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", "...oh, okay, yeah." His hair was matted and sticky now, all through. Envy screeched he looked terrified. he failed to hear the voices, the jumble of words he was given until the height of the pain peaked and shot past his threshold, and all he felt then was a dragging, stiff, light-headed numbness.

The salute had pulled his side. He ripped it off quickly only getting one scream from Edward. "We're doing this, Al." "I'm not that warm you know...I don't know how much help I'll be..."Envy said softly from behind him. "Chibi…" he muttered then his eyes cleared and widened he tried backing away from the alchemist and was stopped by the wall. "Why don't you try me yourself. The temperature was critical.

Roy asked quickly. A short while afterward and as if on cue, Winry knocked on the open door and brought in a heavy tray laden with food for two. Why…? They'll tell me something pointless and try to give me a shot. Roy asked looking at Hughes. " you need some-" Ed started and was interrupted by a bloody cough. He coughed harder and harder. ", Ed's scowl deepened even further. Scar may be a hindrance to both of these. A light in the apartment above them turned on and the man fled.

"The Khalic seals are lateral to the Aryan seals. Although he too was starting to worry about Edward. "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. "An important thing to remember, Edward," he started at the use of his name, "that very few people respect intellectual property rights. "Why the hell do I need to see a doctor?" He looked on totally over come by shock. Hughes saw a darker mark on the blues but dismissed it as water. Don't you realize the value of your own body?". They only have a few months left before Promised Day, and Edward, Alphonse, and Roy all find themselves alone without the team or each other. This was all in his normal wear, such as he wore now, however things weren't as normal as Edward made them out to be.

That particular sheen in the old woman's eyes only appeared whenever she was deep in thought about automail—she was probably weighing her choices and building in her head prototypes of the best kind of port and arm for him and his body make-up. He closed his eyes again when Winry placed a towel over them. He walked back into the room, and Ed saw Envy was looking at him and his bare chest with a raised eyebrow. His hair was normally back in a braid, wearing his leather pants covering a human right leg and an automail left, black tank top, black coat with a high collar with silver trimmings, black combat boots, white gloves covering one human left hand and one automail right, and a silver pocket watch chain dangling from his pocket. There was fear in his brother's voice. Suddenly he felt suffocated, and turned his head to spit the towel to the side. What the hell?!" The team rushed in to save the kid before it was too late. "It would have been better if you continued to sleep.

He didn't really mean it when he said he was going to kill the pipsqueak just because she had pissed him off. Hang in there.". ", Ed froze. The light-headed numbness was still there, and he still felt like his head was rounded and filled with air. His first thought was fire, but he didn't need to burn down the hotel, or call the Colonel and have him burn down the hotel. Pinako did not cease her motions, clanking about with metal things Ed could not see, but were probably the equipment for automail.

"Yeah sure I can. He finished wiping away the blood before going back to the bathroom to clean the cloth out. Now, while this was all well and good if he was going to serve people and help build houses, the world was not so gracious. "H-Hurts," he croaked, finally, and the dabbing stopped. "The boy did perform human transmutation and soul transmutation." "Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for you, I am a State Alchemist. Edward was ghostly pale and his eyes looked hollow. He is very proud of you. Clover Walker is a state alchemist. You know quite a lot, for such a young age. Standard Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and any of its recognizable trademarks and characters are the property of Hiromu Arakawa-sensei.

Over and over in his brain he convinced himself he was awake. His pulse is uneven Roy we need to get him to a hospital. The towel over his eyes was dislodged when he turned his head away from the pain by instinct, panting and in shock. I found your sorry ass on the ground and thought I should help!" Coughing up blood and then fainting. Which reminded him-, "Hey, what happened to my brother?" Something isn't right here,' the doctor thought as he looked at the kid passed out on the bed. It was about 5 minutes before his coughing fit ended and Edward was gasping for air before taking a small sip of water. “Edward Elric,” he finally admits. We chalked it up to he was going into shock, nothing to worry about.". ", 'Kid'—fuck this infuriating bloody bastard is trying my patience— "Who the hell are you calling so sub-microscopic he would fit a hundred million times in the smallest cell of the human body?! Enough to cause brain damage. Father dying, insane mother, then doing the taboo with the Elrics. "Pipsqueak," the voice said roughly, "what the fuck are you doing?" at Ed, "I am most certainly not. Al rushed over to see Ed laying face down in the street. Ed turned his head to see Envy looking away from him. Liquid started coming out of Ed's mouth. "...why...?" It was like Ed to hide things but something as serious as pneumonia? "And just who the hell are you?"

His body gave another reaction and blood spurted on the ground next to his head as he fell back down, he gave a cry in pain as he fought back. Hughes inquired looking into the boys eyes. “Why? it said and Ed moved quickly away sitting at the edge of the bed, as Envy looked at him with a combination of shock and wonder. Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types (68) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga (57) Fullmetal Alchemist (Anime 2003) (14) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (1) Gone Series - Michael Grant (1) 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (1) The Infernal Devices Series - … Al stay with him," the soldier rushed off to find Mustang.

First time ever writing Whump, dunno if I'm doing it right but anyways. Ed asked looking at Roy. Mustang was put on duty for the night and watched as Ed slept. Winry rapped something thin and metallic on his chest, a blunt and sudden sensation. The price of Tally's freedom was small in comparison to the price of her life and her abnormal alchemy. Al had backed out midway, left the house and ran out somewhere only to come back right when he was about to perform the transmutation. He shrugs. The simplicity and quiet of Resembool was something he would just have to live with. Roy yelled as the boy started to pass out. Rated T. This is just a random idea from my little black book of story plots! ", "As much as I'd love to avoid the Colonel Al, I'm doing this now. "I do not understand you, Edward. Herman rushed off to call an ambulance while everyone watched the scene. "Fuck..." he whispered to himself Ed frowned and looked slightly worried. They both saw horrifying images of violence, death, blood, a world worse than the one they currently live in. But of course, as everything in life, the title came with its strings attached, and being a State Alchemist meant being an obedient soldier to the state when called for duty. Fighting one of the villains that he had heard Mustang talking about while they were in the office. Ed wondered absently if this guy used water alchemy and had some sort of affinity for it. "Now while I'm still in the aftershock.". Ed groaned, he really didn't want to do this the old fashioned way. He would be called to war, to massacre people, to destroy lives.

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