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Polished route runner, sure-handed. However, we don’t do it by trying to always change the opinion of people. Folks like you make the world better. Father to Gee and Zion. But taking responsibility for our mistakes is easier said than done. Alex in Lynnwood comes from a racist family. “… Governor Jay Inslee looked like me at the gym, didn’t hardly warm up, just didn’t really take it serious, I’m going to be in and out of here real fast, and I’ve got things to do. High football IQ.

“You saw the debate, I saw the debate,” he said. KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.

Having an Emcee/Host for your Event can really be a difference maker. When Gee was on the mic, the energy in the room was through the roof. “I agree with the consensus opinion that the Trump versus Biden debate was the worst televised debate in the history of the medium. As a conservative, Medved says this presidential cycle has been “heartbreaking.”, “I have voted Republican for president for 32 years, every candidate from Ronald Reagan through Mitt Romney,” he said.

© 2005-2020 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I’m a straight white male. "John Clayton Show" on 710ESPN Seattle M-Fr from 10am-Noon. Gee Scott Gee Scott co-hosts the Gee and Ursula Show weekdays 9 a.m. - noon on KIRO Radio. A graduate of Western College of Auctioneering. I had to learn to leave no doubt. Gee: This is beyond politics, this is Donald Trump.

I believe that’s what we as a society still need to get better with.

Need some advice?

12 talking about this. ᅠBest of all, his genuine belief in our mission was evident to our guests, and he helped us raise significantly more than in prior years.ᅠ Gee is truly a class act and I highly recommend him to any nonprofit seeking an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and effective auctioneer.”. Hell, I was named after my cousin, Alexander Stephens, who was the Vice President of the confederacy.

But there is one Father's Day that stands out.

This year's winner is set to be announced on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.

I found it difficult to come into work this week after what President Trump said. Radio Host • Motivational Speaker • Auctioneer • Emcee.

The average CEO keeps getting a pay bump each year.

Listen to KIRO Nights with Gee Scott and Aaron Mason weekdays from 7-10 p.m. on KIRO Radio, 97.3 FM. KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. Kaepernick supporters need to know what they're supporting.

… I’m glad I didn’t vote for Trump last time. You’re an ally already because you recognize it.

When you do things the right way all the time, you don’t need to be nervous or apologize. “It’s one of those things where I think there were a lot of conservatives watching that who think about what this race would be like if it weren’t Donald Trump against Joe Biden, if it were Mike Pence,” Medved said.

Election Town Hall: Gee Scott, Michael Medved highlight ‘civility’ of VP debate, outlook for WA governor, Overlapping issues in race for state superintendent, Referendum 90, King County officials ready for the challenge of record-setting election, Follow live 2020 election updates on MyNorthwest, Sign up to receive the most popular email.

That lesson gave me the courage to ask the Seattle Seahawks if I could clean their vehicles. Medved did, however, think there was one thing Pence did that was “rotten” during the debate, which was when Pence said “what failure looked like” was when Biden and Obama were trying to handle swine flu.
But the decisions both he and his mother made have changed his path. As we approach Nov. 3, we’re holding a series of virtual election town halls to help you prepare for the upcoming general election. Everyone makes mistakes.

And yet another round of pleas to do something about the gun industry.

He also loves to speak to youth, young adults, and Schools. " Just know that it isn’t something you should feel shame about.

You can hear him on the "John Clayton Show" from 10am-12pm Mon-Fri. Yezzir... As a Motivational Speaker Gee Scott is a dynamic personality and has a great story that he loves to share. Let’s go America! Why?

And I don’t want them to think that I was AWOL at a moment where it just seems to me it is unthinkable that the American people say they want four more years of this. Gee: Should a CEO really make this much money?

Having someone who is easy to work can sometimes be more important than the performance itself. “I’m going to piggyback off what Michael has said — first, let me state that I think everyone in the country that got to watch that debate got to see firsthand what civility is about,” Scott said. While it’s true that millions of people were infected with swine flu, as Pence said, what he didn’t say, Medved pointed out, is that 13,000 people died in the course of two years as opposed to 220,000 and counting with COVID-19. He's had a chance to speak to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non- profit organizations. Can't wait for next year! He noted that a debate like that is what our country wants, not a repeat of the Trump and Biden debate. I feel great about the outcome of this election.

Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives.

Social media was supposed to help people come together. Gee: Kaepernick supporters need to know what they’re supporting. A recent experience in Spokane got me thinking. Can it actually buy more time with friends and family ? You can watch the full discussion between Gee, Michael, and Ursula above, and make sure to like KIRO Radio’s Facebook page. Have you wondered why there isn't a Straight Pride Month? Category: news. This is a disaster.

“… Look, too many candidates in a primary can lead to all kinds of strange outcomes.”.

Easy to work with, entertained guest, and so much more.
Folks that support you want to know. Best in mid-range routes, but can take the top off. The Ric Edelman Show . Host of the “Gee & Ursula Show” on 97.3 KIRO FM. If we don't know each other yet, I look forward to meeting you... "...almost 12 years until I got my big break. This is why I talk about racism. A big thanks to our Auctioneer Gee Scott for making our Lewis County Holiday Gala a huge success! Follow Gee: Hey Colin Kaepernick, so, what’s the plan? Ask Gee: Growing up in a racist family and recognizing privilege, Gee: Sometimes I wonder what it was like for a black man in the media in…, Gee: Let’s be really honest, to err is human, Gee: There are two sides to gun debate — love and hate. KIRO Radio Election Townhall with Gee Scott, Michael Medved and Ursula Reutin.

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