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An elderly man named Jimmy visits the Winslows, claiming to be the family's long-lost friend.

Movies and TV Shows I'd reboot/remake/get a sequel or spinoff. She told him that their ... All the TV Series & Episodes I own..and those I've seen, I've rated part 1. Eddie Winslow, after finding out Myrtle Urkel is rich, dreams that Big Daddy Urkel offers to pay Eddie $10 million to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Rate. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Had the show continued for a final tenth season, Myra and Myrtle would become friends and have a girls' night out, but get held hostage at one of the clubs. A drunken Urkel staggers around the rooftop, which is good for a few yuks ... until he tumbles off the side of the roof and finds himself clinging to a clothesline for dear life. The wedding is stopped when Greta shows up and fights Myrtle for her boyfriend. Last appearance: Urkel (of course) unwittingly does everything to make Carl's job frustrating, then disobeys his orders to stay in the car while Carl is staking out a robbery suspect in a stockyard. Age:

Will Urkel get to finish giving Laura his classic farewell speech before Eddie admits what really happened? When Carl threatens to ground Eddie, the younger Winslow decides he doesn't have to take any more and plans to move out.

Rate. Address: Today is Eddie's birthday and Myrtle surprises him with a leather jacket present and her video tape. 2. When Carl demands an explanation, Urkel takes the fall, only to find that his parents are so outraged that they decide to send him off to military school. She tells them that her father payed Eddie to marry her and it's a farce. Jaleel White Carl and Urkel struggle with their consciences in separate situations. Rate. Even though Murtaugh nearly blows the undercover scheme, Carl is able to take the criminals into custody and gives his partner credit for setting up the sting. But he saves the day when Carl falls through the ice, making a shaken Eddie realize that he easily might no longer have had a father to argue with had things turned out differently. Eddie quickly finds he's taking on a pool shark and loses a lot of money. So when the precinct's annual dance contest approaches, Carl and partner Harriette decide to teach Charlie a lesson or two in humility. 9. Greta isn't impressed when she crushes the tape. S2, Ep9. During Black History Month, Laura and Urkel hope their fellow students will gain appreciation for other cultures and races with a new class. 9 Nov. 1990 Dedicated to the One I Love. Big Daddy Urkel, Harriette Winslow She decided to pursue other guys in the hopes of finding her true love and starts to leave. Myra and Laura are her bridesmaids and wear light blue southern dresses. Myrtle Mae Urkel made her first appearance in the eighth episode of season 2, "Cousin Urkel", as part of an exchange agreement between Big Daddy Urkel and Dr. Urkel. Don't Make Me Over Nightmare at Urkel Oaks It is unknown on whether or not she would witness the birth of Stephanie Laurine Urkel as this would have been her true final appearance in the series. There, the dispute over a compost heap - this time, with Two-Gun Urkel, the most annoying gunslinger in the West - grows heated and results in a shoot-out. Rate. Rate. Eddie rescued the girls, but Myrtle still acted very cold around him. Laura wants to be paired with any number of cute guys in her class for a project about marriage ... but winds up with Urkel instead. He offers to pay Eddie $10 million grand to marry Myrtle and he says daddy. The Winslows decide to extend some holiday spirit and invite their nerdy neighbor over on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Judy is upset that Richie is being lavished with attention.

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