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These Assault Gun Trousers come in the same excellent quality wool fabric and color as our other German uniforms. Officers wore a formal belt of silver braid. However, some rationalization measures introduced at the outbreak of war also reached the troops. The Tropical service shirt was issued to German troops for use in Afrika, Italy and other areas of the Mediterranean. SS field uniforms were of similar appearance externally but to fit their larger patches had a wider, feldgrau collar, and the lower pockets were of an angled slash type similar to the black or grey SS service-dress. The collar was taller than the service tunic and bore more elaborate Litzen, embroidered all in silver-white and mounted on Waffenfarbe backing; smaller Ärmelpatten, which is similar in appearance to, though not to be mistaken for Litzen, appeared under the buttons on the dark-green Swedish cuffs. German Splinter Camouflage Field Jacket - Reversible - WWII Repro. The German WW2 Camo Smock Both eagle and Litzen were machine-embroidered or woven in white or grey (hand-embroidered in silk, silver or aluminum for officers).

SS-specific uniforms nonetheless stayed with 5 buttons. Tapered ankles for jump boots.

During the summer on the Eastern Front, officers wore light field blouses of linen or captured shirts of the Red Army, while other ranks used different types of working clothes. The M37 Feldbluse was identical to the M35 service tunic, save that the collar and its Litzen were the same as the Waffenrock, and collar, closure and cuffs were piped in Waffenfarbe. The M41 is exactly the same as the M40, but with a 6 button front due to the decline of material quality, which by now was 50% or more viscose rayon and recycled shoddy. Generals and General Staff officers wore wide trouser-stripes of scarlet or carmine-red, respectively. Made from splinter camouflage material with drawstring waist. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. This section consists of the uniforms and insignia of the German Panzer and assault gun forces during the Third Reich and World War II. four pockets with scalloped flaps and split cuffs. This authentic reproduction German Army WWII Tan & Water Reversible Winter Parka Reverses to a Winter White uniform. The first winter was a catastrophe which hit the German soldiers in open terrain at temperatures of up to -35 degrees below freezing, with little more than their existing standard field uniforms. This uniform consisted of a black, padded beret, which also served as a protective helmet, a two-breasted jacket and long baggy trousers. Reproduction German Army Tropical Service Shirt. Although the M35 remained the regulation service-dress uniform, soon after the outbreak of the war officers in combat units of the rank of regimental commander or below were ordered to wear the more practical (and less conspicuous) other-ranks uniform for frontline service, and save the "good" uniform for walking-out, office and garrison wear; some of these EM tunics were privately modified with French cuffs and officer-style collars. Awards and decorations were comparatively rare at the beginning of the war, limited to World War One, long service, Nazi party badge and from the Spanish Civil War. This uniform, which was worn at first just with the vehicle, was at the same time practical and popular.

[citation needed].

NCO's wore a 9mm silver or grey braid around the collar edge. The Waffenrock (military coat) was descended from that introduced by the Prussian Army in 1842 and rapidly adopted by the other German states.

Coveted by Officers as usual often purchased uniforms privately, and olive, khaki or mustard-yellow cotton versions of the M35 officers' tunic were worn alongside the standard issue, sometimes with green collars.

The rarely used and complicated internal suspension system was finally dropped. 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte-SS-Adolf Hitler, 9th SS Hohenstaufen from Arnhem to the end, Finnish Armed Forces in the Winter War 1939-40, German Orders of Battle – Battle of France, German Orders of Battle – Kursk July 1943, German Orders of Battle – Operation Barbarossa, German Orders of Battle at the armistice with France, German Orders of Battle for September 1, 1939, German Orders of Battle for the campaign in the West, May 1940, Luftwaffe and German Airborne Forces May 1940, Luftwaffe Orders of Battle September 1942, Luftwaffe Orders of Battle September 2, 1939.

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