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Over the years, many people have assumed the initial stereo disc releases from each label could be determined by referencing catalog numbers. While Compo may have run some early test stereo pressings at Cornwall as early as late 1964, it is most certainly Capitol who, via RCA in Smiths Falls, were first to press a Canadian Beatles album in stereo. for Sidney Frey. with a gold "StereoDisc" sticker on front. included. Lord Reith has released a version in which the first two albums of the Beatles, which had been recorded in two-track stereo until now, have been reborn … First Record (第一唱片) is a label of questionable legality from Taiwan, catering to soldiers (mostly from the US) stationed there.

The "J" was, added to the catalog number for database purposes, Also pressed and released by PHONODISC of Canada, AFSD-5924J is a juke box version. Leaf Clover, Baby Face, Gear Fab released a CD in 2006 duplicating AFSD-6184, The Gear Fab CD No is 221. Unlike the USA, the demand for stereo LPs in Canada was small. The first stereo LPs In the fall of 1957, Sidney Frey surprised the pubic by releasing the first commercially viable stereo record. Wein, Weib Und Gesang - Wine, Women And Song. Every Beatles album has been remastered in stereo, but the first pressings were made in mono, except for the band's first release, "Please Please Me," and its last two releases, "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be." ST 91713 WAS manufactured for Capitol Record Club, Windows Of the World and What the World needs Now, You Stepped Out Of A Dream & Those Were The Days, To Each His Own, I'll Be Seeing You, Good Night Sweetht, I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of This Jelly Roll, Chiaroscuro CR 2006 contains more outtakes from the sessions, that produced this album. Gern Hab' Ich Die Frau'n Gekusst - I Loved To Kiss ... Geh' Mach Die Fensterl Auf - Open The Little Window. It is doubtful that Capitol/RCA would have pressed as many as 10,000 stereo copies of ST-2228. Side one contains six tracks from AFLP 1851 and side two is AFLP 1843. Sidney, prematurely released pressings from a few test masters cut for him by Westrex that were meant for evaluation.

of the copyright holder. Also issued as Amberjack AJK 903 and Phoenix PHX 318, Intermezzo As Featured In The Film, Raging Bull, Tape AFX 1706 manufactured and sold by Ampex, AFSD 1825, the 1st stereo LP version came in a mono jacket. has a picture of Manolete, also by Llopis. with descriptions of action in the paintings. No.

Note that Beatles Story was still only a mono album set until the mid point of 1968.

The "J" has been added, for database purposes. November 12, 1958: Jubilee releases ten stereo singles. The liner notes list, John Doling as drummer and Johnny Whited on bass, Scott LaFaro and Gene Gammage are beleived to te the real, Distributed in Brazil by Sinter as Cat# SLP-2505. There was no equipment to play them on but it forced other … It consists of five, 7" 33 disks with 1 song title on each side. The first pressings for Bel Canto and Omega Disc are issued in a deluxe box. Probably compiled from 11, previous recording sessions as all tracks were released, before in their previous 11 albums that would have had, different Artists in the different recording sessions, A re-issue of AFSD 6151 with a different title, A re-issue of AFLP 2151 with a different title, AFSD-6180 also sold by Capitor Record Club as ST-91454, Robert E. Lee, Toot-Toot.., .. For the week of December 20th., 1964, Capitol of Canada ran an advert on the back of the CKLG chart and this featured both of the new Beatles LP releases; the new album entitled Beatles '65 and the double documentary album Beatles Story. This advert is show here and you can see that only the Beatles '65 album is show as being available in stereo. Downloading, copying, republication, reproduction, redistribution the Giant Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Volume 3, AFSD 5849 - Lionel -

Demand for a stereo LP release was building in Canada during 1964 and true Beatles fans were able to obtain stereo copies of Beatles LPs from the USA and from Britain. In fact, we can assume that this stereo LP was in fact the first stereo Beatles album to be pressed in Canada. The recordings were of relatively high fidelity, thanks to the discovery of AC bias. GF-221 in this database, ST 91486 was manufactured for Capitol Record Club, Tracks 2 & 3 are listed in reverse order on the liner notes, and the disk label. This electronic resource is hosted by SU Library, presented exactly as the author donated it; it is a final, published document 8 directed by Herbert von Karajan and the Orchester der Berliner Staatsoper and a 1944 or 1945 recording of Walter Giesekingplayi… October 7 - 12, 1957: The New York High Fidelity Show is held at the Trade Show Building. Fidelity releases twenty albums. The first pressings are issued in a deluxe gatefold cover with a record cleaning cloth. As Michael Lisko and Kevin Richards correctly point out in their answers, Abbey Road WAS the first and only true stereo album, because it was the first time the Beatles themselves were involved with the stereo mix. When stereo records went into production in the summer of 1958, the labels selected their most popular mono titles for most of their inaugural stereo releases. While "Smoke gets in your Eyes" is, listed as track #2 on Side 2, it listens as track 3, While "Georgia on my Mind" is listed as Track 3 on Side 2, This listing is corrected from the liner notes, O Menino Desce O Morro (Oh Little Brown Boy), Released prviously on AFLP-1981 / AFSD-5981 in 1962, ATOH CHONANTONU ( Thous Hast Favored Us ), VELIVERUSHELAYIM IRCHO ( And Return To Jerusalem ), ODOM YESODO MEOFOR ( Man's Origin Is Dust ), This material was originally released on DM-4313, DS-6313 in. A teenager could easily hear the difference between the mono and stereo recordings but all too often the technology to play it properly was just not available ... who would pay the extra dollar for a stereo album if you did not have access to a stereo record player ? Duchin Story in Stereo, HLP 302 – The Tommy

Therefore, an album that was initially released in mono in 1956 may not have appeared on stereo vinyl until 1959 or 1960.

Check for mono recordings. What is most surprising is that even when Capitol of Canada arranged to repressing the early Beatles albums in 1967, they chose not to do stereo versions of the first 3 Canadian Capitol albums.

That is not the case. Stereo discs are not publicly exhibited at the event but both London and Westrex have demonstrations at other locations. It was re-issued on AFSD 6217 in 1968. by Telesforo Aboitiz with descriptions of the action. Hit Songs from Pal Joey, CPST 545 - SMOKY MOUNTAIN BALLADS - Jeanie West, CPST 553 - BEETHOVEN Variations OP. May 1958: Audio Early LP Gatefold jackets contained a pocket for a booklet, of color reproductions of Bullfight paintings, Paris In The Spring - The Last Time I Saw Paris, Sous Les Toits De Paris - Sur Les Quais De Vieux Paris, Also made and sold in Israel as Unatex TT-5222, This album was recorded at a later recording session than, its mono equivilent, AFLP 1823. Note: The Audio Fidelity Discography was donated by the author, Donald W. Reichle, and is made available electronically with his They also did sell to locals. See their answers for further details.

It has some different, My Little grass Shack In Kealakekua,Hawaii, AFSD 5859T is a Tucker Productions 5" 4 track, 3.75 IPS, Scott LaFaro and Gene Gammage are beleived to be the real, performers along with Pat Moran.

A 1944 recording of Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. Starting as early as 1963, Capitol 6000 popular artists Helen Shapiro, Frank Ifield and Cliff Richard saw their LPs released in Canada in both mono and stereo formats: These LPs were sold in limited quantities and were targeted at the "affluent" segment of the teen market as few teens could afford the extra cost of the stereo LP. May 19, 1958: Concert-Disc releases their first album. It is likely that stereo versions of this LP were not pressed by Compo until sometime after their brand new facility on Montreal Road in Cornwall was up and running, and this was probably sometime in early 1965 as referenced in The Beatles Canadian Discography Part 2.

The Vancouver radio station CKLG produced weekly charts on small printed sheets of coloured paper and these were available for free at the various record stores in Vancouver (eg Kellys, A & B Sound, etc.). Both of the first two USA format albums were given a mono and stereo release in Canada. The first four albums (Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night and Beatles for Sale) made their CD debut in stereo, though most songs from those albums have previously appeared on CD in stereo on various compilations.

The Westrex Stereodisk System is heard publicly for the first time on October 11, 1957 at the Audio Engineering Society convention in the Trade Show Building.

Night in the Tropics, SF 5000: 101 Strings Play May 20, 1958: Stereo MGM E 4215(C) and Ain't She Sweet ATCO.33-169) were only issued in mono format.

October 6, 1958: Everest releases ten albums. If you can confirm their release, First Year of Stereophonic Motion Pictures, 1953 Widescreen Productions on DVD/Blu-ray, An In-Depth Look at...CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, The New Aspect in Motion Picture Presentation. Street with the Dukes of Dixieland Volume 4, ABCS 143: Strauss in Hi Fi - Ork Valentino, ABCS 218: Eydie Gorme Vamps the Roaring 20's, ABCS 219: More College Drinking Songs - The Blazers, ABCS 221: Heavenly Sounds in Hi Fi - Ferrante and Teicher, ABCS 222: World War II Songs in Hi Fi - Four Sergeants, ABCS 224: Hi Fi in an Oriental Garden - Cely Carrillo and others, ABCS 226: The New Billy Taylor Trio (initially announced but delayed), HLG 500: Peer Gynt Dorsey Story in Stereo, HLP 310 – Stereo Demonstration Record – Narrated by Del Sharbutt. Some additional titles were.

Beatles / The First Four Albums In Spectral Stereo Remix / 4CD / Non Label. So the question is ... who was first in Canada with a stereo Beatles LP ... was it Capitol (RCA) or was it United Artists (Compo) ? Drum Solo - Free: Special Effects By Oud, Gourd, Bell..

It is well worth seeking out a "first pressing" of this original Canadian "deep groove" stereo LP just to hear the difference. This was primarily due to the parental pressure to harmonize the Beatles catalogue between Canada and the USA. Some sources claim the records were legal in that country, but this is still a controversial point of view. Fid. It is well worth seeking out a "first pressing" of this original Canadian "deep groove" stereo LP … Capitol of Canada would have seen this trend and would have been getting pressure form record retailers who would be on the front end of the questions from Beatles fans ... "when and where could they buy a stereo release of a Canadian Beatles album" ??? Some Jackets incuded fold-out picture hangers and brackets, ST 93379 was manufactured for Capitol Record Club, Thought to be one of Armstrong's best late recordings, Jacket opens in the shape of a pair of glasses, Reminiscing has been remastered on a CD and is sold from, the Vicki Sunday WEB site at, The stereo version is much rarer than the mono version, Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair, Same material released on AFSD 6277 and NSPL 28219.

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