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Those are all the romance options in Hades so far. All the characters can be romanced at the same time without penalties, but we’ll include the finer details for each below. There are three main romance options in Hades: Dusa, Megaera, and Thanatos. Megaera can be faced during the boss battle against the Furies in the final chamber of Tartarus.

It’s Thanatos, the personification of death, and encountering him can be quite a hit or miss. Hypnos (Brother)

One of them, anyway.

Share Share Tweet Email. Thanatos' affinity gauge is maxed out at 10 hearts, requiring the gifting of 6 Nectar and 4 Ambrosia total. First one, then two, then three, all the way up to five.

He cannot be used during Thanatos’ challenges, nor against Hades. The general process is the same for each option. If you’re able to escape the Underworld without any help from Thanatos, you’ll then be able to progress your relationship with him even further when you meet him again.

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Hades has a remarkable cast of characters straight out of Greek Mythology. Skull Earring (120/130/140% damage when HP is 30% or below), Companion Battie (summons Megaera to deliver a strike of 2500 damage in front of you).

Right then, it’s about time we got to the Hades romance options, you outrageous flirt! Question.

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Thanatos was initially visibly hurt when Zagreus decided to leave the Underworld, as he had neglected to inform the god of death. When you see him again, you’ll be able to start giving him Ambrosia to continue raising your affinity, and Zagreus will eventually be able to romance him.

Close. View entire discussion ( 5 comments) … Do I need to play a heat run or something? Charon: Charon is enigmatic to the many denizens of the Underworld, Thanatos included.

Lastly, try to give him nectar whenever possible since he’s a possible romance option for Zagreus and he’ll eventually give you Companion Mort (a summon). Help finding Thanatos.

He’ll be encountered in any room of any of the possible levels (except boss rooms) by pure chance, and will challenge Zagreus to a contest to determine who’s able to kill the most enemies.

Related: Hades: How to Play in Hell Mode (& What’s The Differences). Mort (Thanatos)- The final Companion can be claimed by first gifting six bottles of Nectar to the God of Death Thanatos. Beating him will result in you obtaining a ‘’’Centaur heart’’’.

share. This initiates a contest where they compete to slay more shades than the other, for that encounter.

If Thanatos has a higher score than Zagreus, then you’ll simply get the room reward. There’s every chance the game will be updated with paths for the likes of Artemis and Achilles in future, so keep that Ambrosia handy! Modern Warfare: How to Get Texas Chainsaw Massacre Skin, FIFA 21: Is Darwin Nunez in the Game? He marks an enemy with a purple scythe on their head, which kills it after a delay.

However, he does care for Hypnos, and intervenes when Hypnos is at risk of losing his job as the attendant to the House of Hades. Once it reaches the maximum point a short cutscene will play out inside Zagreus' bedroom where players are given the choice of starting a relationship with Thanatos or staying friends.

This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 14:02. First of off, let me say although this may seem like a collection of story, this was an ancient people’s religion! Players aren't able to romance all of the characters in the game, and there are actually only two to choose from.

There are quite a number of NPCs you can encounter in the game who will give you various Boons and bonuses to help make your runs easier. I must admit that I’m still perplexed how or when Thanatos is supposed to show up during your Hades playthrough.

A floating Gorgon head, Dusa can be found in the House of Hades. Thanatos is one of the NPCs you can encounter in Hades, but his appearance is completely random. Within the House of Hades, Thanatos can be found in the same hallway where Achilles keeps guard. If you manage to beat him, he’ll reward you with a Centaur Heart, and you’ll still get whatever reward was in that chamber before he showed up. Hades: How to Romance Thanatos, The God of Death.

Exalted warriors will not spawn a soul when Thanatos kills them, but only count as one point for him. After completing his favor, giving Thanatos Ambrosia will give you Companion Mort in exchange.

He is one of Nyx's many children, and the twin brother of Thanatos. If he is given nectar during the run right before appearing in the House, he won't be able to be gifted.

He’ll challenge Zagreus to successfully escape the Underworld without his help.

Rewards: Pierced Butterfly (Gain 1/1.5/2% damage for each Encounter cleared without damage), Companion Mort (summons Thanatos to deal 3500 damage in a large arc in front of you). Answered, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Gets New Trailers Showcasing The Maw & Ravendreth, Road to the Final Begins in FIFA 21 This Friday, Microsoft Flight Simulator East Frisian Islands Add-On Pack Gets Charming Trailer by Aerosoft, PS5 Gets a Price Cut in Brazil Ahead of Release, Genshin Impact Releases Charming (and Massive) Soundtrack For Free on YouTube, Hades’ Endgame Content Does What Dead Cells Could Not, Hades Speedrunner Beats the Game in 8 Minutes, Hades: How to Unlock and Beat Charon Boss Fight, Hades: How to Unlock Epilogue & True Ending. While majority of a player's time in Hades is spent killing enemies, players can also enter in a relationship with certain characters like Thanatos. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. This will unlock after several encounters with the Furies.

In Elysium, Flame Wheels that self-destruct are not counted as points.

You just need to keep killing them before he manages to, and you’ll quickly surpass him. The spawn rate of foes is noticeably higher and may come in more waves. He is often seen sleeping on the job. Tisiphone (Colleague) NOBODY in Neoseeker is playing this game?!

Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at. You’ll need to give Nectar to each of them in order to build a relationship, sometimes face them in battle or a challenge, complete a Favor for them, then give them Ambrosia. Exalted warriors count as two points, once when they are wielding weapons, and another time when they are in their weapon-less soul form. After a run in which he was encountered, he has a high (but not 100%) chance of appearing in the House. Graduated from Midwestern State University with a BA in English where he worked as an editor for the University literary journal. At this point she’ll offer to give back the Ambrosia you gave her. Here’s our mini-guide to help you out. Note: This guide is intended for Hades’ early access stage and certain mechanics may change in due course.

After this players will need to continue gifting Thanatos Ambrosia until they completely level up his affinity level.

After a run in which he was encountered, he has a high (but not 100%) chance of appearing in the House.

Eventually Megaera will come to Zagreus’ room in the House of Hades. Once you’ve given the final gift, Dusa will have a conversation with you explaining that she isn’t looking for a full relationship and doesn’t see you that way. One of the Fury Sisters whose task is to dish out punishments to those that deserve them, Megaera’s goal is to stop Zagreus from escaping the underworld. share. Learn all the launch games arriving with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10.


The first thing that players will need to do in order to romance Thanatos is tracking down at least six bottles of Nectar and gift them to Thanatos. Finished the game quite a few times and never met him (on heatless run). Luckily, these are by far two of the best options in the game with one of them being Thanatos the God of Death. Similar to Megeara, this isn’t a direct quest, but a conversation. Give Thanatos an Ambrosia and he’ll grant you the Companion Mort.

Just like the other romance options in Hades, after six bottles you’ll need to complete his Favor to progress further. Those are all the romance options in Hades so far. Once the storyline is complete, Hypnos' heart will unlock. After giving him a few jars of Nectar, you’ll unlock a new scene between Thanatos and Zagreus.

", implying that Persephone has green eyes, since Zagreus' eyes are red and green, Hades' eyes are red, and Persephone's mother Demeter's eyes are green. Give Megarea a Nectar and she’ll hand you the Skull Earning. This is proven to be correct when Zagreus meets his birth mother for the first time. There are definitely more around, but he doesn't know anyone.

Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at, or catch him on Twitter. Question. hide. His ire continues to persist, even ages after the fact, and continues to distrust Sisyphus despite his changed demeanor after being punished, and even with Zagreus' support of the former king.

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