News: ferret mucus poop

I hope now you have a better idea about what bad ferret poops might indicate, but I have to, once again, give that old caveat — “Don’t be a stool-gazer.” If you overscrutinize, you might find that your ferret has small intestinal disease, large intestinal disease, and even foreign bodies — all in a single day!

It first started a few months ago around november or december. In addition, they have some important digestive enzymes (although in truth, most of the enzymes for digestion in the small intestine come from the liver and pancreas). He was pretty slim in the matter of hours when he was dealing with the foreign object ( almond pieces). Your email address will not be published.

It isn’t true GI disease, but a sign that something is really, really wrong. but i need some help . Again, I haven’t tried this on any of my guys as I can’t seem to find the cans of pure pumpkin in any of the stores down under but have a read of what the lady said and perhaps it’d be worth your while to try it to see if it’ll help? Good luck! Although you shouldn’t get completely paranoid about what your ferret’s poop looks like, it is always good to be aware of what colour, shape and texture it generally is.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know, Does Your Pet Hate the Vet? Try a Fear Free Veterinary Clinic, Is Your Weighted Blanket Safe for Your Pets? Ty. It is sometimes referred to as "ferret-kit disease" or "green-slime disease" since the kits develop a yellowish to greenish liquid diarrhea with mucus. I know when Snoopy had that olive pit in her gut, her poop was a darkish green as well as being stringy. ~Nona. So if it goes through at an accelerated rate, it never breaks down all the way and has a green color to it. Thank you for your quick response in the link it talks about the pumkin but it says laxitive at the end does that mean the pumkin( and should I mix it with something)? Her stomach is very swollen and I am so sad about her condition. Hi Nona I have not talked to you sooner to tell you about Samy’s condition because I went to see another vet and his name is doctor rossi. Hope that’s been of some help! Whitney, Hi Whitney I’m not sure if it hurt him or not. I am so sorry that I can’t give you a definite answer but I hope whatever is wrong with your baby will be fixed and that she’ll be back to her old self ASAP! If your ferret has grainy poop, you might think about stopping the dry food and putting it on a diet which is bland and easily digestible. It might be worth printing this out for your vet to see if that is what’s wrong with Simon. Any significant disease of the colon results in watery feces. I’d suggest trying it out on Milo to see if it’d work but, as you know, ferrets go downhill really quickly so don’t wait too long. I’ve had several boys over the course of 24 years and not all of them have been big and boofy.

If you do, vets can now give ferrets with adrenal disease a suprelorin implant which helps to stabilize the symptoms. (can mix in a duk soup or other treat if you want). I love that sound And especially if they sleep with a bit of their tongue poking out! Putting the syringe straight into her mouth could mean that the fluid could enter her lungs and make her very sick Second, hemorrhage within the large intestine passes blood into the feces largely unchanged and is bright red (also known as “frank” blood). The only difficulty is if the tumor is on her right adrenal, which is next to the vena cava, but if not then the operation is usually very successful. She hardly goes in the litter pan and now refuses to eat or drink.

Hugs to your little guy from his new friends down under The type of diet determines how the food is processed.

I’ve recently updated all those pages so hopefully you will find someone. I live in the United states in St Augustine, Florida. Also non-specific, it can be seen with any disease that severely affects the small intestine. Some areas are associated with subtle changes, some with more obvious ones. I will talk to her vet tomorrow about the implants. But two other changes can alert ferret owners to the presence of colonic disease. Cheers God bless you! I don’t think that should be a concern but I could be wrong of course I’m really worried. Do you remember if she might have eaten anything different beforehand? Squeeeeeee!! Read this article by a ferret owner about how pure pumpkin helped her ferrets and I’d suggest you should give pumpkin to your little man and fingers crossed it will help push out any furballs that might be in his gut. Any condition that causes intestinal hypermotility, or the feces to move faster than the normal four-hour transit time for ferrets, results in incomplete digestion of biliverdin, and green feces.

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