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Furthermore, in an era of heightened anxiety there may be a social benefit to wearing a mask.Having said that I see so many outdoor situations that do NOT require a mask and that we've not well addressed and messaged. "Howard feats on the ultimate shit sandwich, statism. Trump wears a mask when the establishment he visits asks him to. Well, yes, Joe Biden's tax plan certainly will raise taxes, so Joe is lying about Trump's lying. Trump talks much less of v shaped recovery and covid disappearing.Go crazy, my usual faithful followers.

(2014) “Estimates of the reproduction number for seasonal, pandemic, and zoonotic influenza: a systematic review of the literature”, BMC Infect Dis 14, 480 (2014). Sigh. I don't know the figures for Massachusetts, but New York is probably something like 25% overall and higher in the City. I think it is a secret ingredient.

Biden will claim to have COVID-19 to skip the debates.You read it here first.

Is it vanity or that he just doesn’t believe in science? Do they think that hiding half their face when they don't need to will make them seem more trustworthy? Also, seems to be working. Restate the false claim.5.) I just generally disagree with the notion that "the science is settled" or any absolute declarations like that. The threshold of herd immunity is lower than expected based on the original assumptions. As we've seen since the start of this pandemic, there's been so many reversals, conflicting studies and reports around every aspect of this virus by all sorts of experts I tend to mistrust absolutist sorts of declarations about it. They lied about Charlottesville.

He's a professor and he's that ignorant and dumb?? All fucking day, except when they eat lunch. And they've been the worst in Japan. Or are you just waiting for a vaccine, preferably one that is 100% effective? Even if it were rock solid, it would only apply to close, indoor, long-term, regular contact, nothing like mass public mask mandates.

A credible explanation for disparate, inconsistent outcomes is that the official one-dimensional perspective mischaracterizes the pathogen's dynamics. But this isn't something a paper measuring effectiveness of a particular kind of a mask in a controlled individual experiment can shed light on. The truth is that for the dreaded covid they range somewhere between useless and worse than useless. . And look it's the other bald buffoon Rick Wilson! Also every time it is adjusted because it’s fallen to low or ridden up to high. • Cloth masks should not be recommended for health care workers, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.Proper use and appreciating limitations is essential to mitigate risk. Let's give George Costanza credit: it's not a lie if you believe it. Millions more Wisconsinites are wearing masks. I do not think that the requirement helps with transmission and is probably not constitutional, but I am trying to be polite. It defies common sense at this point to suggest, for example, that widespread mask wearing in NYC back in January or February would not have been impactful. George Lakoff, Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California Berkeley, regularly proclaims his marginality.

His forte is using language to hide the meaning of things, or change the appearance of what you are doing.

Go back to your strength. Masks are not the same as shutdowns. (2013) “Most Influenza A Virions Fail To Express at Least One Essential Viral Protein”, Journal of Virology Feb 2013, 87 (6) 3155-3162; DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02284-12, B. J. et al.

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