News: forbidden dress vs forbidden lance

Forbidden Dress may be activated at any time during the Damage Step, but not during or after Damage Calculation. It can protect him against monster effects (unlike Lance), which is needed more than Spell/Trap protection because they have easy access to Pandemic. Learn how your comment data is processed. Which is a valid question. The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Duel Links! Cards like Jurrac Guaiba can beat over anything with 2200 with Dress and clash with 2300, which in fine considering most cases involve going over monsters with 2000 or less attack.

Damage step is important because this means it can respond to flip effect monsters unlike Safe Zone.

i mean i understand now, that dress only stops cards from being targetted before they are targetted. this card only Works if you use it before even doing something, if you dont read the card youll get trash when they econ or srh you always :), I wish had forbidden chalice... it's like a poor man's divine wrath, but unfortunately this poor man is way too poor > :(, this card is infinitely better than forbidden lance, it prevents CARD EFFECTS. The first thing I know that I think when I look at this card is “why should I run this over similar seemingly better cards” namely: Forbidden Lance and Safe Zone? First, it can be activated in the damage step, a great time to be activating things as always. But take note of destroy itself vs tribute itself.

Lance is great for when you need your monster to power through backrow but that isn't really as important as it was in like HAT format so idk. Dress isn't too good now, but it's an out in damage step to destruction as well as targetting flip effects because you use it before the flip effect activates and they can't target your monster.

I could, but I barely know anything about that, so I’d rather not make any comments on it. If the monster is getting a bonus from an Equip Spell Card, then it loses that too. so dos forbidden dress save black rose dragon from a monster effect negating special summoning?

So your monster can still be targeted by a spell or trap before you activate either but the only one that would be useful would be lance. It's sheer versatility has always granted it a spot in my decks. For example, if someone Compuls'd a monster you control and you chain Dress, that monster is still returned because it has already been targeted by an effect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­--------------Check out the New Web site that some guy name TeamSlopyTaters made.

Want to protect your monster from backrow or get over beaters?

See ya round! i am asking about black rose dragon being protected with forbidden dress when it is special summoned. I am a huuuge advocate for Lance. The Greek lore given is not official. It must summon the ogre first, and the ogre can't OTK. Crazy.

Dress has one big problem. A common occurrence is attacking with a lone Neos Alius or maybe a Thunder King Rai-oh into a face-down monster. So your monster can still be targeted by a spell or trap before you activate either but the only one that would be useful would be lance. lancing their monster does not work, mask change sends as cost so either the monster is sent before lance is activated or they chain to lance and it still resolves as normal, EDIT: it would seem the latest errata says otherwise, nvm me.

The only card in specific that really matters that Lance can’t respond to is Compulsory Evacuation Device. Pretty nifty.

ECON targets before resolving, so FD can't stop it if they're in the same chain. opponent activates compulse, chaining dress does nothing while lance protects. And third, unlike Lance it can work against monster effects as well as Spells and Traps. When you chain Dress to Stuff like Prison or BLS Effect, your monster will still get banished, because your monster got already target. Lol not anymore. What's that?

You can use them both (Dress sucks) defensively and offensively.

Thank you for pointing this out. This includes spells, traps, and monster effects and you only lose 600 ATK, so sad too, the deck is totally dead now, so very fragile. And also, why is Dress used in Evilswarms and not any other deck, really? Chalice is good in decks that would benefit from Skill Drain or run cards that potentially hurt themselves as well. I've been running chalice in my Gem-Knight builds to either give myself a boost or work around effects.

However, chaining FD to cards like SRH can prevent their destruction effects since they don't activate until resolving. All around strong card! Dress is essentially a temporary Safe Zone and is only reactive to any destruction effects - the targeting restriction will not work if your monster has already been targeted. Decks like Gladiator Beasts also use Lance, and the attack difference is almost irrelevant to them and the added bonus of being able to respond to monster effects is likely worth the change. It also isn’t permanent or prevent destruction through battle like Safe Zone. Lance also decreases atk by more which is usually a good thing. Chalice is alright, but other effect negating cards usually outclass it, like Veiler, Fiendish Chain, and Breakthrough Skill. Quick-plays have the surprise element of activating in hand.

Advantages of Lance: Prevents the effects of all spell and trap cards.

Lance is a nice option to replace MST or a good option in Gladi Beast.

Forbidden Chalice, Lance or Dress and why? Lance!

99% of the time the targeting prevention of Dress is useless. A majority of the time when you chain Lance to in essence negate something, you chain it to the following: Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential. Well it can be activated in response, but it might not do anything, The only situation where Dress is better is in the case of monster effects which involve destruction, such as Blaster or Ryko.

A good example is say you have Elemental HERO the Shining on the field, the opponent summons Chaos Sorcerer and in response to the summon you can activate Dress to prevent The Shining from being targeted. Dress can find a niche in decks that have a Forbidden Lance built in to them, such as Evilswarms (Infestation Pandemic) and Constellars (Constellar Omega), or decks that main Royal Decree/Jinzo, or maybe even Horus, Monster is already targeted and not being destroyed so dress does nothing, Opponent top decks otk card and proceeds to win the match, You get salty cause it wasn't lance you chained. Can't change current region/country in settings. Also, Evilswarms use Dress to keep Ophion on board. Evilswarms run it because dress can prevent against destruction effects outside of spells/traps. Can also be used to reduce your opponent’s monster’s ATK. Dress is good if you have something that you need to protect from cards that destroy. And dress is to save it from destruction effects.

Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. Chalice is good in Decks who use Monster like Barbaros or other Stuff you can Normal Summon even with a high Level. Need to stop their Mask Change? Dress was used in evilswarms to protect agains undine. Reginald Kastle Unlock Event: Shark Attack - Number Appears! Want to miss timing every single time? Dress is terrible because it doesn't actually negate targeting effects. anime series or manga. While Forbidden Lance is a Quick-Play Spell Card with Spell Speed 2. Duel Links! Unaffected > not being able to be destroyed. Yeah, Forbidden Dress says that the monster cannot be targeted by effects. Some raise or lower attack, and each has the unique ability of negating effects, being affected by traps/spells or not being destroyed by …

Lance is reactive protection where as dress is precautionary protection. Découvrez dès maintenant les premiers jeux de la PlayStation 5 qui devraient arriver dès le lancement de la console prévue pour le moment pour la fin d'année 2020 ! The ATK difference can also make up quite a bit when boss monsters go head to head.

Some raise or lower attack, and each has the unique ability of negating effects, being affected by traps/spells or not being destroyed by battle for a full turn. Press J to jump to the feed.

Your email address will not be published. i chained with forbidden dress on black rose dragon. So, in my short tie dueling and watching deck profiles, I've seen these forbidden item cards used in a lot of decks. If anyone has anything they’d like an article on for next week I’m always looking for ideas!

New player guide: What packs to buy first? Also, it would help to know if any is usually better than the other or something.

&b... Nah, SHS itself can't. thats some gay shit man. This guy also hold me at gun point to just the Web site. a player on dueling network had a xyz monster that negated special summon. I normally play forbidden lance, but looking at the two cards, I am nearly certain that forbidden dress is currently better. Play Dress! Also, can prevent your monster from being targeted (i.e. opponent activates compulse, chaining dress does nothing while lance protects. In all other cases you use Lance to manipulate monster’s attack in the damage step so you can win a battle, and the 200 difference isn’t really enough to matter unless your deck is running a lot of really small monsters. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Want to protect your monster from monster eff or make your monsters beaters?

Your email address will not be published. Dress can't stop things that have already targeted while lance can. i think the card you're thinking of is forbidden lance it's not Dress but it does what you're asking :-p Sorry, we aren't online at the moment.

How do I choose the restart skill while in the duel?

card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! It can also be used in advance to protect your monsters from obvious incoming monster effects that target. Once your monster is targeted with an effect.

The first thing I know that I think when I look at this card is “why should I run this over similar seemingly better cards” namely: Forbidden Lance and Safe Zone?

Lance their monster!

If the card was something like Dimensional Prison or Phoenix Wing Wind Blast it would not protect it.

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