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Officials from Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States are picking through the wreckage of the Boeing 747-400. There is no point in concealing anything and we won't.

The Star Alliance carrier says in a statement that it has “terminated the services” of Capt Foong Chee Kong and First Officer Latiff Cyrano “in accordance with their terms of employment”. The airline accepted that its experienced Malaysian pilot, Chee Kong Foong, 41, made a 'dreadful error' by trying to take off from the wrong runway at Taipei airport on Tuesday.

But Cheong also said it was important to scrutinize safety standards at airports. Yong said air traffic controllers couldn't have known the Singapore Airlines jet was on the wrong runway. "The three pilots of SQ006, Captain FOONG Chee Kong, and First Officers Latiff Cyrano and NG Kheng Leng, who have been suspended from flying duties since the SQ006 crash, hope to be allowed to fly for Singapore Airlines again, sources said yesterday, on … Singapore Airlines Limited has announced the cessation of employment of Captain Foong Chee Kong and Latiff Cyrano. An experienced pilot with more than 11,200 hours with 2,000 hours in the 747. However, the flight recorder reveals that the pilot, Foong Chee Kong, thought he was taking off from the 5-L runway.

He said: 'They are our pilots, it was our aircraft, and the aircraft should not have been on that runway. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. Neither he nor air traffic control noticed that the plane was standing on the wrong runway. There are also suggestions that lights were left operating on the runway that was under repair, and there was no barrier to prevent planes going on to it. Investigators have concluded that the cockpit crew missed clear warning signs before slamming the Boeing 747-400 into construction equipment splitting the plane into three parts which then burst into flames. ''Even if there were errors at the airport, the pilots cannot be exonerated of responsibility,'' said Song Kuo-yeh, a prosecutor from Taoyuan County who is leading the investigation into the causes of the crash. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Its Los Angeles-bound Flight SQ006 broke into three pieces and burst into flames after straying on to a runway which was being repaired and slamming into cranes. The airline said it had made no decision on the future of the cockpit crew. The captain of the flight was Foong Chee Kong. The Malaysian pilot Foong Chee Kong and first officers Ng Kheng Leng and Latif Cyrano are still employed by Singapore Airlines but have not flown …

Sixteen people, including the pilot, were not injured. The two pilots were involved in the SQ006 tragedy in Taipei on 31 October 2000 when a Boeing 747-400 crashed, killing 83. They have been barred from leaving Taiwan pending the conclusion of the investigation into the crash.

They say the pilot missed at least two warnings. They have been barred from … The airline has acknowledged that the pilot's error in turning onto the wrong runway was the primary cause of the crash, although there are still questions to be answered about whether his mistake was influenced by misleading lighting and why the closed runway was not blocked off. They say the pilot missed at least two warnings. Nearly a minute goes by; still no one realises the plane is on the brink of disaster. The plane's pilot, a Malaysian, Foong Chee Kong, and the co-pilots, Latiff Cyrano and Ng Kheng Leng, all survived the crash. Foong and some survivors of … The airline's deputy chairman, Cheong Choong Kong, said it accepted full responsibility for the disaster, which was due to 'pilot error'. "It was obviously a pilot error," he told a news conference Friday. Two Britons, Florida-based teacher Margaret Blanche Rabley, 62, originally from Risca, near Newport, South Wales, and Hong Kong-based Tak Wing Loo, 27, are presumed dead, the airline said. His first officer had 2,400 hours and the relief pilot had 5,400 hours. He said he believed the pilots, who have been told not to leave Taiwan, were well rested before the flight. Pilot error put the flight on the wrong runway but it remained a mystery why an experienced captain made such a ''dreadful mistake,'' airline officials said today. The first officer, Latiff Cyrano (age 36), had 2,442 total flight hours, including 552 hours on the Boeing 747-400.

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