News: fingerprints of the gods documentary

The king said, will it come to our country? At this stage in a continuing investigation, my instinct is that we may have put ourselves in danger by closing our ears for so long to the disturbing ancestral voices which reach us in the form of myths. Informative geology lessons, maps and astronomy. Well all I will say is that if you love finding out a lot about the ruins of Machu Pichu, the mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru, how Antarctica was at one time not covered with ice and mapped out this way by explorers as recently as 600 years ago, the ancient pyramids of Giza, Easter Island, etc.... then you need to read this book. From analyses of the brain functions of Buddhist monks and Carmelite nuns, to the possibilities of healing the sick through directed prayer, to what near-death experiences illuminate about the afterlife, Hagerty reaches beyond what we think we know to understand what happens to us when we believe in a higher power. It is very easy to go along with what you are told, and much harder to try and find the truth for yourself, I believe this website helps people to find out the truth for themselves, so please don't repeat the "party line" here, we all know it well and come here searching for new information not the same old "claptrap" we get on the "news". As we drove across those plains towards the tiny village of Shungopovi, I went over in my mind all I had seen and done in the previous five years: my travels, my research, the false starts and dead-ends I had encountered, the lucky breaks, the moments when everything had come together, the moments when everything seemed about to fall apart. Taken at face value, the message of both of these myths seems crystal clear: certain mysterious structures scattered around the world were built to preserve and transmit the knowledge of an advanced civilization of remote antiquity which was destroyed by a terrifying upheaval.

It was just ingrained in me that if there was a TV show on about these types of things, or a book that just came out, I was all over it. Then let us suppose that some other unexpected disaster were to occur – an aftershock or series of aftershocks from the original catastrophe perhaps – and the beach-head was almost totally annihilated. It was positioned some 50 feet below the level of the floor of the Seti I Temple, almost flush with the water-table, and was approached by a modern stairway curving down to the south-east. It is easy to imagine how they might speak in mystical terms of explosions that gave off a ‘terrible glare of light’ and ‘immense heat’. It is rather suprising that modern people underestimate the ancients. Well all I will say is that if you love finding out a lot about the ruins of Machu Pichu, the mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru, how Antarctica was at one time not covered with ice and mapped out this way by explorers as recently as 600 years ago, the ancient pyramids of Giza, Easter Island, etc.... then you need to read this book. The plinth also supported the two massive colonnades Naville mentioned in his report, each of which consisted of five chunky rose-coloured granite monoliths about eight feet square by 12 feet high and weighing, on average, around 100 tons. Please try again. The best thing to do if you are sincerely interested in finding out about the past is research, watch, and most importantly THINK! The decoration was added by Seti I, who in that way laid claim to the building, but seeing how often a Pharaoh claimed the work of his predecessors by putting his name on it, this fact does not carry much weight. This doesn't mean that I didn't get a heck of a lot of enjoyment out of reading Fingerprints of the Gods though. Indeed, this was more than just imagination because Osiris was physically present in the astonishing symphony of reliefs that adorned the walls-reliefs that depicted the once and future civilizer-king in his role as god of the dead, enthroned and attended by Isis, his beautiful and mysterious sister. Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of the Gods - Full length presentation. Just take it with a grain of salt. Sad. To cut a long story short, therefore, everything about proposition (b) is based in one way or another on Frankfort’s not necessarily infallible interpretation of various bits and pieces of possibly intrusive evidence. Instead, they are researching on their own to build their opinion. If you loved the TV show "In Search Of...." back in the 70's, then you'll really love this book. Other than that, it is an interesting work. I go on intuition again, not on evidence. Drivel. There are certain structures in the world, certain ideas, certain intellectual treasures, that are truly mysterious. Realizing that it may take ten or twelve thousand years for a civilization as advanced as our own to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes, one of our top priorities is to find a way to communicate with that postulated future civilization. In that case, a monument or calendrical device declaring ‘lived when the vernal equinox was in the constellation of Pisces’ would no longer be unambiguous. There are still many questions to be answered, but I love that this book begins to bridge the gap between two seemingly opposite worlds.

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