News: firefly 2 change temperature without app

Pray for snow! How is one to actually find out if the product is satisfying unless unwrapped and used? It most likely broke there because of a temperature related internal glass stress. Thanks for dedicating so much of your time for people such as myself . I have not, the launch has actually been much smoother than most vape launches even with demand outpacing supply. My Hoppers have been good, I did have a back end pop open when I first got my Blue Ti unit, but they shipped me a new one quickly so it was back in action before the end of the week and it has worked great since. I’m stuck on the fence between the two. We want you, our customer, to always be happy with our products and our service. I will be using the “High” heat setting which is the highest temp for dry herbs because this is the demo. Vapor Puffs by Skynet Enterprises is a US based business in the Miami Florida area focused on curating the best electronic cigarette products we can find to our customers. Firefly 2 temperature range and temperature control. Or is there any way to get the app for iOS? And lastly the Firefly 2 does require a bit of stirring to get the best results and finish up a session. You now have access to settings that allow you to completely fine-tune your Firefly 2 vaporizer. Here are some tips and tricks that get your new Firefly 2 working for you just how it should. So first things first, I have a fully charged battery already in the unit but I’ll show you how to remove it and place it back in the unit. If you wanted to get some better clouds, I recommend the medium-high setting, pack the chamber full of ground up herb, pre-heat the chamber until the light stops blinking and then slowly draw for about 30 seconds. The new efficient design allows the unit to be much more responsive for heat up times and also much better at maintaining the proper heat setting during your session. I used it daily for 7 months, then the batteries stopped taking a charge. The Crafty is meant to session for 10+ minutes and finish the chamber. Love your reviews! 1. I will try to find out and report back, Nice review, I really like the FireFly 2 but i’m wondering about its draw resistance.

Hold the two sensors, nothing happens. I couldn’t afford it at $330 but very thankful getting a legit one at $255 why even consider the other two? Battery life still varies a bit based on your herbs, temp settings, and loading techniques but for me it works out to double the battery life. In my experience, the lower temps that don’t usually create clouds is a “clearer” or “lighter” experience, whereas the higher temps that produce large clouds are stronger. Your email address will not be published. The whole team works sitting at desks formed into a square at the center of the living room; the wall covered in whiteboards. The one thing that gets dirty reasonably fast is the window, but it is only cosmetic and does not affect performance. The stirring and cleaning were what I was expecting. I have learned via the vapes I have purchased that, although the plastics get top tier reviews fo vapes like the Volcano, Plenty, Mighty, Crafty, Pax, and others made with plastic. The support people say there is nothing wrong and won’t do anything. Quick question about the Firefly 2, coming from a fellow skier. Having used the first Firefly I was immediately comfortable taking a hit from the Firefly 2, and found I got a much more full hit with less effort than the first model. I have never in my life experienced combustion while using a vaporizer, not even on the highest settings. Is that accurate? Yea that’s a shitty experience, sorry dude. 1 Tap : Ultra Low (320 F). I’m looking for a vape that I can pull out every once in a while and take a few sips or maybe one longer draw, then stick back into my pocket and repeat at various times throughout a day. I slow down my draw speed until there is basically no resistance. When did you contact Firefly? After loading it, place the top back on the Firefly 2. Changing The Temperature Directly From Your Firefly 2. I have a firefly and love it except for the battery life. – very inconsistent draws (once in awhile puffy clouds but much more often, no clouds upon exhaling), too much draw resistance that in most cases require very long inhalations taxing the lung’s power. Share it with your friends! 7 Taps : Concentrates (500 F) Like . Let me know if you have any more questions. I can wipe down the lid and entire vapor path with an ISO wipe and it’s good to go. Firefly 2 app not loading / Can't Find in App Store,, Firefly 2 app and firmware upgrade problem, In-Depth Review: Crafty vs Firefly 2 vs PAX 2, Firefly 2 One Week Special: Two for One Colored Lids. Just something about the experience of using a flame/torch kind of brings you back to the old days but still no combustion. Not all vapes use apps, but the newer ones coming out will continue to be app intergrated. The Firefly 2 might actually be my least smelly vape, with other on demand vapes such as the Grasshopper also being low smell. Just load the amount you want for that session and cash it when you’re finished. This puts the Firefly 2 into "temperature setting" mode. These temps are represented by the names low, medium low, medium, medium high and high. While the FF2 is not the most discreet unit at first glance, its near instant heat up for quick sessions and minimal smell compared to the average portable vaporizer makes it pretty easy to use on the down-low.

It does suck that you have to fully pack the chamber but you CAN leave the herbs in the chamber and just come back to it later. Is there any way to manually adjust temperature on the device without the app? Changing the temperature using the buttons is very very flakey. The author of this post is a former tech blogger, and startup founder not associated with Firefly. But even so every 5 minutes, I’m back on wanting the FF2 more once I hear about GH issues. It still works as well as it ever did. My preferred method is both just so I’m not accidently turning it on while loading or emptying. I highly recommend checking out my review. From here, just make sure that all corners are flush and snapped in. Its been over a week and haven’t heard back, I will post a followup but right now I am not feeling great about this purchase. The exact dimensions of the Firefly 2 are 5.1 inches tall by 1.4 inches wide by .96 inches deep. After getting ready to just give up on it, I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a replacement top cover for free. It immediately felt comfortable in my hands, as it has a decent weight distribution. First There was Fire, The Wheel and then The Firefly2. Close. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. After selecting a temperature setting, you can now adjust the power curve to modify the heating profile. He also claims that it performed like that right out of the box. Install the “Firefly Vapor” app on your smartphone from the iTunes app store or Google Play. Customer service is slow and inadequate by far. Not too hard, not too soft – imagine you are smoking a pipe.

I am told they are shipping it back as of last Friday with the diagnosis “our tech people say your unit is functioning properly”. While I have not had any problems or off flavors from the plastic mouthpiece, I would prefer another material so I am hoping some new mouthpieces become available down the road. The Firefly comes with two easily swappable batteries which is really cool since very few vapes come with more than a single battery. This is something that has been ignored by Bud and many other critics. I really love both vapes. I can make it 20+ sessions before I notice any drop in performance, but I tend to stay on top of it along the way since the cleaning is so quick and easy. Pretty disappointed with the Firefly 2 company at this point. Then, I find out you have to buy the entire mouth piece, and not just the filter.

Realistically I don’t remove the mouthpiece outside of a full cleaning and I don’t need to do that too often with this unit. You will fill it up with about .25g turn it on, and then take draws for 4-8 minutes, about the same length as a joint. Play around with it to find your preferred sweet spot. I also find myself taste testing new strains in the FF2. 16. Tweet Share Pin It LinkedIn Google+ Reddit Tumblr. Temps are only controlled through a phone app.

Tap the left button again (while still holding the right button) to set the temperature. I love both of these vaporizers but from what you’ve said, I think the Firefly 2 will absolutely be your best bet.

Or is the FF2 smooth enough , I’ll also enjoy it ? What temp settings does it have without the app? Also, the temps that you vape at. The unit also comes with a cleaning kit that includes two plastic toothpick/sword tools, and a great multi sided brush, and a couple isopropyl alcohol wipes.

While you are using your Firefly 2, make sure you are always charging the extra battery! The good thing about the FF2 is that it only heats up as you’re using it so when you go to put it back in your pocket, it’s already cool and not heating the herbs. The battery has little plastic footers that have broken off on batteries. thanks! As far as reliability goes, the Crafty seems to be about average or slightly under, the Mighty is about average or slightly over, and the Pax 2 is probably the most reliable portable vape. I have been getting 6 bowls per charge for dry herb, and each bowl is usually getting 6-8 draws for a total of about 35-45 ~25-30 second draws. and that’s a direct comparison of it to the crafty and pax 2, which are obviously the (previously?) Is there something else to do? The glass bowl transfers very little heat.

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