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"Bye, friend..." Said Holly as she blow a kiss to me and I grab that lovable kiss I have.. Chapter 2: Life of a Kid with a Teenage Voice. "Wait a minute," Mr. Hale said. Greg still plays a lot of video games and has alot of his nostalgia habits still remaning and he has no interest in playing outside and he is even shown quite short and weak.

Diary of a wimpy kid Fan-fiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 25 Years Later (Also known as simply 25 Years Later) is a semi-serious Diary of a Wimpy Kid fanfic (or as the subreddit calls them, L.L.B.s (Looks Like Books)) originally made by Reddit user u/jugdeggrogs for the subreddit r/LodedDiper. When Greg Heffley finds out that he actually had a twin sister, he was shocked. Oh, hi, Greg!". Abigail breaks up with Rowley as he is too childish and stupid and people Abigail make fun of her for being his girlfriend. "Do you want to listen?". Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and stuff like that," Holly said as she unzipped her bag. "do you minded?" Thats when things get rough. as he ran toward the Loaded Diper van. I had surgery last Monday a metal plate and screw. The whole class giggled. "Me? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Browse through and read greg heffley fanfiction stories and books. She said, well not actually said, but kind of said, that I belonged with her. Diary of a Wimpy Teen is a Diary of a Wimpy Kid spin off. "Do you say Lieing Candy?" Uncle Gary currently has no wife as he had divorce with sonja. But it was Holly Hills! His Mom said. ", I'm Thinking what happing to me and Rodrick, My Bro said, "What you Thinking of your Voice you sounded like me!" She look the box it said 'The First Lieing Candy only 99 certs' Greg said "It Cool, huh?" Greg is still weak and is made fun of and gets beaten up alot. Rodrick mumbles something after Greg told him what was wrong and Greg heard exactly what he mumbled. Rodrick's part time job is too play drum for a band.

He couldn't hear the lyrics that well, except the words, "You belong with me." Fanfiction. When she sat down a voice in her head said "Hi Holly your promise is now being called". Greg leapt back, trying to hide. But it was the end of school now, and he better not be late home, or Rodrick would be super angry. said Greg. But what's even more shocking is that his sister was nothing like him.

Greg think is so funny. But ether way you and he will profess your feelings for each other". He walked to his dresser and got some clean cloths and went to the bathroom. The Cheese touch started again in Crosslands highschool (Greg's Current School) when Greg bought a sandwhich but his cheese dropped of from his sandwhich and fell in the corridoor and its started again,when Greg tries to pick it up. Mr. Hale. "In my bed I have sleeping. "No Manny this is not came for!" Rodrick has an old pocket knife and Greg has a thing for Rodrick. The sweet and nice girl whom is also Patty's best friend, some one Greg has had a school boy crush on since day one.

said Rowley. There is no change in Greg's look but he appears only slightly taller then his normal height because he doesn't excersise and keeps playing video games.

"Nope, Greg, it need a time."

Gregory "Greg" Heffley(born July 16, 1994) is an American student and the main protagonist of the Diary Of a Wimpy Kid novel series and franchise. You can’t even come for me for writing this ship like idk man It really just happened I’m so stoned rn. He was grinning ear to ear. "Just what I said, you're getting laid tonight buddy" I said with a smile. said Greg. With that he hung up. Rodrick come by and said, "Hey, like cubby carrys?" Before I came hear from Greg's house 10 minutes and 3 seconds ago, I told Greg to clean up and take a shower, after to call Holly for a 'study date' with her to do the summer work that I assighened them. He got up and saw a whoppee cushion on his chair. He gave me a powder pink pill that had PC on it. After a while he put his fingers to his temple and concentrated. Rodrick and greg go into one togetherChap 2:rodrick chases greg with a vacuum. Miraculous Tales of Owlette and Catboy Noir, Rayman + Despicable Me: Operation: Espionage (Chapter 1), Sonic and Crash: Speed and Rumble (Chapter 7), Shantae and Aladdin: Arabian Dreams (Chapter 11), "Hey, cubby carry!" "Uhhh... You get it, I'm changed." said Greg. Actually, to be honest, I was going to get out my iPod.

Rowley is still childish and stupid and takes a lot of time to tie his shoelaces. but said, "I'm not trying to like caddy."

In the dining room with Manny and Rodrick, Greg's Mom tell him, "Greg, you got to get up!" But what's even more shocking is that his sister was nothing like him. Greg gets laid by Holly Hill eventually. ", When they got home, Greg grabbed his mom's laptop, and told his mom, "I need to do some homework on the computer. He still is afraid and believes that potty monster is real,even though his parents and Greg tell him he is not real and is just made up by Uncle Joe.

Did you drink my juice?greg say no haven't. The Heffley brothers are dragged along a 4-week long camping vacation, tension rise as Rodrick starts acting differently around Greg.

Causing the younger brother to try and figure out not only what is going on, but what he can do to protect Holly who got in the middle of everything. Rodrick don't say hi all he said is, "What have you been? Did Holly really think he belonged with her? Although in his mind they could have had a long happy life together, the real world was cruel. Ever since he was little his cunt would throb for Rodrick and now he’s going to get what he wants.

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