gets lost while searching for his wedding present. Aired Unknown Jun 07, 2002 on Cartoon Network. The Ham-Hams resume construction on their amusement park after last night's thunderstorm, but the storm had done some damage onto the entire unfinished park.

One day, Laura inadvertently breaks a flowerpot containing a plant that the principal values greatly! The Ham-Hams decide to do the sports festival too.

After Laura reads a Star Wars book to Hamtaro, he dreams that he is like Star Wars with his friends. They suggest that maybe Boss was just naughty last year, but he's been a lot nicer this year.

At the clubhouse, the ham-hams are just finishing decorating a tree for Christmas. Sparkle becomes jealous of Bijou because she believes Bijou is prettier than her (She starts believing this when Bijou was able to get Hamtaro's attention but she couldn't). Can Oxnard clear his name? Tottoko Hamtarou episode 10.

The Ham-Hams pick all his stuff up, but Oxnard accidentally puts the magical stone that keeps Sweet Paradise from disappearing in Omar's bag, and Sweet Paradise begins to disappear. For all they know, they're for putting gifts under on Christmas morning. They spend all day searching and searching for the mysterious treasure but the map leads them in circles right back to Elder-Ham's house! An 11-year-old girl named Laura, along with her parents, her dog Brandy and hamster Hamtaro, moves into their new house.

Boss feels he's alone and wants the others to return. Auntie Viv leaves after the race and Boss is sorry to see her go.

The Ham-Hams must get back to the surface, and discover that Penelope and Brandy are their only hope to escape the flood.

Meanwhile, Boss develops a stomachache. Elder-Ham is reunited with Auntie Viv.

The Ham-Hams discover the Djungarian kingdom and meet, "Summertime, Searching for the Treasure!". The ham-hams are all admiring it, but then Boss cuts in: he wants to know what the purpose of it is! It's Mother's Day and Zack wants to give his mother Goldie something, and so the Ham-Hams help him. Boss develops a crush on her. Boss says that it continues forever, and no matter how far you walk, you'll have to walk even farther. About ANIME-LOADS.ORG The Ham-Ham girls and Auntie Viv decide to give Valentine gifts to their boyfriends. Can they forgive each other so Maxwell and Howdy can become friends again?

The Ham-Hams try to save her, without success. Robo-Joe takes the Ham-Hams flying in a plane-like transformation. Wrong or incomplete information? A new student moves into Laura's school, but she's no ordinary person. Maxwell decides to create a newspaper called. Hamtaro, the curious pet hamster of 5th grader Laura Haruna, sets out to meet the neighbors after they move to a new town.

The Ham-Hams enlist the help of Elder-Ham in the search. Marron gets angry at Sabu when he stops Eggy-P and Tomy-T from eating his nuts and seeds. The Ham-Hams take care of a caterpillar they saved from the Chicky-Chickies.

Laura and Kana's families decide to have a picnic near the cherry blossom tree.

Can Maxwell and the Ham-Hams find her, or is the story about Chris and his love Rose going to end? Hamtaro, Oxnard, Lapis, and Snoozer are stuck in the worm's stomach.

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