News: gw2 tempest or weaver

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Welcome to /r/GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world. Each overload skill is able to be used after 6 seconds in the attunement. I would really appreciate any help at all that I can get! ), Thank you all for the responses.

This build excels in a large zerg, such as Dragonfall, Drizzlewood Coast, or LS4 Trains. Wielding an off-hand warhorn and utilizing shouts, tempests blast out elemental power to support allies at close range and deal constant damage to enemies. :). Aura share is also good in pvp (probably wvw too but I don't play that). Press J to jump to the feed. if one thing is maintained in the gw2 community, then meta buildguides. Maybe i can get myself to join a HP-Run through HoT and get the missing points for the second spec. Weaver - Power dps or condi dps(not amazing) with sword. Meet the Tempest: Elementalist's Elite Specialization, Points of Interest: Tempest spotlight on YouTube,, Attain elemental singularity by remaining in an. I speak from experience. Not just on the golem, if you check most boss kill logs weaver is universally higher than tempest, and a water overload in a non fresh air build actually costs you a lot of dps if not timed with you having a glyph of storms ready so you can go air>fire to try and cover it up, and the prot/stab is A: personal and B: only every 20 seconds in a non fresh air build (don’t play fresh air outside of xera please. Squishy, but less so thanks to stability and protection. As for weaver, most of the weaver skills sucks in terms of animation, you get some steam attack and spinning shooting rock or something and they are slow. I'm a hot mess right now with it, but once i get it i know it will be great. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, Starting in / and attuning to / just before starting the encounter or phase will mean you have active for your opening burst. If weaver isn't buffed from beta weekends it pretty much will not be used as sword is really really undertuned (needs about 50-70% more base damage to be competitive in PvE). I think weaver has more dps and better self-sustain than tempest. Each overload skill is able to be used after 6 seconds in the attunement. I would go for tempest and play the PoF content with more fun. that being said, if you always care for the most efficient way, play the meta build for ele depending on the can find some information here: here if you want the old layout.also An extremely strong and versatile burst DPS build. Using the overload causes the attunement to go on recharge. Tempest will still likely be the go to in open world PvE as overload air kills most mobs with minimal hassle. Currently, I'm using fresh air tempest when farming Istan for fun. Pros.

Great sword made me feel like I was playing an entirely different class. But i'm still getting used to it, the rotations and the duel wield really throw you when you are so used to your usual play style/skills/rotations. Tempest brings protection and stability as well as being able to dip into the Water attunement without fear of losing a crap ton of DPS for an emergency overload. Or is that undertuned too? Sure, you can play it as a support spec, but why would you do it in open world? I am currently playing sword/dagger weaver, which has a crazy amount of aoe. Stick with Tempest for now. Has not many heals or support abilities compared to tempest. My advice is to play fresh air tempest (d/w, s/w or staff) for open world and weaver for group content. Weaver can technically do a little more damage than Tempest, but only when everything goes perfectly (which is realistically never).

yeah unlock tempest, you can also do the exploration of tyria for extra hp or going WvW (proof of honor) to get 250 hp. From my recent experience, i chose tempest. Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating.

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