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When it comes to wonderkid lists, you already know FM Scout is the go-to place for maximum accuracy and detail. This will, as always, be the most informed and comprehensive list of Football Manager 2020 wonderkids you will ever find. Football Manager 2020 is here which means it’s time to unearth a new generation of wonderkids. I loaded all players (380k+) in-game to produce this list of FM20 wonderkids. Updated with Revision 7 (March 17th).

For example, A.S. Roma's Ibanez and Schalke 04's Ozan Kabak who have PA 155 and 150 respectively. The second rating system in the game is a rating given to each player out of five stars. His desk usually has one stack of unplayed games and another of unread books.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. FM SCOUT is the definitive Football Manager fan site.

We are always looking for quality content creators, capable of producing insightful articles. Digital FoundryWhat's new with Gears 5 on Xbox Series X? 78-80 great player for Premier League

Updated with Revision 11 (April 8th). Never miss a thing. The November 19th release date has been met with plenty of wannabe managers taking the plunge into a new career and will no doubt see countless players searching to find that next great wonderkid to lead their team to glory. FM Scout is the only community you can talk Football Manager in real time. Thanks for taking part! On top of that, the ever-crucial list of wonderkids, the key to any good Football Manager save, has a few new exciting additions. Sports Interactive, the Sports Interactive logo, in-game generated images and any other Football Manager related items are registered trademarks and/or copyright material owned by Sports Interactive, or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Sort the lists by age, potential and value, or use the search bar to find the exact […]

There are players with PA of -85, -9, -95 or fixed at 150+ (guaranteed wonderkid potential), and some others with PA fixed slightly below 150 who have impressive quality. Copyright © 2004-2019 Updated with Revision 10 (April 5th). As a result, searching out the next Lionel Messi can be a hugely important but arduous process. For more Football Manager 2020 guides like this, meanwhile, our FM20 free agents and bargain transfers page is worth checking out. Players with fixed potential ability >=150 have their rating cell marked with a light yellow color.

The English leagues are probably the most played leagues in Football Manager, but also the leagues with the most foreign players per club. The official Football Manager site can be found at and the official forums can be found at There are no PA -10 players in the FM20 database. Updated with Revision 8 (March 20th). This is split into a player's current rating but also a second, “potential” rating. I want you to differentiate the negative PA ability and non-negative PA despite you have differentiate it with coloring. Here's our list of the best wonderkids in FM20, sorted by highest potential to lowest potential rating - a hidden number as found in the in-game editor. Why a PS5 and Xbox Series X release is more likely. FM 2020 bargain wonderkids & under-21 talents that you can sign for a …

Emad Ahmed is a freelance writer covering games (among other things) and what they say about our world. Copyright © 2004-2019

Updated with Revision 3 (March 1st). This site is not endorsed by Sports Interactive or SEGA and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

It's one of the most satisfying reasons to play FM20. Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids - Guide to FM 2020 Wonderkids. As you have learnt to expect from us, you will also find the usual unique features that add unparalleled depth, insight and functionality. Added with Revision 1 (October 31st). Most players have PA of -8 which means they won't always have 150+ in your savegame.

These future greats have the potential to change any club you decide to manage, but aside from luck, having a supercharged scouting record is the only way you'll be able to find them when you start a new season. BTW, can you create a list of young player with hidden potential attribute -8, -85, -9, -95, -10 that had surpassed 20 years old.

Xbox Series X overheating: Why are consoles are running so hot, Destiny 2: How to get Cipher Decoders during Festival of the Lost 2020, Is Baldur's Gate 3 coming to PS4 and Xbox One? Football Manager, Sports Interactive and the Sports Interactive logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Interactive Limited.

waiting, waiting, waitin....and you dont know if Stam died or what.

All our best FM 2020 wonderkids are listed by position in a fully sortable format. You may not copy and distribute the work in full.Football Manager, the Sports Interactive logo and generated in-game images are © Sports Interactive. For more information, go here.

I keep the players attributes unmasked in my saves and holiday a few seasons to check on their development. Football Manager enthusiasts trust this list to discover all FM 2020 wonderkids. Watch Dogs Legion review - a bleak and buggy retread of Ubisoft's formula, Demon's Souls on PS5 has over 180 game help videos, Mass Effect N7 Day panel announcement sets fan tongues wagging, Leaked video shows PS5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales loading in just seven seconds, Sniper Elite 4 on Switch gets first gameplay trailer, BloodRayne 1 and 2 remasters heading to PC later this month. After hours of research we’ve finally nailed down the very best Football Manager 2020 wonderkids, 165 players, one place, one download. 81+ world-class player

Fans of the game on PC have already spent two weeks enjoying the FM beta but now the full Football Manager 2020 game is here and it’s on mobile too! 68-71 top player for League Two. However, with many players having their potential fall in the 150-180 range, it looks like our task will be to perfect the overall squad and training routines to squeeze the very best out of this year's wonderkids. Added with Revision 1 (October 31st). Once again, this depends on the quality of your staff members to discern each player's abilities.

As we don't have access to the pre-game editor until Nov 19th, I've created multiple savegames and used an alpha version of our in-house editor FMSE20 to filter all players that match the criteria of being or becoming Football Manager 2020 wonderkids. I'm using a 1-100 scale based on English divisions. It’s that time of year again, folks, when prospective managers all over the world take to the virtual dug-out as the latest instalment of Football Manager hits the app store. Like our Facebook page & Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Wonderkids are a huge part of the Football Manager experience, especially if you’re looking to play a career over several seasons. Welcome to the complete list of Football Manager 2020 wonderkids by Football Manager enthusiasts trust this list to discover all FM 2020 wonderkids.

Updated with Revision 4 (March 3rd). Here, each player is given a “current ability” rating (a score out of 200) but also a secondary, “potential ability” rating too.

Welcome to our best FM20 wonderkids shortlist. That way I could put alerts on to save me having to check this page regularly while the updates are being done. Online since 2004.

These ratings (out of a maximum of 20) describe their physical, mental and technical abilities.

This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. It goes without saying that these will be some of the best players available to you in the game. Listed below are the 10 best wonderkids for each position sorted by highest potential ability in Football Manager 2020. Pokémon Go is having its most lucrative year yet, Microsoft phasing out Xbox party chat P2P voice connections to beef up security. Updated with Revision 6 (March 12th). I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year.

Date of first publication: 31 October 2019 It’s worth noting that this is the value of the player at the very start of the game which is almost certainly going to rise if you don’t act quickly. There are three ways in which Football Manager 2020 shows how good each player is throughout the game. Husband and father of two.

@yjmalmsteen no, the central attacking midfielders and strikers are still to be updated, Hey @Stam, I hope you are well. {{#media.focal_point}}. Football Manager 2020 Mobile: 40 cheap wonderkids to boost any FM team Paul Fogarty Football Manager 2020 is here which means it’s time to unearth a new generation of wonderkids. Comments for this article are now closed.

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Here are.

However, I will release a few shortlists with my favorite players. Updated with Revision 9 (March 23rd). The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. A list of the fifty highest potential wonderkids in Football Manager 2020. Football Manager 2020's wonderkids are as important as ever, and with the game out in the wild and new saves beginning once more, it's time to find the best young players - the so-called wonderkids - that hold ratings for the highest potential in the game. why have you removed kana from the wonderkids list, i love this page so much, but u hate to wait so log for the always the same shit. Added with Revision 1 (October 31st). Page created in 0.548 seconds. PA -8 : light gray white SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. Hello @Stam, can you write the special note for some of these player who have non-negative PA ? Not only can they play an integral part in your team of the future but if you’re short on cash can be sold for mega-profits. We all know about the likes of Gianluigi Donnarumma, Matthijs De Ligt and Kylian Mbappe, who are already massively expensive stars of the game despite their young age, so we’ll be taking a look at some of the cheaper wonderkid options out there instead, for those of you with a team that doesn’t quite have the budget to compete with the big boys. does anyone know which is the team with the most wonderkids? These hidden wonderkids might not immediately stand out for their abilities nor their attributes but draws my attention as they can unfulfilled potential, as they play at a …

Some of them will already be labelled as wonderkids, others should be pretty close to getting there, and others will struggle to live up to their potential before they turn 21 years old (late bloomers). I have opted to use 5 classes of wonderkids this time, color-marked for your convenience. The definitive list of Football Manager 2020 wonderkids featuring personal recommendation ratings, color-coded potential ability classes, positional navigation and advanced live search.

login or sign up to start chatting. But there are many players that have the potential to come close to ratings of 190 (with Kylian Mbappe's potential rating of 196 being the highest). PA -9 or 160-169 : light green

Unsurprisingly, the top two players in this year's edition are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 75-77 top player for Championship

However, just remember that these potential ratings are dependent on many factors, such as the collective quality of your squad, your coaching staff and, of course, you as the manager. Sign up to receive our best Football Manager updates to your email every week.

If you're after a bargain, mind, it's worth giving our guide to FM20 free agents and bargain transfers a look. English Wonderkids

Added with Revision 1 (October 31st). Wonderkids can be classified players with high potential ability (having at least a PA of 150) who are not older than 20 years old by July 1st, 2019, in-game.

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